Bagster Bag® Pickup Alternative

AZ Junk has Hauls Away Bagster Bags from Phoenix Homes.

Our goal is to provide a dependable alternative to WM Bagster Bag® pickup services. We will pick up any junk you can load in your bag; from any location on your property. Our lack of restrictions make us a trustworthy solution to issues Phoenix residence face when attempting to schedule a removal pickup of their Bagster!

More locations to serve you better.

Arizona Junk Removal is ready to serve you. If you live in the Phoenix area, we have a crew near you! Never any extra service call fees if you live in our service area.

Alternative Bagster® Pickup

Waste Management provides pickup services for their Bagster bag, unfortunately there are limitations. AZ Junk Removal we will pickup your Bagster bag from any location on your property, without size or weight restrictions. We will recycle or donate any items within your Bagster bag that can be salvaged!

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Bagster Bag ® Pickup Cost

Waste Management pick up their Bagster bag starting at $130 with several limitations. AZ Junk Removal will quickly come pickup your Bagster bag(s) starting at $150 with no limitations. If you feel you may have more than a standard size Bagster load, check out our pricing calculator to get a more accurate estimate. You can also see our detailed article which breaks down how junk haulers calculate pricing based on load size.

Why use Arizona Junk Removal?

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  • NO LIMITATIONS: We will pickup from your backyard, garage or driveway. Additionally we have no size or weight restrictions. If you bagged it we'll haul it. 
  • WE DONATE: We are happy to donate any items worthy of a new home.
  • WE RECYCLE: Instead of filling up landfills with valuable resources we separate items that can be recycled – doing our part in going green. 
  • INSURED: We are insured for more than a million dollars liability so our clients have peace of mind throughout the removal.

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If you have more than just a bag or two you're looking to have removed, see our other hauling and junk removal services.

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