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You already may know that AZ Junk Removal is the best provider for junk removal for all sorts of debris or old appliance hauling, but one service you don’t often hear about is our scrap metal pickup and recycling services. It’s not so much that we consider it a special service, as it is another vital recycling service that eliminates the mess and hassle of disposing of large (or small) amounts of scrap metal.

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Scrap metal recycling

If it's scrap and you need it removed, leave the dirty work to us and we'll haul it away without any problem. We're accepting all types of metal no matter what condition it's in to clear out areas that have taken up valuable space in your home or commercial property. We also are happy to accept aluminum, copper, brass, and steel and provide you with an affordable service that's also very convenient for working around your schedule and pickup needs.

Our mission for all of us at AZ Junk is that we care about our environment. It's also pretty common that most people don't actually know what to do with the junk that they've got. If improperly disposed of, scrap metal ends up getting wasted by being buried in local landfills. This is a major problem, especially here in Phoenix. That's why we've spent years keeping in touch with scrap metal facilities that understand the importance of recycling.

Scrap Metal pickups

Leave the heavy lifting and sorting of metals to us!

Simply schedule a time that works best for you to have us come out and pickup your scrap metal, and consider it as good as recycled.

Why Us For Your Scrap Metal Pickup Needs?

Why We're Your Best Choice To Call When It Comes To Scrap Metal Removal.


Fast Junk Removal

Aside from understanding that time is money, you might have more pressing issues to deal with. So the last thing we want is to waste your time. When we get a call for pickup, we jump into action and get the job done quickly, so you aren't left to wait for more than you need to.

Friendly Service

Did we mention that we take pride in our work? We treat all of our crew like family and because of that, everyone is happy in return. You can expect friendly service with caring and thoughtful manners from our crew that honestly enjoys making your day feel brighter.

Family Owned

As a family business operation, we also work closely with the local community to help support other family businesses. It brings us joy to help others while making a difference in our junk removal services. Many of our past customers have become an extended part of the AZ Junk Removal family.


Stress Relief

Not knowing how to deal with an unsightly pile of scrap metal that would take forever to toss out on your own is a terrible feeling. Thankfully, this is where we can assist you to make these problems go away with fast and friendly service, and take away those stressful thoughts altogether.

Time Savings

We already understand you have things to do which is why we work quickly to remove scrap metal piles. Why hassle with a messy job that will take away more of your time when we’re happy to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Positive Reputation

We love our customers and are proud to post their reviews. We have hundreds of positive and thankful reviews from real people and real problems with junk removal. If you’re a stickler for customer feedback, we proudly post all of our reviews to let you be the judge of our outstanding services. AZ Junk Removal is a Win-Win situation since your next review gives you even-more bragging rights on how much you liked our quality service.

We Helped John Recycle and Can Help You Too...

John’s Dad used to have a garage lawnmower repair shop until he retired a few years ago. People in the neighborhood who were customers would always come to his Dad to fix the engines and a lot of them would just give him an old mower after they upgraded to electric and battery-powered mowers. Pretty soon a lot of folks started dropping off other appliances that his Dad would accept, and the backyard started to fill up with loads of scrap and appliance junk. His Dad figured that he would call a friend to recycle the scrap and split the money, but never got around to making the call in time. After more than a few years of collecting so much scrap, there was hardly enough room in the backyard or garage to store stuff. John's Dad got ill and spent a lot of time in the hospital, so John was always busy working and sometimes visiting his Dad when he could.

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Sadly, his Dad passed away but did leave a small inheritance for John to live a better life. He also inherited all that scrap junk that was taking up so much space- more than he could bare. He saw an ad in the local paper for AZ Junk Removal one day and decided to ask for a quote. It turns out that John got a great deal to have it all picked up the very next day. He was so happy with the cheerful employees that he could finally see his backyard once again.

He took some of the inheritance money and fixed up his backyard by making a custom-built kitchen and barbecue patio. John even called AZ Junk Removal once again and invited them over for the kick-off party. Even though this was his Dad’s old house, he found that having the extra space gave him more confidence and room to breathe. Now John has enough room around his home to start a family of his own.

great experiences with us

It’s great to get a positive review but even better when we hear how much our junk removal services have made a difference in people’s lives. We have over 300 reviews from our customers who all have personal stories and talk about their great experiences with us.

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I'm so glad I found AZ Junk Removal! They made the whole process so easy and stress-free. Their friendly crew came to my house and gave me a free on-site quote. Their pricing was up-front and fair. And their trucks are so professional looking! I would highly recommend them to anyone.

John Smith. -- Sun City, Arizona

Talking Scrap Metal

Are you having trouble getting rid of unwanted scrap metal and metal junk in your home or commercial business? Don't hesitate any further to call us for same-day or next-day pickup and removal service. It doesn't matter if you live up west or even north of Phoenix, we're able to provide same-day services in a flash, or even next-day service if you're not in a rush.


Brad Thomason

Owner of Arizona Junk

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DIY Scrap Metal Recycling Guide

Most people are still learning the value of recycling and one aspect that is equally rewarding is recycling scrap metal. But if you've seen shows like "Dirty Jobs" or "American Pickers", you'll also know that turning scrap metal into big bucks is sometimes a gamble. 

Types of Materials

Not all scrap is worth the work. Some metal is worth more simply because it's easier to sell as scrap metal. These include semiprecious metals like copper, brass, and aluminum but don't forget that aluminum, steel, and stainless steel are just as viable. 

Aluminum is especially popular because it’s lightweight and easy to forge. Copper is another that is very popular because of its conductivity for electrical wiring and is a great choice for plumbing. Don’t forget that Brass is just as popular since it’s used in making everything from musical instruments to decorative door knockers. With Stainless steel, it has a unique ability to resist corrosion for things like kitchen utensils and knives.

When it comes to steel, this is appreciated for the resilient strength that is sought after for making structures like bridges and tall buildings. 

The Art of Scrapping

But the biggest part of this type of recycling is determining and locating the specific shops that recycle these metals. Some shops only deal with large-scale scrapping, while smaller recycling shops accept smaller amounts.

The real trick is finding a business that will buy your scrap, or at least negotiate a deal for the best price in return. Locating a steady amount of scrap is key if you're looking to turn a consistent profit. One of the most common ways to do this is to seek out metal fabrication shops that end up with a lot of left over scraps. Often times,  you can negotiate to remove their scrap for free if they agree to give the scrap at no cost. If they already have buyer that pays for the scraps you may need to offer to pay something lower than market value for your effort to take away the scrap. 

Sorting and transporting scrap will be the majority of your work. You'll need to be sure you have a truck and or trailer that's up to the task of moving large amount of materials. And since you'll need to sort metals by type you'll need to have a good amount of work space where you can layout all the various types of metals you collect prior to hauling them off to the recycling centers.

Recycling centers are real sticklers for keeping their metal free from contaminants like paint, plastic, and particles that don’t belong there. As long as all of your scrap is consistent and clean, they’ll be happy to do business with you. This is where you’ll have to do some digging to find recycling centers that may not be listed publicly to find a yard that will give you a better price than the publicly used recycling yards.

Selecting a Scrap Yard

If you want the best prices for your scrap, you need to look at the large-scale scrap recyclers. They will pay better but will have a minimum amount that you need to offer for them to accept. This can work out better if you want bigger profit rather than selling to smaller recyclers who will likely pay you less because you have minimum amounts of scrap to offer.

Metal scrapping isn't for everyone but is a rewarding and potentially profitable business for those who like a challenge. It's also a great way to recycle items instead of it creating waste. 

If you’re still having trouble finding good recycling companies then you can also check our favorite scrap metal yards and recyclers in Phoenix. And though this type of business opportunity may not reap the rewards of recycling gold, platinum, or silver, it’s more likely that you can feel better about the sustainability and recycling aspects of scrap metal. If you're clever and persistent with a keen eye for saving the earth differently, then perhaps metal scrap recycling is for you.

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