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As prosperity pops up here and there among the fields of cotton, let AZ Junk Removal help you keep the rows of Buckeye clean!

Things We Haul Away

We offer single item and bulk pricing for removing trash from your Buckeye property, business, or home. Is your backyard full of clutter? Do you have old appliances sitting in your garage? Need a cleanout of a property you're vacating? We do all this and more! We have been proudly serving Buckeye and the Phoenix metro area for 15 years and counting...

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 Dumpster Rental

When it comes to taking care of business yourself, a roll-off dumpster is ideal. We are based only 10 minutes from Buckeye, Arizona so most of the time we can arrange for a dumpster rental to be dropped off at your business or residence the same day you book. For your convenience and simplicity we offer flat rate pricing for all our rental bins. You'll find we offer a size that's just right for your cleanup project; 10 yard, 15 yard, and 20 yard dumpster bins. Book one now, or learn more about out rental service here.

City of Buckeye's Free Bulk Trash Service

Looking For A Free Way to Dispose of Junk?

The City of Buckeye offers a useful bulk trash service to help its residents manage large household items that don't fit into their regular trash bins. This service runs quarterly, with the 2024 pickup schedule available for viewing. Importantly, please note that items need to be set out before Monday of your assigned pickup week, as the crews won't return to an area once completed. Small items should be bagged, and branches must be cut to three-foot lengths and tied. You can even place your bulk trash the weekend prior to your collection day, but late placements might not get serviced.

For more specific information, you can download a detailed flyer here. And if you have too much trash, consider using the Southwest Regional Landfill. Contact Republic Services at 602-605-4009 for more information or to schedule this service.

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The city has set some regulations for the placement of bulk items, including keeping them clear from sidewalks, streets or alleys, and maintaining a safe distance of at least five feet from any fixed object. The bulk pile may be six feet long by six feet wide by six feet high.

There are quite a few items that the city of Buckeye says it doesn't accept as part of it's bulk trash pickups, these include, but are not limited to; household hazardous waste, loose grass, leaves, weeds and twigs, bricks, concrete and asphalt, dirt and rocks, metal, rebar, and fence posts.


 Brad Thomason 

At AZ Junk Removal we provide an alternative to corporately owned clean-up and dumpster rental companies. This starts with my personal commitment to answering the phone, showing up at the job site and ensuring your satisfaction. With a small tight-knit crew you're sure to get the customer service you expect from anyone showing up at your home or business.

Buckeye, AZ Loves Us

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This business is amazing

They have a great selection of dumpsters that don’t skimp on space. They are friendly, timely, and reasonably priced. I would recommend them to anyone.



They arrived on time. Cleared up the carpet in the garage. Picked up two large piles of landscaping materials, sweep the garage and driveway,... see more on AZ Junk

Colleen S. - Buckeye, AZ

Buckeye Bulk Trash Pickup

Size doesn't matter when it comes to our bulk trash pickup services

Spring cleaning and seasonal clean-out projects can be tedious and backbreaking. When you need big or small bulk trash-outs, AZ Junk is the perfect solution to quickly remove big junk loads of nearly anything you need to remove.

Need a dumpster for all that trash?

Regular garbage containers aren't the answer when there is a lot of material to be tossed out. When it comes to de-clutter services, we can deliver the right size container for all of your junk along with helping hands that take it out for you.

Our City of Buckeye bulk trash services are better.

When you're looking for curbside bulk trash pickup services in Buckeye, AZ we're able to offer no-limit pickups with flexible schedules.This means instead of being subject to planing your bulk trash collections around Buckeye's trash service schedule and limitations of what they will and won't accept - you can call on AZ Junk and we'll get the job done!  

Hire AZ Junk for a bulk trash pick up

Getting a quote and booking service has never been easier...

Dumpster Rental In Buckeye, AZ

When you need a DIY solution to getting rid of unwanted clutter, we have a dumpster bin sized just right for your cleanup needs.


Backyard Cleanups

Landscaping and backyard junk can collect faster than you might expect, so make it disappear with our dumpster service.



Garage Cleanouts

Over-stacked boxes and leftover junk from decades ago are (not only) a fire hazard, that old junk in your garage always takes up too much space We make garage clear-out projects run smoothly so you can make the most of garage space once again.


Remodeling Debris Cleanup

Expanding and fixing up your home will also include just as much mess that needs to be taken away. Plan to call us for your next home or office remodel so debris and trash removal doesn't slow down your progress.


Move-out Junk Removal

No matter what reason you have for disposing of old junk and items that need trashing right away, you'll also need enough room to trash it correctly. Dumpsters and containers that match the type of cleanout you need are our specialties.

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We make renting dumpsters for residential cleanups simple. 

Talking Trash

Get rid of all of your junk at once for a great price. Your life will be better with a clean garage and backyard. Whatever you've got that you want out of your home or business, AZ Junk will take it away. Our up-front prices keep things simple – no surprise charges or hidden fees.


Brad Thomason

Owner of Arizona Junk

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 home junk removal services for buckeye, az

Appliance Pickup

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Remove appliances that are taking up space you need

Old appliances often find their way into drawers, closets, and garage storage spaces. Ease up this precious space with a clean-out dedicated to creating more storage space immediately.

You deserve more options for pickup and removal

Even if your old appliances work or not, getting rid of older appliances often feels like a hassle. We have plenty of special options to pick up large and small appliances no matter how much space they take up in your home, business, and property.

As easy as 1-2-3, we do the hard work so you can relax easier!

There's never any question that we give you an upfront quote on every appliance pickup and removal. No more hidden prices or wondering when someone will come when they say they will. Give us a call and we show up at your convenience- every single time.

Open up more of your storage space with a complete appliance cleanup project with AZ Junk

Bagster Pickup

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Buckeye has the best solution for all of your debris and junk removal needs

These Bagster bags are extra tough at hauling nearly any kind of garbage you want to be taken away. Fill them up and we'll take them away wherever you put them removed.

Why Bagster service is perfect for your home or business?

We charge a flat-rate fee for all Bagster pickups and remove them when you need them, even if you aren't at home! Don't worry about the weight either, since we don't include any limit on bag weight for all removals.

Simple, easy, and affordable for all junk removals

Why bother waiting for the local Waste Management to come and take away your bags, just one call and we're ready to remove your next junk load.

Don't hide away your debris, pack it up and let us do the rest

Furniture Pickup

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Recycle furniture better with easy furniture pickup services in Buckeye

Don't let old and used furniture go to waste in some landfill, as we have a viable answer to furniture removal that helps others in need.

One simple phone call away

Get a free quote anytime you call or make an online request to take away old furniture. We work with all the local donation centers to help others find hidden treasures from old stuff they don't want anymore.

De-clutter to make space and feel good where it goes to help

Hot Tub Pickup

hot tub removal service

Hot tub and spa removal solutions made simple

If it's time to get rid of a hot tub in your backyard, it's not an easy job for most people. We have an answer that will take away hot tubs of all sizes with fast and easy service. When safety is concerned, we're also bonded with a one-million-dollar insurance policy just for hot tub and spa removal.

Don't worry about the mess

Some hot tubs and spas can turn into big ugly junk piles when they aren't being used anymore. We can cut them up and remove the pieces to make room for a new model to replace the old one. We can also offer crane service to remove anything that needs to move in a single piece!

Order our hot tub takeaway faster than most Uber Eats deliveries take! 

Demolition Service

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Why do you need demolition services?

Some haul-away jobs are just too labor-intensive for just one or two people, which is why we use effective machinery to break apart lots of items for faster removal. If it's standing or falling apart, we'll comes and demolish it and take away what's left over just as quick.

Is there any limit to what can be demolished?

We take on projects that are mainly non-commercial but don't let that fool you. If it's no bigger than two stories we're ready to jump into action. From buildings to boats, old barns, and backyard broken-down brick-a-brak, we'll bust it apart and haul it away.

Get the best Buckeye flat-rate demo quotes

Don't waste any time trying to break apart unsafe or damaged structures yourself. We're on-call for your next demolition project to make it less stressful. Make the call, get a quote, and set a time you need it done. It's that easy just like 1-2-3.

Clearout aging clutter and junk that you can't move without AZ Junk Demolition Service

Estate Cleanout

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Big or small, your estate deserves expert cleanout service

We've handled entire properties and storage facilities filled with years-worth of clutter that can be a pain to deal with at the last minute... Trust us to make this special type of junk removal possible with prompt and professional service.

It takes patience with critical cleanouts -as needed

Some cabinets and boxes are filled with documents that you might need to sift through. When it comes to taking extra steps to ensure you don't lose anything you need to hold onto, we'll assist you further while items are removed with care.

You can count on a quality quote with no hidden fees

Get a flat-rate quote on your next estate cleanout and feel good that you chose AZ Junk to assist with all of your removal needs. Call or request a quote online for the fastest service possible. Request the time and day you need and leave the rest to us. If any furniture is part of your cleanout, we have the best local sources where they can have a second chance.

Estate cleanup service is the best way to get rid of old stuff quickly

Debris Removal

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When professional debris removal counts, rely on us!

Debris removal is often a dirty job that's just part of the moving and lifting of junk and trash. When you want to make this task run smoothly, call on us to make your debris disappear faster.

Renovate your home and business with a great choice of debris removal service

We can help you to estimate how large or small a dumpster you need on your next big project. With years of experience, it's a cinch to estimate how much trash and debris you need to haul away.

Order a roll-off dumpster just in time- today!

With our simplified 1-2-3 roll-off dumpster service, you can get an honest flat rate quote right from one single phone call. Have it delivered when you need it the most, often at times when there is a major time crush!

We'll help you clean up your next debris removal when muscle power is part of the job.

About the Buckeye, AZ Community

Buckeye was founded in 1929 in Arizona on approximately 440 acres. The first mayor was Hugh M. Watson who founded the Buckeye Valley Bank. Today, Watson Road is the site of Buckeye's commercial center. Buckeye is known for it's sunshine and beautiful desert landscape just a few short miles out of the city of Phoenix.

Population 74,467 | Median Income for Household $79,000 | Median Age 34


The Sundance community is one of many new development projects in Buckeye, but unlike several others, this retirement community is living up to its expectations for development, growth, and active living. See why Sundance is our favorite of the latest communities popping up in Buckeye, AZ.


Sun City Festival in Buckeye, Arizona is quickly becoming one of Arizona's largest retirement communities. Read more on what make's Sun City Festival by Del Web a great place to call home.


Lookout for the newest community, Trillium at Douglas Ranch, to be located about 15 miles north of the I-10 just west of Sun Valley Parkway. Read more about this massive development in our latest article on Trillium.


Even if you live in the Phoenix Valley, you may never heard of the Tartesso community. That’s because the grand vision for this community development project never reached its planned expectations as projected in 2005. See what happened to the development of the Tartesso community in Buckeye.


The KorePlex by KORE Power is the set to become the largest lithiom-ion battery manufacturing plant in the US. Just think of the growth that this will bring to our city. Is the project too big to fail? Or, will it follow in the footsteps of the Tartesso community development?


Verrado extends nearly 9,000 acres in Buckeye, AZ. With the ability to hold around 15,000 residential single-family units there is a need to expand four million sqaure feet of commerical and retail properties. You'll love this newly developing community ith its traditional small town charm.


Welcome to the largest community development Arizona has seen in, well, ever. Formally known as the Trillium project, now moving ahead as Teravalis in Buckeye, AZ. See all the promise and some of the challenges this new community near the White Tank Mountains will be facing.

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