Remodeling Debris Removal – What To Do & Phoenix Disposal Ideas

Perhaps you are in the early stages of remodeling your home and have that sneaking suspicion there will be plenty of construction debris leftover. It's an afterthought that immediately makes you think that calling for a dumpster to get rid of your renovation and demolition debris is the only solution. At first, this may seem to be the logical approach but, as you will see there are many options when it comes to getting rid of remodeling debris. We'll lead with our favorite way to remove unwanted debris after any home renovation; you guessed it - AZ Junk Removal for all your removal needs (with no hidden fees). Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk for a second about construction related debris, and then we'll move onto practical ways to get rid of demo rubbish, including free removal ideas.

What Are Remodeling Debris?

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Remodeling debris is removing building material that's been built into your home. It needs to be removed in portions or pieces, which can't be considered useful or is otherwise considered trash- but not always. Often, these items are taken directly out of your home and separated into categories for disposal. Not all remodeling debris is junk or garbage and can be recycled into useful building material.

How To Clean Up Remodeling Debris?

Separating Remodeling Debris

Just like we've been taught or at least in the last few years, (through the process of selective recycling), items that are removed during the remodeling process need to be separated and evaluated. This means that some stiff is simply garbage and needs to be tossed out. Some stuff can be reused for something else. This is a cost-effective method that saves money for construction and is just another great way to recycle while remodeling.


Lumber and scrap wood

Lumber is getting more and more expensive if you've seen the prices of framing 2x4s, plywood panels, and support beams. Even if a piece of wood looks funky or just doesn't fit into your new renovation, that doesn't mean it's automatic junk. It can be repurposed for your remodeling project or sold as scrap to woodworkers or craftsmen. If that wood debris can be recycled, it will ultimately save you money within your wood budget.


Old insulation and drywall

If these sections of drywall can be removed intact or cut down to be used for smaller pieces, drywall is a cost-effect way to save money too. Old insulation is another option to recycle, but only if this insulation is less than 5-10 years old. Anything older than 20 years is most likely starting to degrade and should be replaced, yet older insulation including asbestos pipe insulation should be removed and discarded with extreme care.



Not the trinkets you're looking for? Well, not exactly in this case. Bricks and cinder blocks are not so typical in homes anymore, but not completely uncommon in modern construction where add-ons or dividing walls might be using these construction materials. These can easily be reused and recycled since they don't lose value. Their usefulness for repurposing can be used for a variety of home improvement projects.



It's hard to imagine that these items will be good for being recycled unless large sections are in good condition and aren't showing so much wear and tear. Glass panes can be removed and used elsewhere, especially if they aren't cracked or chipped. The same applies to wall and floor tiles that can be saved as replacement pieces. Carpet and linoleum are perfect for use in the garage since these sections might be too small for anything else.


Old wiring or plumbing

Old wires and pipes might be garbage to some, except these are sought-after items that have value if they're made from copper. Local recyclers pay good money for these items especially when they are older and much thicker than the materials made today. If you find a lead pipe, these are perfect for garage uses and recycling projects too. Any old wire you can reclaim can easily go into your remodeling project budget.


White goods

This is a special term that's used to describe any appliances or machines that are installed into an area that's being remodeled in your home. These aren't the common items like toasters or washing machines but rather ventilation wall fans, kitchen sinks and ovens, and toilets. You get the idea since these items need to be removed so remodeling is easier to control or even replace if they're outdated or broken.

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Removal of Remodeling & Construction Debris

Construction Debris Demolition

What to keep, what to recycle, and get rid of is always your biggest concern when remodeling projects take place. Here are important tips to consider so you can make the most of what you recover and what construction debris you should be set aside for debris removal.


What to recycle

If you've hired a professional handyman, chances are they already known how to deal with this issue. They might salvage as much as they can to save a buck or two — by hauling it down to the local recycling center — which is exactly what you should do if the stuff you're tearing down is still perfectly good to use again in some way. If it's worth money, put that profit in your pocket or use it to help fund your remodeling budget. Even wood can be recycled, check here to find a wood recycling center near you.  Either way, reclaimed items can always be used for DIY projects.


What's best to reuse

Don't think of this as scraping the bottom of the barrel but any nail, screw, piece of scrap metal, wood, and hardware is good for reuse. This is another reason why decorative molding and trim are always worth saving and recycling. Construction materials including drywall or plywood work nicely as building materials if they're still in good condition. Why spend extra money if you can also include hinges, knobs, latches, and other mixed hardware.


What's best to toss?

If there are crumbled and broken pieces that are removed during remodeling, and good enough to use for anything, then these need to be thrown out. If you find wood that's rotted or too old to save, this is also garbage and should be added to the 'debris removal' pile. Broken drywall and all of the crumbs that come from it should be tossed likewise. If you have carefully taken apart sections of your home, you can recycle anything that can be saved or reused in the rebuilding process.

Remodeling Debris Removal Service

Here at AZ Junk Removal we specialize in hauling away all your unwanted scraps and debris from your remodeling project. Our customers love us - see our 300+ reviews on Google. Schedule a Phoenix pickup today!

Post-Renovation Cleaning List

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If you've ever been to Disneyland or Disneyworld, you'll remember their construction signs that say Pardon our Dust -which let you know something is being refurbished or rebuilt. You probably won't see any dust outside the construction barricades, although the idea sounds exciting. Believe us, there's nothing funny about the dust and debris you'll uncover in your remodeling project.


Dust and your health

Breathing in old construction and demolition debris dust isn't healthy or a good idea if you're knocking down walls. These particles aren't safe to breathe if they include fiberglass insulation, wood fiber, pulverized insect bolas, powdered rat or mice droppings, and dried-up construction adhesives. Don't forget that shellac, paint chips, and even plaster dust will all give off dust particles too small to see if you're chipping away with a sledgehammer or similar object. Use a good dust mask that's going to filter out dust particles that could get in your lungs. Since the Pandemic already made having masks around your house a common sight, you can use one of them. The best dust mask to use is obviously the 3M N95 or 3M 8812 which are commonly used for construction and/or woodworking dust.


Great cleaning tips

A shop-vac that has a good filter is recommended, but the one that uses a water filter is much better to keep fine particulates from getting into your lungs. Another great addition is one that you might not expect. Grab a few big jumbo packs or cheap baby wipes that are excellent for cleaning up dust on walls and surfaces. Baby wipes are super cheap and can be thrown out afterward.


Cleanup materials that work best

If you have excessive dust from construction and demolition debris there is a good solution to sweeping up dusty floors using a mixture of slightly soggy oatmeal. Grab a cylinder of Quaker oats and empty this into a paint bucket. Now spray the surface with ordinary water liberally so it gets damp and wait a minute. Now mix it a little and start to scatter the floor where your dust is found. This soggy mix will cause dust to stick like crazy and is easy to sweep up afterward.


What to do with hazardous waste?

Watch out for disposing of lead paint, asbestos, and empty paint cans when you're throwing stuff out. These items are considered construction waste and cannot go into a landfill since these can poison groundwater sources if they seep into underground estuaries. These items need to be taken to a special hazardous waste disposal site that won't be considered dangerous. Your local garbage disposal site will also allow these items to be dropped off if they are put into sealed boxes or containers. Here at AZ Junk Removal we help with construction waste disposal. 

When To Call For Junk Removal

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Remember the good old days when women were encouraged to take on the call for doing something important for the sake of the U.S.A.?

Well, when it comes to home remodeling jobs, sometimes isn't just a woman's job when it comes to taking out the trash! Yes, guys- this debris has to go somewhere, and that all depends on the selection process. This decision should be mutual so the options for using your remodeling budget are best put to use. Below we will list some of the best ways to handle debris removal.

we haul it


Haul it yourself

You could take this trash to the local Waste Management city dump if you have a pickup truck or car that can carry your remodeling debris. Make several trips as needed if it's not a burden or not too much trouble. This kind of trash can't be thrown away into your regular garbage when it's wonky or bulky. Additionally, you can't just dump loads of chunks of concrete, broken tiles, and construction stuff into your garbage can unless you're doing that Shawshank Redemption thing.



Donate or Garage sale?

When you've recovered an item that is still worth something but you don't want to keep it, you can always donate these items or hold a garage sale instead of tossing in the debris pile for removal. Some things you would never expect are worth money if they're in good condition such as toilets, sinks, antique or retro vent fans, and other built-in items that need to be removed during remodeling. You might own a toilet that is worth a lot to select collectors who pay big bucks for these obscure items.


Free garbage day

If you can put your garbage aside until that magical day comes around, this is also known as a free garbage day usually hosted by your community's HOA. If you don't have this in your community, all of Phoenix and its surrounding cities offer bulk trash pickup service through Waste Management, you can learn more about it here. You're then allowed to put out select items that you typically aren't allowed to throw out in the weekly trash. This only works out if you have a garage or space around your home where this excess garbage and debris can be stored without getting soaked with water or being a hazard to anyone. It's a great method if you don't have enough debris to schedule a dumpster rental, even if you have to split up the junk into two bulk trash or free garbage day pickups. 


Contractor strength garbage bags

Maybe you've heard of contractor bags that are also called construction waste debris bags. These aren't the same thing as the plastic lawn bags you buy at the supermarket. These special bags are made from high-strength woven fibers that are similar to thick canvas but aren't always made from natural fiber. You can find these at your local home improvement centers like Home Depot or Lowes and can handle heavy rubble and jagged chunky material. We did an article a while back that compares Bagster vs. Dumpsters vs. Junk Removal.


Dumpster service

You can always schedule a dumpster rental so a roll-off dumpster can be dropped off in your driveway or commercial property. This allows you to bring out the rubble and debris that you want to throw out as a clean-up-as-you-go solution. As long as you stick to the rules of what can go into a dumpster, these selectively sized containers are the easiest way to get rid of the trash you don't want to see again. The best part is the one-stop-shop service includes drop-off and pickup that are scheduled to your dumpster needs. 

AZ Junk Dumpster Rental...

Because sometimes you need a DIY option for cleaning up a property. We drop-off and pick-up roll off dumpster bins to any location throughout Avondale, including commercial, retail and residential locations. Schedule a dumpster rental today by contacting us at (602) 799-4181, or schedule a drop off now.

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Junk removal services

When there is more than just junk and garbage to throw out, you can also choose another great service that you need to order. This service will require you to separate certain items so these elements are easier to categorize. More often, a junk removal representative knows how to select these items when picking them up. They do all the work taking out your junk for you so you don't need to break your back lifting heavy debris or having to figure out to do with construction waste disposal.

AZ Junk Haul Away Service

For residences in Phoenix and surrounding cities we offer a full service haul away service to rid you of your worries when it comes to debris from your remodeling project. We'll take care of the heavy lifting while you sit back and sip on a cold drink. Check our service here.  

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Hire AZ Junk for a Simple Cleanup


What is remodeling debris?

Remodeling debris refers to the waste generated during a renovation or remodeling project, such as construction materials, old fixtures, and other waste items. This can be anything from old Sheetrock, lumber or PVC pipe. A few of these items can be recycled, but most remodeling debris usually ends up in the dump.

How do I dispose of remodeling debris?

The most common way to dispose of remodeling debris is to take it to your local dump or landfill. If you don’t own a truck or someone else is doing the work, then they’ll probably rent a dumpster, use a bulk waste pickup service, or hire a debris removal company.

Can I put remodeling debris in the regular trash pickup?

It is very rare that you’re allowed to place any sort of construction materials in a regular trash can. Construction materials often contain paint, fiberglass and other materials that are often treated as hazards. Some places will even fine you if they catch you doing this. So ask someone to be completely clear first.

What should I do with hazardous waste generated during a remodel?

Hazardous waste, such as old paint, chemicals, and batteries, should not be placed in regular trash pickup. You will need to take these items to a designated disposal facility or use a hazardous waste removal service.

How much does it cost to remove remodeling debris?

The cost of removing remodeling debris will depend on the amount and type of debris, as well as the method of removal. Renting a dumpster can cost anywhere from $300 to $800, while a debris removal company may charge by the hour or by the volume of debris. The least costly is normally renting a dumpster and you filling it yourself.

Can remodeling debris be recycled?

Some types of remodeling debris, such as wood, any type of metal, and even concrete can be recycled. Old wood is often “upcycled” and can always be used as firewood as a last resort. Concrete and other hard rubble can be used as landfill or fill for other new construction. And metals always have some sort of value. 

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