Storage Unit Cleanout in Phoenix, AZ

One of the hardest parts of dealing with an old unit is the soul-crushing, time-consuming effort it will take to clear it out. Our Phoenix trash removal company can help. At AZ Junk we are impervious to soul crushers and putting in the effort is what we do.

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What Are You Storing?

Is it your priceless diamonds? Or your antique Ferrari Berlinetta? We hope not! Storage units are notorious for being unsecured and, therefore,  a ripe breeding ground for would-be thieves. So if it's not important valuables what IS in there? Most likely it's just some old furniture you felt like you couldn't part with. We know you have a deep affection for the first couch you ever bought. It was a milestone in your life, one of those moments when you thought, now I’m a grown up. Well, guess what? You'll have another milestone when you realize you are wasting money and energy keeping that filthy, old, monstrosity.

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We bet you even have some old clothes in there. Storing those up for the day all the clothing stores collapse? Then you’ll be really glad you kept those acid washed jeans and those ugly shirts that look like a geometry textbook threw up on them. We will all look at you with our jealous fill eyes since you still have clothes to wear while we suffer dressed only in rags…..

Storage Units Cleanout

Call AZ Junk Removal to have us haul away items that you'll never use again. We've helped 100s of Phoenix residences save money by liberating them from the monthly expense of renting a storage unit. We also provide commercial storage cleanout services for any storage rental service providers - ask about our discounted rates for storage unit property owners.   Rid yourself from unwanted clutter. Because Life Is Better Without Junk!

Save huge when you get rid of your storage unit.

Buckle down your budget while making your life easier.

We can help you go through the unit and dispose of anything you don't need (like everything in there). We will also handle donating and recycling useful items so you don’t have to feel bad about your old stuff becoming trash in the landfill. We make sure anything that can be recycled, reused, or repurposed is delivered to one of many centers in our community for that purpose.

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Once we're done you will breathe a sigh of relief. Now you can start putting that $100 a month towards something truly special, like that Ferrari Berlinetta.

If you have a storage unit you already have too much stuff, it's time to simplify your life… Make things easier in a world where chaos is already running rampant.


 Brad Thomason 

Storage units are notorious for being unsecured and, therefore,  a ripe breeding ground for would-be thieves. So if it's not important valuables what is in there?

Let's say you're one of the lucky ones who happens to only pay $100 a month or your storage unit. That over $1,000 a year to store… what? Exactly. 

If you have a shed that needs cleaned out or tore down see our Phoenix shed removal page.

Why Storage Units Don't Make Sense

Money wasted is not the only disadvantage to having a storage unit, there are many disadvantages, we could go over all of them but that would take days, let's just review a few of them.

  • First, anything you have in there, no matter how valuable, is depreciating at a rapid rate. In a couple of years, it won’t be worth anything, let alone the thousands of dollars you spent storing it.
  • Second, having a storage unit will only encourage you to waste money on things you don’t need since you can easily put it out of sight when you want to.
  • Third, out of sight out of mind. You probably got the unit with good intentions, we’re sure, but once you put all your junk in there you began to fool yourself into thinking you have a clutter free, junk free life; that all of the crap gathering dust in the unit doesn’t count because you can’t see it.
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Here's the reality of most storage units.

  • You get one
  • You pay for it for years but never use what's inside
  • You fill it up
  • You eventually just give up and have it all hauled away

Don’t believe us? Ask a storage unit survivor.

Clean Out the Storage Unit and Start Saving

In a nutshell, the reality is if you have been living without it all this time you can continue to live without it. The real question is how long are you going to pay those huge fees before you come to your senses?

Storage Unit Cleanouts Near Phoenix, AZ 

Located in Waddell, Arizona, AZ Junk Removal provides city wide storage cleanout services. For fast, reliable and quality service you can depend on call AZ Junk Removal. 

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