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One of the best parts of owning a washer and dryer is that you can enjoy having clean clothes anytime you like. But when these simple appliances start to fail and get old, they are as good as garbage unless they still have a warranty service. But who are you kidding, everyone knows that the day after the warranty expires- you can bet your machine will stop working soon enough. Now you can take your chances and get it repaired, or choose another alternative.

And actually, if you need to upgrade to a better washer and/or dryer, the advantages of newer machines will help save water, electricity, and usually storage space.

But, when it comes to a used appliance, you have a lot of choices for what you can do when it's time for getting rid of a washing machine.

But, when it comes to a used appliance, you have a lot of choices for what you can do when it's time for getting rid of a washing machine.

A washer or dryer is a bulky box that only does simple tasks unless you have a combo machine that can both wash and dry. The typical reason that these appliances are tossed out is that they aren't working correctly. It's a slim chance that most folks will upgrade to newer machines just because they're higher-efficiency, but not out of the question. If you decide it's time to get rid of your washer or dryer, here are some excellent options.

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How to get rid of a washing machine or Dryer

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1. Sell it online

Why not use some of that social media power to get the word out about your older appliances on all of the most popular media platforms.

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

There's no specific rule against advertising a sofa on Facebook if you're not being overly pushy about it. If you keep the post just among your friend's list or within a local range, this is a perfectly sensible way to sell a couch at a discount price or best offer.

Craigslist / eBay / LetGo

The wonderful thing about Craigslist is that this website is still up and running after all these years... This has options to post a sofa for trade, or for a flat-rate price. You have to be careful since many people on Craigslist usually want everything for free, so your ad must include concrete words such as $50 for a sofa, and no free delivery.

Tips for selling your washer/dryer

A picture says a thousand words but doesn't settle for poorly-made smartphone photos. Get a nice clean shot with plenty of light. The same applies to appearances and that means you should clean off and make your appliance shine as much as possible. Sure- it might be a junker but being transparent about what you're selling does matter. Mention what is and isn't functional and don't overplay your hand for what you can get for a broken washer.

It also pays to check around for similar models to get an idea of what your appliance is worth. Your chances of selling these kinds of appliances are much better if you do your research beforehand.

2. Recycling old appliances

Your washer and dryer are appliances that have a lot of metal that can be recycled. Not just the exterior housing, but all the interior parts likewise. This is where you'll need to look into transfer stations to get recycling services from the public works sector. Depending on where you're located in AZ, you can check with any of these Transfer Stations that handle appliances like washers and dryers.

3. Repurpose a Washer or Dryer

It's not exactly the first thing you're going to think about when your old washer conks out but many innovative upcycle ideas are possible. How about turning the washing drum into a coffee roaster or creative retro-style coffee table? Some take it to the extreme and turn their washing drum into a BBQ smoker or grill. The rounded glass window used as a door also makes a great porthole window for kids' rooms or doghouses.

The motors used for these machines can also be rebuilt and repurposed for hobby projects including belt grinders and polishing wheels.

free washer pickup in Phoenix, AZ

Washer and junk removal truck

If it comes down to giving up broken-down washers or dryers for free or nearly next to nothing, you do have options. It takes a bit of patience since you will always be at the mercy of the public works sector and local garbage services.

1. washer donation pickup

Donation centers around Phoenix are always a good idea to donate items that can go to others who are not always in a position for buying new appliances. The problem here is that donation centers are looking for working machines most of the time. If not, a donation center will have it repaired in-house or send it off to a recycling center if it cannot be fixed. If you choose a donation center, some of them will request that you bring in these items rather than pick them up in person.

And as far as a tax credit, they will need to be a participating QCO (Qualifying Charitable Organization) that will allow a tax credit. All of the big names like St. Vincent's, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity are good choices. There are some exceptions to what qualifies for a tax credit on donations however this AZ form package shares more info on QCOs and QFCOs.

2. phoenix Bulk trash washer pickup

Another option is waiting for that rare moment that happens each year for bulk trash pick-up from your home. You can also contact your local public works service and schedule a curbside pickup. This doesn't happen like magic, so you will need to play by their rules when they do tell you when you can put out old washers and dryers to be picked up for a fee. They will charge you a total of $30 for both a washer and a dryer.

How to tell when it's time to trash your washer

Old washer

Just like the expression goes, if you hear some rockin' don't come-a-knockin', or something like that... Well, that would make perfect sense if your washer or dryer is making funny noises. Leaking water from your washer is another huge sign you shouldn't use it anymore. This is where you need to upgrade and replace these appliances for the better. And there are many ideal reasons why this is a good idea.

Here's why:


New appliances

New appliances will give you a new warranty or perhaps an extended warranty if you purchase an extended warranty package. This reduces the chances of breakdowns and hidden fees that local repair shops can charge. Always choose a brand that will offer repair services that aren't overseas. Often, there are participating authorized repair centers that will honor warranty repairs right in your neck of the woods.


Better efficiency

Newer washing machines and dryers are designed to be energy-efficient and will have an energy rating guide listed on them. This will give you better electricity savings and with an exception can be tax deductible if you are using energy-saving electrical devices such as solar panels.


Space-saving reasons

Unlike the old days when washers and dryers took up a lot of space, the newer models are meant to be very ideal for being compact. On average, many washers are one-quarter smaller than previous models that were manufactured more than a decade earlier. This means that washing rooms and areas where this equipment goes will take up less space and make less noise than the clunkier models usually do.


Sitting around without reason

If you have old appliances that have been moved into a basement or perhaps into a storage shed or garage, these metal beasts usually take up excess space. One of the best ideas that you can count on- is calling AZ Junk Removal to schedule a washer or dryer pickup and removal. We offer an ethical solution that will find the best way to recycle your old washer/dryer units for the best.

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Can I dispose of my washing machine or dryer with my regular garbage pickup?

That depends on where you live, each town or waste management company is different. Some companies may accept large appliances like washing machines and dryers as part of regular garbage pickup, while others may require special arrangements. Others may have a special place where it’s your responsibility to bring and dispose of yourself.

Are there any fees for disposing of a washing machine or dryer?

Some waste management companies may charge a fee for the disposal of large appliances like washing machines and dryers, while others may include it as part of regular garbage pickup. You’re going to need to call and find out how your waste disposal company handles this.

Can I donate my washing machine or dryer?

Yes, you may be able to donate your washing machine or dryer to a local charity or non-profit organization. Or try going to a church or community center and ask them if there are families in need, this way you can be sure your appliances are going where they are really needed. Some organizations may offer pick-up services, while others may require you to transport the appliance to their location.

Can I sell my washing machine or dryer?

Yes, you can sell either if they’re in decent condition. Try using places like Craigslist or Ebay to see if anyone is interested. Sometimes a local secondhand store, or a used appliance store may be interested as well. If they are, they’ll usually do the pick-up too.

Is there a specific time frame for disposing of my washing machine or dryer?

That depends on what company you’re using. Often times waste management companies will designate a time for large items or certain types of debris will be picked up since the company will often need a different type of truck for larger items or garden debris. It is also best to do it in a timely manner to avoid creating an eyesore or potential hazard on your property.

Are there any safety concerns I should be aware of when disposing of a washing machine or dryer?

Yes, you hear the stories of kids playing and getting trapped in refrigerators and such by mistake. To be as safe as possible, it’s best to take of the lid or cover so nothing can accidentally get trapped inside. Also remove any loose parts and throw them in a bad and tape the bag to the machine. This way the parts are there when needed, but they won’t hurt anyone either.


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