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We have a strong commitment to our communities, and we are an environmentally friendly company. If we cannot donate your unused item, we take every measure to have it recycled before placing it in the landfill.

You may have never noticed how much junk your office has piled up until it's time to move it. 

At the time you thought the broken copier would come in handy someday so you let it live in the storage room, maybe you thought you could hang it like a pinata at the next Christmas party, and everyone could take out some frustration by hacking it with a baseball bat. PC load letter now, damn it.

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We know office relocation is a big project, a simple way to make it easier on yourself and your team is to hire a junk removal service.


Our service is not just easier, it's cost effective; you will save yourself and your team many wasted hours. Your employees were hired to...to… well to do whatever it is they do. Not to move, haul and dispose of junk. That’s what we are experts at, let your experts work do their jobs and let us do ours. Your team, your business, and your bank account will thank you. 

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From broken chairs to old copiers, useless items tend to pile up. As you clear out each room you will watch this “useless items” pile grow and grow. Don’t let it overwhelm you. AZ junk will take care of any project no matter the size.



Corporations like furniture. It’s not just desks and chairs, its benches, side tables, and coffee tables. Its desk chairs, sofas, and stools. File cabinets, bookshelves, and bullpens. Dr. Suess could tell quite a tale about all of the snarflets and camtookers that live in corporate offices. And after cleaning out dozens and dozens of them so could we.

We’ve cleaned out everything; you may have heard it first from that insurance company, whats its name, but we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two could be our very own tagline. We’ve worked on industrial offices, healthcare headquarters, banks, and universities. And each adventure has been a little bit different. One downtown business simply left anything they no longer needed, and we took care of the rest. We hauled off broken electronics and copy equipment, boxes and boxes of old files even a few unwanted desks. We cleaned out everything that was left behind, including an entire case of Pepsi Blue.



On the flip side, small businesses know how to horde. While corporations fill their space with ungodly amounts of furniture, small businesses fill their space with everything they can. They don’t like to throw out anything since most small businesses are a bit more money conscious than corporations they love for things to stick around just in case. So when it’s time for a small businesses to move they learn what all the hoarding really costs them. All of those old chairs, cabinets, and files boxes were just taking up space. And now they have to figure out what to do with it. We’ve worked with boutiques, bakeries, coffee shops, lawyers, and accounts to name a few, all of whom had rooms full of "just in case".

One mom and pop storefront we helped, decided they needed to expand to a bigger location.

Although they were moving to a larger space, they realized they had a lot of unnecessary equipment. Most of their equipment storage included outdated repair kits and parts; a lot of old electronic equipment that simply didn’t work with their new technology. As they worked through the process of moving they called us whenever they were ready for a pick up; they told us what needed to go and were able to get right back to work.


Really everything. We’ve cleaned out everything including: shelving units, cubical panels, office furniture, electronics, copy machines, even industrial equipment. But we’ve also hauled off stacks of love letters, notebooks full of fantasy football stats, boxes and boxes of salt and pepper packets, half drank liquor bottles and even old gym clothes. Like we said, hoarders.

No one hoards quite so well as industrial companies. And so they should, you never know when parts for this broken machine will fix that broken one. Plus disposing of industrial equipment is no walk in the park. But if you're stuck with the task of figuring out how to get rid of useless larger than life equipment, know AZ Junk has the manpower and the permits to handle all heavy jobs.


Not only can we clear out anything, we work anywhere, we have cleaned out offices in high-rises and warehouses, home offices, and corporate headquarters. If your business is in the storage shed in your backyard or on the top floor of the Chase Tower we can help. We recently cleared out unwanted shelving and boxes from a Foot Locker going out of business located in Arizona Mills Mall.

From a large corporate offices to the smallest home office, there isn’t a job we haven’t done.


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