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Even if you've never heard of Brad Thomson before, chances are, someone close to you or a neighbor knows him and the family-owned and operated AZ Junk team. Brad has been in this business for years now and started with the hauling and delivery biz way back in 1995. Back then, Brad started to learn a lot more about how this business works and got pretty good with moving office furniture all around town.

It didn't take too long before Brad had decided to branch out from working for his old Phoenix-based employer to start a new kind of hauling and delivery business. In the year 2000, Brad made a bold move to run a separate hauling and delivery company for the next 9 years. During that time he started to see there were limitations to operating only as a moving company and saw the potential for something much bigger.

That's when AZ Junk Removal initially began to serve Phoenix and customers all over Valley of the Sun. He took over 14 years of experience in the delivery biz and transformed it into junk and hauling services with a direct approach to satisfy every single customer with great services. Incredibly, all of this was achieved through word-of-mouth from happy customers. That's been the biggest secret that has made AZ Junk such a success to this day.

We pride ourselves in providing our local community with trusted junk removal services. This is why, today, I run my company the same way I did 15 years ago; family owned-and-operated where I oversee every project. 

---Brad Thomason, Owner

What's AZ Junk Removal All About? 

There is a certain art and talent for dirty jobs such as junk hauling and removal, but as Mike Rowe from the hit TV show Dirty Jobs might say,

"People with dirty jobs are happier than you think". 

AZ Junk is more than a job, it's a service that makes a big difference in people's lives. This is why Brad and his family make every job become simplified with everything from office cleanouts, to debris removal, and demolition jobs.

Brad makes a major effort to talk with his customers and clients on every single job which not only gets communication going but often the repeat business that is requested so often because of customer satisfaction. You just can get that kind of service from other companies that put all of their efforts into slick ad campaigns. The list of services that Brad includes at AZ Junk has become diversified and highly effective because of how Brad likes to work.

This makes it easier to tackle every kind of clean-up job, whether or not it falls into the typical junk haul or trash out job category. AZ Junk has become all-in-one experts at furniture removal, appliance and junk removal, and many other removal services. But the list of services goes even further with specialized services including pianos, Jacuzzis, pool tables, and much more hard to move' items and structures.

Now, the list of services includes bigger power including a skid steer and excavator for demolition projects that help tear down unwanted junk and structures that would take forever to break apart by hand.

azjunk guys

Why We're Different? 

Along the way, Brad realized that lots of junk simply wasn't just meant for the junkyard and is constantly looking to be more eco-friendly and sustainable with unwanted junk. He's formed strong relationships with many local recycling centers and donation centers that accept many items that then go on to have a second life. This helps make our customers happy to know their unwanted junk is also going to others who need old furniture and appliances.

In this day and age where many families and individuals may be going through hard times, this helps support a greater cause in our community. Believe it or not, old items including electronics and appliances are beneficial to many smaller recyclers that can repurpose these items for scrap or refurbish them for niche buyers. Needless to say, it's a win-win situation for everyone who can benefit from reclaiming unwanted items.

Not only that, AZ Junk is proud that we are the most affordable junk removal company in Phoenix! So, hauling away junk never takes long to calculate, as we've learned to provide instant quotes for every kind of job. This transparent policy also gives our clients plenty of breathing room on what they can expect to pay for our services and never need to worry about surprises along the way.

All of our hauling trucks are 30% larger than any of our competitors as well. But because we've got a knack for packing up junk with efficiency, we'll know exactly what size equipment to send out for whatever size haul needs to be carried out. AZ Junk Removal might not be the biggest company serving the Valley of the Sun, but we are the biggest for 100% customer satisfaction! We're also very fair and honest about the work that we do, which makes your junk removal worries a thing of the past.

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