Donation Centers in Phoenix for Charity Pickup and Drop-Off


In Phoenix, there are tons of different groups and organizations willing to take donations. We did a little research and crafted this brief rundown of some of our great charitable organizations for you to donate all those unwanted items.

After you’ve finished a big declutter the last thing you want to do is try to figure out what to do with your donatable junk. So we’ll do the thinking for you. All you have to do is, grab a cold beer or sweet tea and read on.

COVID-19 & Donating

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it will be likely that residents will be more wary to move around outside. If you do have items that you're looking to donate but donation centers are unavailable, here are some additional resources. Many centers have pickup services, for those who aren't able to get to a donation center immediately. This way, the spread of the Coronavirus is better kept at a minimum level. If you have supplies that directly pertain to the pandemic, these items are welcome additions to help fight this virus. These include masks, isolation gowns, face shields and goggles, and examination gloves. But not limited to hand sanitizers, thermometers, sanitation towels, and disinfectant wipes. You can find the official list within these links to what is needed immediately.

This is not only limited to clothing and items since canned food and non-perishable items are also in need.

Donating Basics

Not all donation centers will take just anything, so you can check what items are usually allowed and what is refused. For example, Goodwill provides a quick reference of dos and don'ts  to make donating easy.  However, not all centers publish such a straightforward list. If you have something that you are willing to donate, but don't know where it can go, see our breakdown of the top donation centers below.

Charity Pickup & Drop Off Locations in Phoenix




PHoenix az 85016

Goodwill Donation Centers in Phoenix  | 602-513-8444

One of the largest and most well-known organizations is Goodwill. Now, these guys have been taking some heat in the social media world in the Goodwill vs. Salvation Army battle.

Some say Goodwill is for-profit and the CEO makes too much money, while SA is non-profit and their employees make squat. A little looking into will teach you that yes, the CEO of Goodwill makes a nice chunk of change but Goodwill also used more than 87% of the revenue generated from donated items to fund programs in their communities. That's $.87 of every dollar. That's not too shabby.

So maybe their executives make more money than those at SA, they are still making a huge positive impact in our community.

That 87% is spent on Goodwill education and tools that train, mentor and teach people the skills they need to find and keep a job. Their mission is to “enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.”

Their efforts have helped employ almost 300,000 people. That's just the tip of the iceberg, they also help with assisted living, issue emergency clothing vouchers and recycle tons of computers, 280 tons actually.

Don’t let the echo chamber fool you, Goodwill is a great organization to support.


Their cause: Employment
Locations: 89 locations plus donation boxes
Pickup: Free
Accepted Items: Almost anything


628 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Salvation Army Throughout Arizona | 1-800-SATruck

Unlike Goodwill, the Salvation Army is faith-based. It is  “an international movement and an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible.

Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.”  Their mission while poetic lacks focus. But if you look into their programs, you will see they attack  poverty and try to assist “those imprisoned by it.” A noble cause.

A lot of SA’s work is through partnerships like the one it has with the Dallas Cowboys, and most of their projects are funded through monetary donations rather than by the sale of donated items. You know the Red Kettle Campaign. The peeling of the handbells is everywhere during the Christmas season. And it's pretty effective too because they usually raise over 100 million dollars a year.

That doesn’t mean your donated items don’t help make a difference. The Salvation Army used $.88 of every dollar spent at their thrift store to invest in social service programs and centers.


Their cause: Poverty
Locations: Only 30 across the Valley
Pickup: Free
Accepted Items: Almost anything


hola animal rescue

HALO is known throughout Arizona as Helping Animals Live On. They are animal advocates and care for the pets that they rescue. They also are a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to help animals find good homes.

They also have a donation center to allow their animal rescue service to remain in business. While a majority of their donations are coming from a couple different sources, the HALO Thrift Boutique is interested in your items that can be put to good use. You can find out more information on how to donate your items by contacting them directly. Another option is going to their thrift store and dropping off your selected items in person. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all persons entering the store must wear a mask.

All of the items that are worth donating to their Thrift Boutique are often sold for 4 dollars per item. Their boutique is also run by friendly volunteers that are working with HALO. Each item sold is another day that helps animals find good homes and affordable medical care.


What donations do they take in: Clothing, shoes, purses, accessories, furniture, and home decorations.
Their cause: All donations that are sold help fund the HALO Rescue Center
Locations: 11649 N. Cave Creek Road, Suite F Phoenix, AZ 85020
Pickup: No
Accepted items: Almost anything


arizona humane society

Arizona Humane is a non-profit local group that's not affiliated with other humane societies. They are dedicated to the services of saving, rescuing, and helping unwanted animals find a good home. They are solely dependant on donations to run their organization and have 3 thrift stores to help cover their growing expenses for their humane center services. They are asking that Phoenix residents donate to their center. Luckily they have a pickup service but it is limited to a minimum amount.

This includes 6 large bags or boxes of items with at least one large piece of furniture. The items do need to be usable since they are being resold at a very low price. Nothing worn or torn as drivers will inspect all items that will be rejected if they don't meet acceptable levels. They also accept items that are brought into their store locations. Check their website for the addresses and further donating info.


What donations they take in: Books, mattresses and box springs, futons with or without mattresses, bed pillows, televisions, TV entertainment centers, electronics and appliances, office equipment and furniture, baby cribs, strollers, and car seats, propane and gas tanks with fuel, medical devices and equipment, building and construction equipment, pianos and organs, desks, dishwashers, and built-in microwaves

Their cause: To help provide employment and services to their Humane Center

Locations: Sunnyslope Campus, Mesa Thrift Store, Cave Creek Thrift Store

Pickup: Yes, but with a minimum amount required.

Accepted items: Almost anything used or not working


963 W Elliot Rd, Chandler, AZ 85225

St. Vincent De Paul Organization in Central Arizona | 602-266-HOPE (4673)

Another religious organization, St. Vincent De Paul “is dedicated to feeding, clothing, housing and healing individuals and families in our community.”

Last year they provided more than 1 million meals in their dining halls and delivered over 400,000 food boxes to needy families. They use the revenue from their thrift stores to fund programs that focus on homelessness prevention as well as medical care and dental clinics.


Their cause: Homelessness
Locations: Less than 10 across the Valley
Pickup: Free
Accepted Items: Almost anything


4745 N 7th St #210, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Big Brother Big Sisters Pickup in Phoenix | 602-230-8900

Big Brother Big Sister “provides children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.”

One of the ways BBBS raises money is by placing donated items in their partner thrift store, Savers.

While Big Bro/Sis has a significant impact on the lives of tons of kids their donation centers are scarce in the Valley. If you happen to live near one of their few centers, then this would be a great place to drop off old items.


Their cause: Mentorship
Locations: Only a handful
Pickup: Free
Accepted Items: Almost anything


3025 S 48th St #101, Tempe, AZ 85282

Teachers for Teachers Donation Center in Tempe |Single Location in AZ |Donation Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 9:30-4:30 Saturday: 8:30-3:30 | (480) 751-1122

Teachers for Teachers started out as a small garage shop and has grown into a superstore for teachers in the Tempe area.

Teachers are able to get supplies for their students and classrooms at super low rates thanks to donations.

T4T wants that “anyone who works closely with students to have access to a wide selection of materials, resources, and training that will enhance and expand the learning process.” As such they are typically looking for school-related items, such as folders, binders, writing utensils, paper. But they also need things like carpet squares, fabric, and other creative learning supplies (think empty ice cream tubs.) T4T has opened its own thrift store in Tempe where other donated items like household goods, clothes, and accessories can be purchased to raise money for more classroom supplies. If you're looking for other donation centers in Tempe, Arizona see our roundup here.


Their cause: Educational supplies
Locations: 1 in Tempe
Pickup: Free
Accepted Items: Household items, clothes, and accessories, furniture and toys.

Final Thoughts

In summary, you can’t go wrong with any of the donation centers on our list. If you're looking for the easiest route then Goodwill is the way to go, they have the most drop off locations so it should be pretty easy to find one. If you have large items, almost every one of these organization will come pick it up for free, just choose your cause. 

And remember all donated items qualify for a tax write off, just get a receipt and jot down the value of your stuff, then give it to your accountant at tax time. While it's hard to beat the standard federal tax deduction, but if you pay a mortgage chances are you'll qualify for an itemized deduction.

AZ Junk is a Great Choice for Donation Pickup

Brad's quote

Don’t let the term “junk removal” confuse you. We haul off junk, but that doesn’t mean we take everything we pick up straight to the landfill.

"Just because it’s junk doesn’t mean it’s trash"

"one man’s junk is another man’s treasure"

"beauty is in the eye of the beholder"...

And all that cliche stuff.

We know quoting phrases that lack original thought is not really our thing, but in this case, they’re spot on. Your old stuff can be new stuff to someone else.

We Love Our Community and Environment

Taking care of our environment is a huge priority at AZ Junk; we are anAZJunk-Recycle-Icon eco-friendly junk removal service. We know it's easier to simply drop it all off at the dump, but we feel we have a responsibility to our community to do better. We recycle or donate most all appliances and try to leave a little as possible in our landfills. It is our goal to donate or supply your unwanted items to a family that can use them. If you have old items you wish to be donated instead of dumped, AZ Junk can take care of it for you.

Many Items Need To Be Donated, Not Thrown Away

In fact, a lot of the things we pick up are not ready for the dump. Much of it is in good condition, it just doesn't fit in a person’s life anymore. People get rid of things all the time for reasons beyond it being total garbage. We just hauled away an old bedroom set from Arziona’s own, Rick D'amico – while it no longer matched there style, they were looking for another family who was more than happy to call it their own.

Stuff We Donate

Appliances to Donate

  • Refrigerator
  • Chest Freezer
  • Washer / Dryer
  • Stove
  • Microwave
  • BBQ Grill

Furniture to Donate

  • Couch / Sofa / Loveseat
  • Sleeper / Recliner
  • Coffee Table
  • Dining Room Table
  • Cabinet / Hutch
  • Bookcase
  • File Cabinet
  • Desk
  • Night Stand
  • Dresser

Other Items to Donate

  • Office Equipment
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Lawn Mower
  • Television
  • Computer
  • Bicycle
  • Pool Table
  • Clothing
  • Games
  • Toys

AZ Junk is Phoenix's Simple Donation Solution

We collect and donate tons of different items. Some of the most common items include refrigerators, stoves, dryers, furniture even clothes and toys.

We all know you’re never going to do anything with that old fridge. Or when you redecorate your bathroom we know you kept those old cabinets because they were just too nice to throw out. And when your aunt gave you a new couch you just didn’t have the room for your old one anymore.

donate items storage garage

For all of those parents out there, we know your kids have overflowing toy boxes full of things they have outgrown or just don’t play with anymore. It's time to clear that junk away and make room for their new electric guitar amp. When you’re ready AZ Junk has got you covered.

We’ll turn that junk into treasure.

Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that.


donate, pickup, recycle, single itmes

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