Yard Waste Removal

Backyard cleanup projects range from yard to yard, but when old debris pile up, it's time to call in the big guns. We have huge trucks, trackers and dumpster bins for rent. No matter the type of waste you need removed from your backyard we can offer a DIY solution with our yard waste dumpster rentals, or we can load up all that backyard clutter for you with our junk removal services. We provide yard waste cleanups to the entire Maricopa County, but prioritize our locations in West Phoenix, like Peoria, Glendale, Buckeye, Avondale, and Sun City. This means we can offer quicker service for these cities as we're located in Waddell, Arizona. For same-day to three-day backyard booking transformations click below.

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We even offer demolition services to tear down backyard structures like sheds, deckings, pergolas, swing sets and more. 

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Backyards are not just a place where you have an oasis of beauty that is perpetually clean and attractive. Most of the time, you will find that junk and clutter tend to start piling up in small stacks off to one side of the house. As it grows, it will join together with other items that never seem to make it into the trash on time due to the backup stash you already have. At some point, you'll have to agree, that excessive clutter needs to be removed; this is where our debris removal services come into play.

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When searching for help the right service to help restore a messy backyard you may be tempted to call on a landscaping company or landscaping related service. However, backyards cluttered with landscaping debris like shrubs, tree trimmings and leaves normally contain endless junk that landscaping companies aren't equipped to load and haul off. Since you want your yard to be cleaned up as cheap as possible, hiring a single company at an upfront flat-rate price will be the best for your pocketbook. Our Phoenix yard cleanup service includes loading everything you want to be hauled away in dumpster bags or if you prefer to do the loading yourself we'll drop of a dumpster bin. Whatever approach you require, getting rid of backyard junk and trash is only one call away. Also, ask about our light demolition services and yard waste removal Phoenix services where we eliminate backyard landscapes from old cut down trees and branch debris.

Waste Disposal for Disaster Yards

There are some extreme cases where the junk that's in your backyard has gotten so bad it actually looks like a junkyard. These are the typical junk hauls that aren't easy to remove and require muscle and skilled labor that knows the best way to dispose of lots of junk items. AZ Junk Removal is exactly the kind of service provider that knows how to remove backyard waste of all types - with the machinery and dumpster rental bins that make this cleanup a breeze.

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It doesn't matter how big or extensive the junk pile has gotten, if it's out of your control, leave it to us to remove it properly and safely.

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Bags and bags of debris can be one thing but when it's lots of boxes and containers of stuff that you just can't seem to get rid of is starting to be a sign of becoming a hoarder. Most people think that this only applies to keeping inside your home, but hoarding can include leftover appliances and items that take up nooks and crannies in sheds or storage spaces in your backyard.

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For this type of dump-out, you would be better off ordering a rental construction dumpster for your yard waste removal needs. And who else will be perfect for the job to schedule a dumpster for rent than AZ Junk! 


We've seen some of the worst backyards in Phoenix. As a result, you need not worry about us judging the way you keep your home. We believe the first step is making the call to AZ Junk Removal to have us haul away items that you'll never use again. Once you take back the backyard that was once yours you'll be able to get started on making it the entertaining space it was always meant to be. Rid yourself from unwanted clutter. Because Life Is Better Without Junk!

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 Yard Cleanup Phoenix, AZ

Professional YARD cleanupS saves owners & RENTERS time and money.

Hot tub removal

Removing a hot tub is a task that not too many people want to deal with. It's an object that's big and seems too impractical to move by yourself. It also takes special cutting tools to cut through the fiberglass and insulation foam, which is always messy. This is why most folks will start to look for hot tub removals near me as an alternative to doing it yourself. When extra care is required to transport your hot tub, we offer special services to have it moved for you.

When it comes to hot tub removal Phoenix-style, we know a thing or two about the best tricks of the trade. Ask us for an expert quote for removal or demolition services for your backyard hot tub.


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Remodeling debris removal

Whether you have remodeling projects that are in progress or are simply part of a bigger backyard clean up with leftover debris, we can provide fast debris pickup. Yard cleaning services are simple to solve using dumpsters or removal containers. We'll even help assist with the clean up backyard work so you can concentrate on remodeling aspects. When there is an immediate need for a backyard clean up, all you need is to schedule a call to us for a fast and cheap quote.


Yard Waste Removal Phoenix

There is always that one occasion at least once a year that is part of a one time yard clean up near me that you'll need to take care of. Consider that many yard cleaning services are going to include hauler shed removal services or even residential dumpster rental to some degree. If it's located at the back of your home, there are solutions to remove everything within a few hours after a scheduled drop-off. This includes the removal of unwanted green waste debris like cut down branches, shrubs, lawn clippings and more. While we're not a landscaping company, we can provide landscape dumpster rental services to provide you with a DIY solution to ridding yourself of unwanted yard clutter. When it comes to looking for a solution for your backyard waste, we remove and take items that Waste Management won't.

When it's all said and done your backyard will have regained some integrity without the excess junk.

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Construction Scrap metal in yard

Removing scrap metal

Scrap metal and old construction waste are sometimes dangerous to remove yourself. This can come from metal brackets or supports that come from supports that sit behind sheetrock sheets. It can also be from metal sheds or anything related to home renovation or demolition. Even the metal that comes from garage doors is included in this category. This is where you can rely on AZ junk to help with debris removal services, disposal of yard waste, and the costs to demolish a house or metal structure. See some of our favorite scrap yards in Phoenix here.

We have all the right equipment that reduced scrap metal into manageable pieces so they can be removed safely. Don't hesitate to ask for a quote that will help reduce scrap waste that should be removed to a local recycling center.



 Brad Thomason 

We know you've been avoiding that yard. We’ve all been there; afraid to even think to go there because the sheer amount of clutter and junk is overwhelming. We've cleaned up 100s of yards in Phoenix over the years. No matter what type of yard waste you have we'll likely be able to haul it away. We even remove various debris like tree trimmings, trailers, sheds, swing sets, hot tubs and much more.

Tearing down backyard sheds

Storage sheds and small structures used for stashing unwanted stuff often age poorly if they were built years ago with materials that don1t hold up in harsh heat or become too unstable from termites. This is when it's the best time to remove debris from your yard using a combination shed removal service as well. It's very easy to find the results of shed removal near me on Google, but you want to count on local AZ services that give you speedy results.

This includes getting a flat rate quote on how much it will cost to tear down a shed or backyard structure that's included in a convenient backyard cleanup haul price. Don't be fooled by local competitors that might have hidden costs, we make it simple enough to provide a quote in 3 simple steps that are straightforward with no hidden strings attached.

Tearing down balconies & decking

What backyard doesn't have some type of outdoor deck or balcony attached to your home? What most people don't know is that outdoor decks aren't always protected from the weather, even if AZ weather is not all that harsh compared to other states with rainier weather. Wood isn't always favorable when it's pelted with heat and fungi that can eventually dry it out. This is called dry rot and is responsible for damaging outdoor structures if not detected in time.

Sadly, if you didn't treat outdoor wood with fungicide, it will become unstable and brittle which could eventually lead to a collapse. This is where it's better to remove decking debris so there is less chance of an accident. Hauling debris and deck removal from old dry rotted wood from balconies or decks is just another great service from AZ Junk Removal.

Tear down & Remove swing set

Outdoor playground swing sets aren't always built to last for more than 10 years. With minimal amounts of water or rainfall, even fog, and slight condensation, this can cause cheap metal swing sets to rust quickly. Rather than deal with old playground equipment that is rusted or too damaged to salvage, why not have it torn down using a simple demolition service? No matter what material an outdoor swing set is constructed from, it's not hard to break them down.

We also can remove the old equipment on the same day and salvage the materials where they are best used for recycling. Luckily, we offer a simple swing set removal cost that can be added to any hauling yard debris project you have.

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