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As we've covered many growing community developments in Buckeye, some are growing faster than others. What is more interesting is that the Verrado community is actually one of the big runners for the Master-Plan crowd. In fact, it has been likened to Vistancia but is aiming for a key element that draws-in residents like no other. Verrado (in itself) is a fascinating model for the New Urbanism concept of living.

Simply put, it's pushing an old-town charm theme that goes way beyond the limits of what many typical community neighborhoods look like. The design is centered on bringing neighbors together rather than the standard 'mind your own business' model. Interestingly enough, the Main Street District is at the center of town with housing that radiates within a circle. This gives easy access for everyone to converge due to the overall town design.

There are also some very notable features of the homes that are built there to maintain a pleasing visual appeal. Some of the model homes opted to have garages placed toward the back of the home to provide a closer-knit feeling. Obviously, many new homes have a standard garage or double garage in front, so this new concept isn't seen everywhere throughout the town. What is seen is a growing multitude of new businesses and projects that are in the works.

What's Coming To Verrado In Buckeye, AZ? 

Verrado Buckeye development areal view

Just as a quick fact round-up, you might be surprised to find that Verrado was first established in 2002. With an incredible construction wave that saw the first residents move in only two years later in 2004. This is where the opening celebrations took place back in that little-known ceremony that gave a sleepy grand opening back then. Since then, Main Street has grown extensively and features more than 26 individual businesses and local services.

As far as a growing community, the total amount of space that Verrado occupies is a neatly packed 8,800 acres. It can potentially settle upwards of 14,080 homes ranging from single-family units to family homes, and enough room for 4 million square feet of retail, office space, and light industrial units. And though Verrado is not technically classified as a town (since it's within Buckeye already), the concept is a very small-town charm that is living up to its name.

And with all of the new housing potential, that also includes plenty of additional business support that is certainly family-friendly. Here are some of the exciting projects that have been announced recently.

New Abrazo Medical Center

For those who already live in Maricopa Country, you'll immediately know Abrazo in the west valley complete with an emergency center over in Goodyear. This new development was recently announced back in January of this year but is now getting more buzz due to the recent construction. Its location couldn't be a better spot right at the southwest corner of I-10 and Verrado Way.

This new facility will occupy 27 acres and include a medical office building, an acute care hospital, and ambulatory services. There is no immediate list of care providers that is available just yet, however, this new facility will greatly increase the level of medical and care services for those living currently in Buckeye and Verrado. This is also good news for those in the 55+ age-restricted community of Victory at Verrado that will further benefit from medical services.

More housing for Verrado

Eight more acres have recently been green-lighted within Verrado located between West Thomas Road and North Verrado Way. This new development will include 90 duplex units designed to house in a high-density format that blends into the sprawling urban community that is already located in Verrado. And though- the concept of adding duplex units into an existing residential neighborhood the design itself is cozy with amenities such as dual-car garages and built-in parks.

Water improvement projects by EPCOR 

It's no secret, that water in the Valley of the Sun is a concern, after all, we live in a desert. EPCOR, a private utility company, partnered with Burgess & Niple (B&N) to design and implement these improvements in order to meet the growing demand for water in the area. 

water plant development in the verrado community

EPCOR Water Verrado Plant

The project involved the construction of two new water booster pump stations, as well as the expansion of an existing one. The new stations were designed to increase the capacity and reliability of the water distribution system. Additionally, the project included the installation of 15,000 linear feet of water transmission lines and the replacement of 2,000 linear feet of existing lines. These  improvement projects have successfully enhanced the water distribution system's capacity and reliability, ultimately benefiting the residents of Verrado.

Top-Selling Market According To National Sources

The big news here is that the fastest-growing community in Buckeye just so happens to be the record number of homes that are being sold in Verrado. Not only that, but this also includes Cadence at Gateway and Eastmark which are all listed on the Top 50 Master Planned Communities in the US! Perhaps this is all due to the concept of New Urbanism by design which is a changing shift among the needs of buyers looking for family-friendly neighborhoods.

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What's next for Verrado?

Verrado housing areal view

We'll keep a keen eye on this new community and all the latest reports out of Buckeye that are announced. We're sure that the next wave of new construction will make for some interesting news that adds more vitality to an area that is seeing record numbers in recent years.


What is the history of Verrado?

The very start of Verrado began in 2002 when construction started and saw its very citizens move in during the summer of 2004. Currently, it can accommodate more than 14,000 residential homes but only 8,000 homes are actually built. The community also includes an iconic Main Street that includes several businesses and restaurants.

How many people live in Verrado?

The most recent census has concluded that Verrado has 32,413 residents that are now living there currently.

What are the demographics?

The demographics of Verrado include a youthful population that averages 39 years of age. The number of men is approximately 27.3%, and women top this slightly with 29.2%. The working class has a significant number of white-collar workers averaging 39.8%, while blue-collar workers include 31.5% of the population.

What is the cost of living in Verrado?

The average household is ranging from $117K per year for most couples and will include a median range that is slightly under $105K. Housing costs aren't much higher than in neighborhoods and communities across the US. Many residents of Verrado will see that the cost of living when it comes to utilities and food is slightly higher than national averages.

What are the schools like?

Since Verrado schools are part of a larger district that features elementary and high schools, the ratings and feedback from Verrado residents are positive. Many parents rate these schools with top remarks for proficiency results in math and reading.  On a scale from 1-10, these schools average 8 on this scale.

What are the best things to do?

Verrado brings back the small-town feeling that attracts residents that are looking for a family-friendly place to live. The biggest feature is Main Street which is pedestrian friendly and a great place to socialize and walk. It hasn't been forgotten that shopping and entertainment are part of everyday life, so there is no shortage of shopping experiences to explore within the town. There are also two full-size golf courses, hiking trails, swimming pools, and recreation centers all throughout Verrado.


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