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When you need to kick trash to the curb, AZ Junk Removal is your
full service residential and commercial trash collector in the city of Phoenix!

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Garbage Removal Options

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We know you need options when it comes to getting rid of garbage; which is why we offer several removal options for your home, office, or commercial properties. If you'd like to dispose of trash at your own pace, than our dumpster rental service is the perfect solution, otherwise our done-for-you junk removal service will eliminate any waste or trash without you needing to lifting a finger. 

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Residential Garbage Disposal

We regularly provide removal and disposal services for non-hazardous items including furniture, appliances, general household goods, electronics, and even construction waste, scrap metal, and yard debris. For years now, we've provided the efficient removal of all sorts of junk with the help of our state-of-the-art trucks to handle any load of bulky and cumbersome materials. No matter how difficult a job may seem, our well-trained crews ensure jobs are completed smoothly and swiftly.

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Commercial Garbage Disposal

As for bigger-scale projects including construction sites or major remodels, we can offer dumpster rental services that can be customized to your exact or unique requirements. No matter what scale your job happens to be, we also offer different sizes ranging from 10 yards to 40 yards with a multitude of pickup options available. You can even choose same-day delivery or next-day drop off depending on your scheduling needs.

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Dumpster Rentals

Our dumpsters all offer open-top access and a rear door to deposit items or materials with ease. Because we are committed to helping keep Phoenix cleaner and greener, we gladly offer advice and helpful tips on how to dispose of garbage properly in addition to our helpful services. This is why we're proud to be the leading provider of swift and reliable garbage disposal solutions all over Phoenix.

No matter what kind of cleanup project you have for clearing out garbage or debris, our friendly staff is always ready to take on a new challenge when you call on us.

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We've provided Phoenix residents and business owners with trash pickup services since 2001!

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Professional Junk Removal Services

Not only do we remove junk from nearly any location efficiently and effectively, but the list of items we remove also covers a wide range too. We don't limit our services to yard debris or construction rubble but further specialize in furniture, appliances, and general household goods like electronics or old storage junk. If it's non-hazardous, we do all the heavy lifting for you to make impossible jobs completed in a shorter time than it would take you to do on your own.

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Dumpster Rental Options for Bigger Projects

When there are large projects that involve construction sites or remodeling jobs, you'll be glad to know we feature a full range of dumpster rental services. With a complete selection of dumpster sizes available ranging from 10-yarders to 40-yarders, any of these can include multiple pick-up and delivery options depending on your scheduling needs. Dump all the debris you need to toss away and we haul it away when you need.   

Keeping Phoenix Clean and Green

Our mission statement at AZ Junk Removal has always been to help keep Phoenix clean and green. Just take a look at the comments from our happy clients and see what a difference our services have provided. It’s one thing to be the leading provider throughout Phoenix for swift and reliable garbage disposal solutions, but our customers thoroughly enjoy the positive and friendly nature of our experienced crew offering free and helpful garbage tips and advice.

We’re ready at a moment’s notice to take on any size job and offer solutions and services that you can count on from start to finish. Please note, we do not take hazardous waste.

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Don't put off your disposal project any further and call us today to find out more info. Having less stuff may seem hard to imagine however the reward of more space results in less stress in return. Top that off with friendly service, an experienced staff, and flat-rate upfront pricing, you'll rest easier knowing that we’ll handle everything with our best care and respect.

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Disposal for any Situation

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Residential Waste Disposal

Local authorities have strict guidelines on where residential waste and non-hazardous items can be disposed of. This is why we work with several recycling facilities and donation centers bringing general household items including electronics, appliances, and furniture. This prevents these items from ending up in landfills by recycling or donating any possible items. Whenever there is yard debris or garbage, these are also taken to their respective landfill destinations.


Commercial Waste Disposal

Some jobs involve debris and excess garbage debris that's produced through construction or remodeling projects. No matter how big or small these projects can become, we offer dumpster rental services for commercial solid waste disposal. We offer several options for delivery drop-off times and multiple pickup choices among a wide range of dumpster sizes including 10 yards to 40 yards. They're ready to use as soon as they arrive at your next project. 


Professional Waste Disposal

AZ Junk Removal is dedicated to providing reliable full-service waste disposal tasks that are professional and courteous. These services are perfect for home, business, and commercial properties of all kinds throughout Phoenix. We not only make sure that every last bit of garbage and junk is removed safely and thoughtfully under local regulations, but we do our very best to complete each job quickly and effectively.

Here are some excellent examples of the types of garbage cleanouts we provide:

Residential - cleanouts, estates, foreclosures

These include homes and properties that need immediate cleanout due to foreclosures or estate clearouts. Our crews can sort, separate, and remove everything you need to go, making these stressful jobs run smoother and faster. If you need to sort through special documents inside drawers or cabinets, allow us to do all the heavy lifting and place these important items off to the side for you.

Industries - retail, warehouse, storage facilities, offices, commercial buildings

Among the specialties AZ Junk Removal has loads of experience in cleanup and clear-out jobs related to retail and commercial buildings. Our crews are specially trained to work in areas that have suffered damage and know how to troubleshoot the removal of difficult items. We also provide business cleanouts including the removal of office equipment and retail sales shelving and displays.

Professionals - property managers/managers, building owners, HOAs, Realtors, investors

Another aspect of garbage cleanup and the removal of unwanted items are working with property managers and agencies that are tasked with property management. Often, we are called in for cleanup projects that are sudden or last minute, but we further provide scheduled cleanups for HOAs and property managers who require ongoing cleanup services.


Comprehensive Waste Disposal Solutions

We treat every cleanup project with the same enthusiasm no matter how big or small each job happens to be. Because no two jobs are essentially the same, our crew is specially trained for difficult tasks and troubleshooting situations. This specialty training also includes observing safety regulations and equipment knowledge that apply to construction sites that are likewise carried down to residential jobs.

From start to finish, we clean up areas when they are clear to complete garbage removal jobs so these areas are clean and tidy. Here are more examples of the types of comprehensive waste management and disposal solutions we have to offer:

Residential - cleanouts, estates, foreclosures

When a sudden death in the family occurs or a tragedy has struck through fire or natural disaster, we provide cleanup and trash-out services for residential properties and estates. Foreclosures and property clearouts are likewise the results of last-minute or planned projects which require junk and garbage removal but are not limited to furniture and contents within a property.   

Industries - retail, warehouse, storage facilities, offices, commercial buildings

Retail stores that have gone out of business or have been closed often require the removal of shelving, displays, and equipment stored inside. Offices and commercial buildings can also require everything from used office equipment, to shelves, phone systems, and cubicles. We remove everything that is asked to be removed cleaning up the floors afterward to complete our job.

Professionals - property managers/managers, building owners, HOAs, Realtors, investors

As the ongoing tasks of HOAs include trash and junk removal on select days of the year, we provide complete services for many HOAs and building managers. We also serve the needs of property managers, building owners, and realtors that regularly need cleanup services that are completely random projects or scheduled clearouts. Our services offer a complete range of garbage and furniture removal tasks.


Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal

We are deeply committed to ensuring that our disposal services make sure that garbage and non-hazardous materials find their way to recycling centers and eco-friendly waste disposal sites. Choose AZ Junk Removal for recycling collection services and put our environment first.


Junk Removal for Homeowners

If you’re a homeowner that is looking for a wide variety of garbage services, we provide everything from dumpster rentals to the physical removal of furniture and junk. It's not limited to home remodels, roof replacement, yard cleanup, and move-outs. Whatever the reason, we offer our specially trained staff to help you with removing all kinds of trash or items you need to get rid of.


Dumpster Rental for Businesses

Businesses that are expanding or going through major remodeling will require dumpster rental services. While contractors may include this service in their contract, not all dumpster rentals are optimal for ongoing construction and will need continual pickup services that work in connection with the amount of work being done. Our dumpster rentals include scheduled deliveries and pickups that can be custom-tailored to your business needs.

The selection of dumpster sizes also matches the scale of any business construction project ranging from 10-yard containers to 40-yard dumpsters.


Professional Services for Contractors

We work closely with contractors who have ongoing construction jobs including everything from home remodeling to building construction. We further comply with guidelines that are set by local authorities to make sure that all rubble, debris, and garbage construction material is disposed of accordingly. Since many contractors are working from set timelines, we provide fast and effective dumpster service that matches the needs of a required timeline.

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