Hot Tub and Spa Removal

AZ Junk has hauled away thousands of unwanted spas

You can rest at ease knowing we have a million dollar insurance policy and fifteen years of spa removal experience.

Our specialty is hauling away Jacuzzis from difficult-to-access areas in your backyard. In most all cases we can demo the hot tub and haul it away without the need for a crane or lift. You’re sure to enjoy your backyard much more without that broken hot tub taking up space.

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Arizona Junk Removal is ready to serve you. If you live in the Phoenix area, we have a crew near you! Never any extra service call fees if you live in our service area.

Professional Extraction

Spas are heavy and can be dangerous if not handled properly. We are experienced and insured, and we've removed over a thousand spas. We have the tools and skills to move your spa over a wall, through a narrow gate, or cut it to pieces – whatever gets the job done safely and completely.

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We don't need to explain our extraction methods...but we will anyway.

When your spa has finally entered the afterlife you'll need to find a place for its body to come to rest. No matter where your hot tub is located there is a way to get rid of it. We stick to the three main methods fondly referred to as The Mr. Incredible, The Godzilla, and The Crane.

Mr. Incredible

Simply put, we bring a few guys, each built as powerfully as Mr. Bob Parr himself. Then we each grab a corner, walk it out and toss it in our truck.

The Godzilla

As manly men, we also like power tools, the more the better. Which means going Godzilla is pretty fun too. We get out our chain saws, reciprocating saws, anything with a blade and a motor. Then we destroy that spa, reveling in every moment of Godzilla like destruction.

The Crane

Combining the power of a gigantic 55,000-ton mutant-whale gorilla with the strength of a cartoon superhero, its called The Crane method. Some spas are just too heavy, too awkward, or just in the wrong place to be able to effectively remove it by hand. If that's the case then hiring a crane to complete a removal job might be in the cards.

Recycling a hot tub

A broken spa can still be useful and while it can’t be recycled as a whole, once it is broken down there are tons of useful parts. The metal and electrical components can be remade into new products. The PVC pipes and fittings can be ground down and melted to create new PVC compounds. Any wood siding obviously has other uses, you can even break down the spa cover to recycle the foam, steel, and vinyl.

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Affordable Spa Removal Pricing

Our spa removal services are among the most affordable in the Valley. Our low pricing doesn't mean we cut corners on customer service or safety. We provide a flat-rate quote before showing up at your house – no bait-and-switch tactics or hidden fees, what we quote is what you pay.

Why use Arizona Junk Removal?

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AZ junk Hot tub hauling
  • PROFESSIONAL: We offer professional removal services to ensure your hot tub is safely removed without property damage.
  • EXPERIENCED: We have more than 20 years experience removing hot tubs, spas, and jacuzzis from tough spots, and hard-to-access areas.
  • INSURED: We are insured for more than a million dollars liability so our clients have peace of mind throughout the removal.

A broken hot tub is not like a cheating boyfriend you can just kick out; it's more like a beloved college roommate who needs time to pack up first. There is an important checklist that has to get done before the spa is going anywhere.

First, review the owner's manual. You will not get deductions on your man card for this. In fact, you earn secret points for being smart rather than stupid. With the manual in hand unplug and disconnect the spa from all gas and electrical lines. You’ll get double points if you flip the circuit breaker before you get started.

Also, some of the wiring might be in hiding so keep that manual handy.

Next, drain the water from the tub. If you’ve ever siphoned gas you know how to do this with just a hose, otherwise, you might need to rent a sump pump. Which is a little gadget that will suck the water out for you.

Once you're sure the spa is prepped it's ready to move out.

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Other Junk We Haul

If you have more than just an old spa you're looking to have removed, see our other hauling and junk removal services.

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  • They even cleaned up all the mess left behind from my junk, even the stuff behind the hot tub!

Big D. - Peoria, AZ

Brad at AZ Junk Removal runs a tight ship! I submitted the web form on Sunday, he called me back Monday morning, came out Monday afternoon, and removed my old Hot Tub and various other junk left over from the move. They even cleaned up all the mess left behind from my junk, even the stuff behind the hot tub! Fair price, quick service, mind-blowingly fast response time, and super-professional. I will never use any other business for junk removal! Thanks again Brad! You guys rock!

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