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Demolition Services

Get rid of all of your junk at once for a great price. Your life will be better with a clean garage and backyard. Whatever you've got that you want out of your home, property, or business, we'll demo it and haul it away. Our up-front prices keep things simple – no surprise charges or hidden fees.


Brad Thomason

Owner of Arizona Junk

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How It Works

Demolition services often sound more complicated than they need to be, so here’s what you should know about demolition and haul away services. Sure, it sounds like things are getting blown to pieces, but a demo service is really a fancy word for debris that’s created by tearing something down to smaller and manageable pieces. What we can tell you is that junk removal isn’t just limited to hauling and clean up services.

Demolition services

We have demolition services that feature specialized machinery that’s meant to break apart structures and objects that aren’t so easy to remove yourself. This is why we offer an all-in-one solution that meets your needs for providing the kind of muscle to break down aggravating items that are an eyesore. Perhaps these items just need to be removed for new construction projects.

No matter what your reason happens to be, we’ll help you to deconstruct and remove debris with better results than doing it yourself. Best of all, we'll recycle various metals by sorting them and hauling them off to a local recycling center. As for pricing, our demolition clean up and services are among the most affordable in Phoenix, AZ. 

The Perfect Residential Demo Service Solution

Perhaps you’ve heard of our junk hauling services before, sure- lots of folks throughout greater Phoenix and all around AZ know us by name. We’ve been doing this since 2001 and are proudly a family-owned business! But as you know, times can change and services are better when select types of debris removal services need to advance to a whole new level. This is why we’ve taken the big step to offer demolition services to our big bag of tricks.

Residential demolition services

We’re the perfect alternative to consider hiring when getting rid of items that weren’t so easy to remove. And if you didn’t know what services we provide already, here’s a little bit more about what we have added recently.

Demolition Crew

Our local Phoenix crew has years of experience breaking apart small things that didn’t make much of a dent around your home. If it wasn’t busting apart an old hot tub here and there, we’ve done some pretty dirty jobs by hand. So our current crew has known for years how to get our hands dirty breaking down small-scale junk.

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Demolition Tools/Machinery

We bring what it takes to bust apart some rather pesky items, and sledgehammers, crowbars, and Sawzalls are just part of our regular tools. Now that we’ve added a new skid steer and excavator to our heavy machinery vehicles, we can make quick work of tearing down existing structures a lot faster. We are equipped to even handle some commercial demolitions, click to see more.

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Demolition + Hauling

Now that we’re ready to offer you demolition and hauling services, the process is easier than ever before. Depending on where you’re located we can even offer same-day service to provide demolition and hauling services efficiently and without hassle. We’re one of the few demolition companies that offer complete hauling services. This also makes the dirtiest of jobs that you were putting off for too long the most logical choice for contacting us.

Demolition and hauling services

Our Demolition & Hauling Services

Not everything is meant to last forever and this can apply to lots of things that are standing or starting to fall apart. For whatever reason, some structures and objects can be more dangerous to leave standing for safety reasons. Some items are so heavy and broken down that they can’t be moved by hand. This is why it becomes our job to break them down safely so the rubble and rubbish can be removed and transferred to a dumpster container.

Demolition and hauling services

We take safety very seriously, so the first step after you request a demolition is to get an idea of what we need to break apart something existing or nearly falling apart. We survey what needs to be taken away and what tools and equipment will be perfect for the job. After this, we provide an estimate so you can decide if that price is good for you. We always provide the best pricing that will be attractive for your pocketbook and that you can count on!


Storage structures that are starting to show their age and aren’t good for anything anymore are perfect candidates for tearing down. After years of neglect or proper care, these can be dangerous for storing equipment or supplies if they collapse. Perhaps, they’re completely empty or abandoned and just need to be removed.

Sheds Demolition illustration


Whether these were intended for storage or livestock, old barns need to be demolished for obvious safety reasons. If you are planning to build a new barn when an old barn still stands, this is an ideal solution for clearing the space to set up a new structure.

Barns demolition illustration

Mobile Homes

These structures aren’t easy to move when they’ve been sitting for years and years. Since mobile homes are not easy to demolish by hand, a demolition crew can level a mobile home in very little time. It makes sense if these living structures are too badly damaged to be moved anywhere else.

Mobile Homes Demolition illustration

RVs/Travel Trailers

When the renovation of an RV or travel trailer isn’t an option anymore, residential demolition is just the thing to turn these mobile living spaces into rubbish in very little time. Pieces are easily broken down into manageable pieces to be dumped into a container for hauling away.

RVs Demolition illustration

Small Guest Homes

Simple add-ons for guest homes or perhaps a playhouse for kids might be more of a hazard if they’re way too damaged to keep anyone company. The crushing force of an excavator can quickly demolish these buildings so they can be broken right down to their foundation.

Small Guest Homes Demolition illustration

Swing Sets/Playground Equipment

Metal and steel playground equipment that is rusting and hasn’t been used in years is more dangerous for youngsters and should be destroyed and removed. Sadly, years of neglect and rust can make these structures and equipment an accident waiting to happen. We can demolish and remove these as well.

Playground Equipment Demolition illustration

Hot Tubs/Steam Cabins

When there is no need for a hot tub set-up that has aged badly and can’t be removed so easily, this isn’t a problem for our demolition services. Even with steam cabins that are outdated and not needed anymore, they can be leveled with little effort and removed completely by our demolition crew.

Hot Tubs Demolition illustration


The ever-present threat of dry rot and termites can turn a wood deck into an unsafe structure for anyone standing on them. This will be necessary if you’re also planning on building a new deck but have no conventional means to tear down an existing deck construction using our unique demolishing services.

Decks Demolition illustration

Above Ground Pools

Unsightly pools that aren’t easy to remove from above-ground locations are no match for being demolished. Wooden structures or metal fittings can be torn to pieces using our high-power equipment in very little time so an area is clear once again.

Ground Pools Demolition illustration


If you have a pergola or gazebo that is not in the best shape or need to install something new, we can tear these down with our demolition and hauling services just as easily. Wooden beams and supports are quickly leveled to the ground and broken up so they can be thrown into a waiting dumpster.

Pergolas Demolition illustration


What could be an exhaustive job for tearing down old fences or walls is sped up with our demolition equipment. Even if these walls are made from materials that would be labor intensive using sledgehammers, using our excavator will knock these down and break up everything from wood, metal, bricks, and cinder blocks.

Fences-Walls Demolition illustration

Outdoor Kitchens

When an outdoor kitchen has finally reached the point of feeling outdated and aged, this is when to consider removing them. Many of these structures are built piece by piece adding on sections over the years, but they can all be removed with our demolition service just as easily in minutes with the right machines.

Outdoor Kitchen Demolition illustration

BBQ Set-ups

Are you looking to change or renew an old BBQ pit or grill setup that was all built using different materials? We can break these down and remove the debris that might have taken weeks to do by hand. This is especially handy if you’re looking for a backyard demolition of an old brick BBQ area.

BBQ Set-ups Demolition illustration


While it may have taken a long time to construct a trampoline when it was new, older trampolines will be dangerous and labor intensive to break apart if screws and bolts are rusted into place. These can be broken down using a variety of techniques by our demolition crew.

Trampoline Demolition illustration

Fire (Structures damaged by fire)

Fire-damaged structures or even those that are badly damaged from fire need to be torn down because they’re dangerous. We can make this an easier task to break them down so that reconstruction can begin again. We also have the experience to remove parts of house add-ons that are carefully demolished so the original structure isn’t damaged.

Home damaged by fire Demolition illustration

Construction/Remodeling Debris

Any kind of construction around your home from remodeling or renovations is made easier with residential demolition services. This makes it more convenient when roofing shingles and tiles are replaced or sections of your home are being removed and rebuilt. Unlike most demo companies we’ve been pros at removing construction debris for years.

Construction-Remodeling Debris Demolition illustration

Boats/Boat Trailers

Some boating and ocean-going equipment just aren’t safe to go to sea or be on the water anymore, so it’s better to destroy them instead. No matter if these are made from fiberglass composites or wood, they can be demolished just as easily using a variety of demolition techniques. Even old and damaged boat trailers are no match for our equipment.

Boat Demolition illustration

How Much Does Demolition Services Cost?

For the best quotes to start a demolition clean up, you want to contact us immediately. We specialize in residential demolition jobs of many kinds, so if you don’t see something on our list, please ask us if we can provide demolition and debris removal services at your request. There’s no job that we can’t handle, so give us a call to get an estimate started right away.

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