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We've all heard hoarders; that one person that tends to hold onto every single piece of junk in their home that is stashed somewhere. It can be leftover boxes, empty plastic containers, newspapers, bits of discarded packaging, and the list goes on and on... Hoarding by its very name can lead to storage spaces and entire rooms filled to the brim with more junk. We've seen it all and are up to being your hoarding helpers in Phoenix, AZ.

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 hoarder clean up services in phoenix, az

No matter what kind of living space, storage, or location where hoarding has taken place, there is always going to be some spot where excess debris and junk have been collected. This useless debris collects in a very short period or perhaps the result of years of hoarding.  The worst of which can be within a home, where living conditions can become unsafe and even toxic. For other spots, the threat of fire can quickly spread from hoarded home to other properties or residents. Here are some examples of where hoarder cleanup can occur. This is where hoarding cleanup jobs will often take place to remove this specialized type of clutter for a variety of reasons.

When to call for hoarding cleanup help?

There is no better time than the present to schedule hoarder clean-out services. 

AZ Junk is your local specialist in removing unwanted junk of all kinds. We also work differently than other junk removal services. Unlike your local municipal waste management services, they don't make it so easy to come out to you when you really need them. We're ready when you need us so all that's required is a phone call away for a free quote.

Hoarding cleanup Vs De-cluttering:

You might say there is a fine line between hoarding cleanup and de-cluttering cleaning. In many ways, they are similar to some extent. Then again, de-cluttering will often involve the removal of furniture, junk, and items that can be recycled or salvaged. Hoarding cleanup is often the collection and removal of trash and materials that have piled up due to compulsive hoarding that should be sent to a landfill or recycling center.

What's junk and what's not?

As junk removal specialists will always consider junk to be any material or object that has a purpose beyond simply dumping in a landfill. We select all items that are trash and separate them from those items that are simply trash. Since every project is a sorting process, our crew looks for items that are separated quickly and effectively while the clean-out process is taking place. This way, you never need to worry about personal belongings that need to stay or go.

If you don't need it, we'll haul it away as part of a hoarder cleanout with no hidden extras. But if you don't want something removed, we'll set it aside at your request.

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Why hoarding affects your home or storage

There are all sorts of materials that we remove that could be a potential threat to your home or storage area. But some items can be a potential problem which we do take extra care of while removing. And while we aren't exactly experts in the area of specialty biohazard materials, we do contract outside restoration and bio-hazard specialists trained to work side by side with us in special cases.

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This way, anything that needs to be removed by our services team doesn't get mixed up with the help of biohazard clean up  companies who will remove items that are considered hazardous materials.

Potential risks involved

We've mentioned the risk of fire and possible health problems from hoarding, but there are some elements that family members are concerned with when scheduling a hoarding cleanout with us. Below are some common dangers of hoarded homes.

  • Risk of fire or materials that can become flammable
  • Overall safety of a building or structure
  • Sanitation and the spread of bacteria or germs
  • Protection of children
  • Protection of animals and pets
  • Physical and mental health caused by excessive hoarding issues

For more helpful hoarder resources in Phoenix, see the county's page here.

What makes our hoarding services different?

While there are many other junk removal companies out there that will remove junk, our approach is very different. We're a family-owned and operated company that has plenty of experience removing anything that needs to be removed to provide a fresh start. We also care about our local communities and feel that junk removal is also part of a bigger and broader beautification concept that people in Phoenix, AZ agree with. 

Get a quote

It's very easy to contact us by phone or using our online quote request. Tell us about what you need to be removed and where it's located. We'll solve the rest of the details with some follow-up questions that will aid in hoarding cleanup and removal.

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Schedule the perfect time and date

We can work around your schedule and allow you to pick a time and date that best suits your needs. We're in the business of working at your disposal, so it makes the mess in your life a lot easier to deal with.

Fast and professional

The art of junk removal is all about being professional and courteous but more importantly, being just as fast to provide prompt service. We've earned a reputation for upholding a consistent client base that appreciates what we do. We like to think that fast and effective work is also the best step forward to finishing each job with pride.

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Emergency services available

If you've ever tried to contact a cleaning company for waste management services on the weekend or around special holidays, you might have noticed something. These companies aren't very interested in making it fast and easy to have a particularly dirty job get done when you want. This is one of the best reasons why you should call AZ Junk for your next hoarding cleanout. We'll be ready to take your call when you need us the most.

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