Commercial Junk Removal

Many people know us as one of the most trusted residential junk removal and dumpster rental companies that is well-known throughout Phoenix. Here at AZ Junk Removal, we also provide services for commercial businesses which directly serve property and retail cleanouts, office furniture removal and retail cleanup, warehouse and storage cleanout, and even commercial apartment cleanups.

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Junk Removal

Commercial junk is often more than just trash or garbage since it may include outdated or old stock that is no longer viable to sell. It may also be equipment or product that has been damaged in some form either by fire or water. Perhaps you have storages or warehouses that are filled with product and material that needs to be removed. In the case that you simply have stock or material that needs to be removed for recycling, we handle that too.

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Dumpster Rentals

AZ Junk Removal is a one-stop shop for any size dumpster solution for the removal of commercial junk and trash with our dumpster rental services. We have an entire fleet of trucks and loaders that can deliver the right-sized container for any size dumpster cleanout. In addition, our pricing and flexible rental terms are custom-tailored to fit any kind of budget with no unexpected turnaround costs.

We’ll assist you with determining which size dumpster is best for offices to warehouse-sized tasks, so you’ll worry less about what is covered and what is not. When it comes to commercial projects where junk removal and container rentals are a priority, contact us today for more info.

Commercial PROPERTY

Working with homeowners, property managers, realtors and REO properties since 1999.

Most realtors who have worked with junk removal companies know the value of having a trusted removal company in their pocket like an ace-in-the-hole. Schedule a dumpster rental or junk removal service today.

 Commercial Cleanups

AZ Junk Removal is here to help you with your commercial cleanup projects. We feature an experienced team that knows how to get tough jobs completed quickly and efficiently. Our expertise allows us to manage long-term trash removal services or simply one-time cleanup projects, we handle it all. 

commercial warehouse cleanup

We provide property cleanups and cleanouts, retail cleanouts, office furniture,  warehouse removal, apartment cleanups, and more. If it's a dumpster rental you need for your commercial cleanup we have several commercial-sized dumpsters to handle any kind of debris or trash removal. We can also take on projects that are limited-duration jobs or projects that span the length of a job depending on your needs. See below for more info on the commercial cleanup services we offer.


Allow us to take care of all your commercial cleanup needs with our friendly staff.

Retail Cleanouts

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Among the many retail cleanout items that you are looking to have removed can include old furniture, shelving, and display units. This isn't limited to old inventory, clothing, and products that were related to a retail business. Even items such as registers, pressure mats, and old office equipment can be safely and effectively removed so that the location is ready for re-renting or sold to a new buyer.

Industrial Property Cleanup

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Because of the challenging aspects that often include heavy-duty equipment or large debris, you’ll need experienced professionals. This is why our team is well equipped to handle working around debris that can include hazardous waste or contaminated debris from industrial commercial sites. We also follow all of the local regulations for the environmentally correct disposal of this waste so that it will not impact our environment.

Office Cleanups  

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We are additionally well trained for working in office spaces where removing and disposing of office furniture and equipment is required. We can remove cabinets and files, cubicles and shelves, and any degree of office equipment such as computers, monitors, and printers. Even outdated copy machines or phone equipment systems are all part of office cleanups. Everything down to carpets can be removed and cleared out in no time with our prompt service.

Warehouse Cleanouts

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Warehouse cleanout service is especially important for the removal of many types of unwanted materials within storage areas. After materials, debris, and bulky items are removed, more items such as shelving or palate racks can be broken down and removed. Since we adhere to all local dumping regulations, anything going into dumpsters is double-checked before going in. We additionally use special equipment that cannot be moved by hand on heavy-duty jobs.

Furthermore, we ensure that a warehouse cleanout sticks to safety and thorough workflow even when faces with tight deadlines.

Apartment Cleanups

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Many of the more unsavory jobs for landlords or property managers tend to avoid are apartment cleanups, which is why we’re ready to step in and get our hands dirty. We make fast work of clearing and cleaning out leftover furniture, trash, and assorted unwanted items after residents have left them there. We can also remove damaged items including carpets, and cabinetry without damage to surrounding floors or walls.

This allows landlords and managers to ready a vacant apartment sooner with the benefits that come from our competitive pricing and flexible work schedules.

HOA Property Cleanups

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AZ Junk Removal is continually keeping in touch with many local HOA properties to remove trash and debris within HOA common areas where homeowners are allowed to deposit their waste. We help to develop plans with HOA boards that allow for special one-time removal services for irregular junk-out days. We also have created programs for landscape waste, furniture, and appliance disposal, and general trash-out days for ongoing periods likewise.

Vacant Building Management Services

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Property managers and building owners í8who don't have a lot of time to clean up these properties), love calling on us to assist with their foreclosure and vacancy cleanups. All items that are no longer needed which include old furniture, appliances, carpeting, and anything else that needs removing are all part of our job. We even provide dumpster rental services for ongoing trash removal or during one-tie cleanup projects.

Medical / Doctors Offices

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It's not uncommon that we're called by the medical service industry for specialized cleanouts. This can include furniture, equipment, electronics, and healthcare facility equipment. We also take special care with hazardous materials that we transport to medical waste disposal centers. If there are general renovations or medical facility cleanups, we provide our services to keep medical centers and offices up-to-date and free from old and broken equipment.

Demolition Services

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Some jobs cannot traditionally remove objects and structures, which is why we're involved with light demolition services. These are small teardown projects that are no larger than barns or boats but can include remodeling projects and renovation teardowns. No matter if this includes a wall or two, or- an entire structure down to the very frame of a property as needed. Our crew has been specially trained in safe demolitions using modern equipment and tools to safely dismantle and demolish nearly anything. All of the materials are then placed into dumpsters and disposed of at sites that comply with local regulations. The area or property where an item was demolished is then cleanup up leaving no trace of what was demolished.

Debris Removal

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In general, all projects that produce any kind of debris including wood, drywall, concrete, or metal that’s related to home constructions, remodels, or landscaping will be interested in our debris removal services. We can provide dumpster rentals and cleanup services that work around your schedule. If you are only looking for dumpster service, we can recommend the best-size dumpster to help you dispose of your debris more efficiently.

Construction Debris Removal

For medium to large-scale construction projects, we provide our services to contractors and construction companies that are looking for reliable debris removal services. Our team is ready to remove and haul away many types of construction debris including wood, concrete, drywall, metal, and excess scrap. We further feature roll-off dumpsters, heavy-duty trucks, and an experienced workforce crew that is very familiar with construction schedules.

We offer the most competitive pricing with a timely drop-off and pickup service that is always compliant with local disposal laws.

Trailer Removal

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One of the more unique services AZ Junk Removal offers is the disposal of old or damaged trailers. These include a variety of cargo trailers, boating trailers, auto transport trailers, flatbed trailers, and much more.

Boat Removal

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An old boat that is rotting away is a hazard and a target for vandalism or arson, which is why we offer our boat removal services. Working with local regulations according to boats, yachts, and much more watercraft, we can remove these items from marinas, private docks, or from dry land locations. We are fully licensed and insured to remove vessels from nearly any location with fast and affordable services.

Deck Removal

Deck Removal illustration

Some of our removal jobs are not just for convenience as they are for safety, and deck removal is certainly one service we provide for both commercial and residential customers. We know how to safely demolish and remove old or rotting decks that need to be cleared before new construction takes place. All of the materials hauled away are taken to regulated locations where concrete anchors, old wood, and metal can be disposed of properly.


 Brad Thomason 

If you're a homeowner or realtor, you are familiar with a sinking feeling in your stomach. It's the common case scenario; you go to a property only to find that the old tenants left all their junk when they moved out. We've partnered with realtors and investors all over the Phoenix valley to be their go-to resource for all their property cleanup needs.

 Why Us for commercial cleanups?

A simple answer is that we are a family-owned and operated company that is proud of the professional cleanup and removal work we do. Businesses can be competitive in any removal service, which is why we offer up-front pricing with flat-rate offers on every job we perform. Our friendly and personal service combined with years of experience and practical skills sets us apart from others.

The early start of AZ Junk Removal originally began by working in the furniture moving and office equipment removal industry. We know what it takes to move and transport material in addition to the removal and cleanup operations of various materials. The very root of our experience is directly linked to retail shopping centers, construction sites, corporate and office businesses, and recycling centers.

Since 2001, AZ Junk Removal is the best commercial junk removal service in Phoenix, and here are more reasons why:


We employ combined resources for commercial property cleanup and light demolition projects to achieve the best results when it comes to time and efficiency. From our dumpster bin rentals in Phoenix, junk removal service, and demolition services there's no disaster or cleanup we can't handle. We are also among the few that is licensed and bonded for using heavy-duty equipment to ensure that our professional crew is responsible and reliable in their work.

No matter what size operation your company or property management is tasked to provide with upkeep, call on us when it's time to clean up. We are experts working with commercial properties, apartment complexes, HOA properties, medical practices, and more. 

Affordable Commercial Removal Pricing

Here at AZ Junk Removal, we want to make commercial junk removal a snap for decision-making with affordable prices everyone can agree with. Not only do we provide you with an instant free on-site quote or over-the-phone flat-rate price, but it's also only a matter of what you need to have hauled away that needs to be determined. Our done-for-you service starts out with as little as $149 for ¼ truckload and our dumpster rentals start at $349 for a 3-day rental. We make it simple to know how much you can expect to pay for property cleanups. We also provide free on-site estimates if you're not sure what service or size load or dumpster you need.

 Our pricing is always competitive with very agreeable fixed-price quotes, but it’s the actual service that always impresses our customers the most.

Customer Reviews

With more than 400 positive and thankful reviews listed on Google, it’s nice to know that cleanup services are appreciated by our customers. Our immediate concern is to make sure that every customer matters with every commercial cleanup project completed with fast and friendly service. We invite you to read our reviews to hear the great feedback, but it’s the next review that we’ll love to hear about after your next project is completed with pride.


"At every stage, you'll be in the hands of someone with a vested interest in the company, not a disinterested hourly employee."

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