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When you require a hands-on approach for property cleanup, we'll drop-off and pick-up a dumpster sized perfectly for your needs.

Are you really the best junk removal company in Phoenix, AZ? 

We’re glad you asked. Since we’re family owned and operated each clean up is handled by the owner, Brad Thomason, or his hand-selected crew. You’ll be happy to know our team is comprised of family and personal friends. When we arrive at your home or business you’ll be greeted and served by people with vested interest in the company and a commitment to customer satisfaction – not a non-interested hourly employee like the corporate junk removal companies. But don’t take our word for it, see reviews where hundreds of Phoenix residences talk about our residential and commercial junk remover services.


"These guys always do an excellent job, cautious, careful, and efficient. Used them before, used them today and will use them in a couple of weeks again!"


"At every stage, you'll be in the hands of someone with a vested interest in the company, not a disinterested hourly employee."

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Family owned and operated cleanup and removal pros.

AZ Junk Removal is a family business providing local hauling services to cities throughout Phoenix. Our with upfront pricing and personal service make us a great alternative to franchised disposal companies . Brad, owner of AZ Junk, is involved with every cleanup. At every stage, you'll be in the hands of someone with a vested interest in the company, not a disinterested hourly employee. We look forward to establishing ourselves as your lifetime solution to living clutter free! - "Because Life's Better Without Junk"

We believe in keeping it simple.

We’ve spent endless resources over the years to fine tune our entire process – from booking to pick up – we make it simple to move junk from your property.

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We’re not just a one trick pony.

We have a full toolbox to choose from: multiple trucks for same day service, to our Phoenix dumpster rental service, to heavy machinery for tearing down structures or loading large items like hot tubs, there’s no lack of options when it comes to ways to move junk. 

If you’re in need of commercial junk removal, residential clean-ups, complete property cleanouts, estate property clean up, backyard or garage removal, or even light demolition in Phoenix, we have the perfect solution. See more about the stuff we haul away and services.

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No matter your cleanup needs, we’ve got you covered. From time to time we all could use a complete cleansing. While we can’t help you on that Dr. Oz cleanse, we can haul away that clutter which may be bringing you down. 

From clearing out a backyard or garage to a full commercial trash-out, we can finish the job. We will take anything, in fact, there is not much we won’t haul off. You can count on us to haul off appliances, including dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines. We take care of furniture too, from banged up couches to unwanted mattresses. We’ve also cleaned out 100s of commercial facilities through Arizona, such as office spaces, retail centers, and even industrial locations.

Below is a breakdown of some of the most popular items we haul away.



Foreclosure Cleanout

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Foreclosures are a nasty business. First, you are emotionally and financially invested in a messy legal battle, then when it’s all said and done you’ll most likely be left with a huge mess to clean up. Former residents tend to leave a lot behind, and we’re not talking about some china or a collection of antique fishing lures. We mean, trash, broken furniture, ruined clothes dirty dishes, animal feces, you get the idea.

There’s nothing worse than finally getting your property back only to find it has been trashed. You can roll up your selves, spend a fortune on hazmat suits and billions of trash bags, or you could just take a step back and get some help. AZ Junk can handle any clean out, we even have our own personal stash of hazmat suits. Save yourself the emotional angst and let us clear out the property for you.

Estate Cleanout

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Cleaning out an estate is hard work. Not only are you dealing with grief over the loss of a loved one, but trying to sort through their long gathered possessions and make sense of it all can be a complicated process as well. Most of us tend to accumulate a lot of things over the years. It can be overwhelming and daunting to consider how to go about cleaning out the property of a loved one, not to mention the emotional state caused by going through such a task.

The best thing you can do to make the task more manageable is to get help. You can ask family and friends to help you sort through household documents and items. But many of the tasks such as moving hauling and loading items can require a lot more help. This is where AZ Junk can really lend a hand. We will focus on the cleanup and clearing out of the estate so you can focus on what matters most. Read more about our estate cleanout services in Phoenix.

Home Cleanout



Moving to a new home is exciting. But with all that excitement comes the reality of dealing with years of old stuff. Once you get into the real packing, you’re going to find yourself with a lot of junk you don’t want to haul to a new place. That’s why home cleanouts are such an essential resource to real estate agents. Homeowners are aware of what they leave behind and how that affects the resale of a home, but renters don’t tend to care what happens after they leave a place. They’ll just leave big piles of crap behind for someone else to deal with. Having a professional, quick, and reliable company to help with home cleanouts will save time and money.

Garage Cleanout


You already know what I’m going to say. Your garage is supposed to be for cars, it’s not a storage unit. But most likely you’re just like 99% of Americans and find yourself with boxes of stuff hogging up your garage space.  We have taken to using our garage as our own personal dump. But never fear, all you need to do is get your shit together, and you can take back your garage. Clean it out and then you can bask in the glory of a clutter-free space once again. That means clearing out everything you don’t need. Which, honestly, is going to be most of what you have in there. It’s a daunting task which means you’re gonna want to call in the big guns. That us. We’re the junk hauler you need on your side.

We will tackle your dump/garage with a vigor you can only imagine. We won’t judge either, I’m sure there is a perfectly good reason why you have 10 boxes full of Gilmore Girls VHS tapes. We’re not judging. I mean everyone likes Lauren Graham, right?  I know Billy Bob Thornton sure did.


We can clean out office and retail spaces as well. From complete trash-outs to office furniture teardowns, we have the experience and the insurance to work in tough situations like downtown Phoenix high-rises and storefronts. AZ Junk regularly works directly with realtors, building owners, and property managers as the preferred solution to all their hauling and cleanup problems. We can clean out office and retail spaces too. From complete trash-outs to office furniture teardowns, we have the experience and the insurance to work in tough situations like downtown Phoenix high-rises and storefronts. AZ Junk regularly works directly with realtors, building owners, and property managers as the preferred solution to all their hauling and cleanup problems.



Have you ever opened a drawer in an old desk and found it stuffed with ketchup packets? Or dozens of notebooks full of Fantasy Football stats? If you haven’t then you will eventually. It’s a sign of a common problem in the office environment … hoarding. Business owners like to pretend they pinch pennies, so they keep things around even if they don’t need them; stuff like broken furniture and equipment. Really really old office supplies like a Rolodex or some typewriter cleaner.

When it’s time to clear that junk out, to make some room for the new server your company actually needs, you’re going to need some professional help. Don’t take it personally, all hoarders need a little nudge in the right direction. Fortunately, we’ve dealt with this before. AZ Junk can help bring your office space into the 21st century.



Packing up a retail space may be the worst. Clothing, displays, products, hangers, yadi-yadi-yada, there is an endless list of things to deal with. It could take you weeks just to pack everything up that needs to be moved, then you’re left with massive amounts of crap you'll need hauled away. As the Ghostbusters put it, you’re left with a room full of nightmares.

Luckily, we don’t scare easily. So who you gonna call?



If you work in the industrial field, don’t feel like you’re all alone. You might have more tractors, crushers and cranes than us, but we have more experience with junk. And we know how to handle your junk no matter how big and powerful it is. We have the manpower and the permits to handle any big job. If you have a warehouse or factory full of disposable items, we'll haul off junk while you're away so you return to a renewed property.

Not only can we clear out anything, but we also work anywhere, we have cleaned out offices in high rises and warehouses. From a large corporate office to the smallest home office, there isn’t a job we haven’t done.


Appliances … their sole purpose is to facilitate the ease of domestic chores.  Mostly they do their jobs until incessant cryptic codes and errors start popping up. “PC load letter” what the f*** does that mean? Now you have to find a new dishwasher, her name is Dawn until you can find a replacement and get rid of the broken metal box monopolizing your kitchen.  Sadly, it’s not just dishwashers that let us down; stoves, ovens, washing machines, you can’t count on any of them. Luckily, when they fail you, you can extract your revenge quickly by calling us to pick them up and tear them to pieces (a recycling center will be happy to use the parts too).



The hardest thing to get rid of is a broken fridge. It seems simple enough. Toss it like you would any other old appliance, but refrigerators are tricky. They have a sneaky surprise inside that means you have a lot of work to do before you can toss it out. Federal law requires all refrigerants and chemicals be removed and disposed of properly before the shell and metal can be disposed of or recycled. That means you can’t haul it to the dump unless you’ve gotten rid of the chemicals inside first. But AZ Junk’s got your back. We will pick up and haul off the refrigerator ourselves, leaving you absolutely zero work to do. We do not take them to the dump, but instead, we see to it that every refrigerator is recycled according to state and federal law.

Air Conditioners


First, let’s be real, if you bought an old house the first thing you have to do is replace the HVAC system. The air condition is original and in piss poor shape. The a/c is basically a glorified fan whose best attribute is that it hasn’t set the entire house ablaze.  It’s a huge monstrosity that is too big and too heavy to move easily from the backyard to the gutter curb.  Alas, Phoenix, being the vacation home of the sun god himself, means we’ve had a lot of practice hauling off old a/c units.

It goes without saying that you are taking your life in your own hands if you go even one summer day without a viable air conditioner. Once it dies, you have to replace it fast. So what do you do with your old unit? Don’t do anything with it, call us and we’ll remove your old unit in a jiffy and make sure that it doesn’t go to waste.



The worst appliance in an old house is, without a doubt, the dishwasher. The grime and slime of someone else’s food boogers is disgusting to behold, not to mention to smell. One of life’s great mysteries is how mankind accomplished anything before dishwashers. There is clearly not enough time in the day to wash and dry everything by hand. I’m sure your wife is sick of washing the dishes, so get a new dishwasher ASAP. When you have replaced the vile contraption, call AZ Junk, and we will take it far far away, where it will never inflict its gruesomeness on another soul. That means we’ll take it on a little trip to the recycling plant, where it will be torn up and turned into something new and shiny.

Washer and Dryer


The next thing your family is going to need is a new laundry room.  Laundry is the bane of every mother’s existence. There is no logical explanation for the mounds of laundry that pile up every week. If scientists were to study the anatomy of a teen’s wardrobe, their findings would horrify the world and change everything we know about intelligent lifeforms.

An old, used washer is fine for a little while, but with the Leaning Tower of Laundry waiting to be washed, your archaic machine is a waste of money and resources. You live in the desert, get a water efficient machine already. Unfortunately, when you do get a new washer, a lot of dealers won’t take your old machine, so it’ll be up to you to get rid of it. Don’t be discouraged, AZ Junk will swipe it up and haul it off before you know it.

Hot Tub


Hot tubs are both the bane of my existence and the only pure joy I find in life. Soaking in a hot sauna on a rare cold Phoenix night is utopia, but the apocalypse is always looming, the dreaded broken pump.  You can try to fix it with epoxy … then maybe a layer of plumber’s putty, flowed by some electrical tape and a round of flex tape. Then, wrap some old towels around that, and add one final layer of duct tape….that’ll fix it.  Then the heater will stop working followed by the jets and everything else until you have large fiberglass crap box hogging up your backyard. It’s time to cut the aprons strings and get rid of it.  Luckily, we know just how to handle it.



Eventually, you’ll get to the end of your kitchen remodel and find yourself with an old, mustard yellow, stove with 3 rusted out wire burners. Actual wire burners. So pick yourself up a nice stove/oven combo and swap out the mustard cooker.  Usually it a pretty simple swap, the only real issue is taking care of the old one. With AZ Junk it’s a simple phone call, and then it’s out.



Working on the outside of your house can be just as difficult as dealing with the interior. Landscaping has turned into such a burden, once it was a leisure activity, but now we all work 60 hours a week and just need the damn yard mowed. While lawnmowers usually last a long time, they will eventually give out. Don’t store them in your garage, it doesn’t need to become the burial ground for broken landscaping tools.  AZ junk can haul off as many broken tools or scraps as you can collect. We won’t just give them a ride to the landfill either. We’ll make sure it gets recycled into something useful.

Water Heater


The most dreaded appliance upgrade is undoubtedly the water heater. It’s one of the worst to replace, but it’s also one of the most important. If your water heater rumbles, leaks, or is more than 10 years old, it is on the verge of collapse. Having an energy efficient water heater is really important so you need to bite the bullet and upgrade. There are a few pieces of good news when it comes to upgrading your water heater; first, it seems like every day there is a new, more efficient water heater being sold, some will even get you a tax break. Second, when you have your new water heater installed, you don’t have to figure out what to do with your old one. That’s what we are here for.


Did you know when you see images of broken furniture in your dreams it represents how you feel about relationships in your life? How you interact with your family and friends, and how much burden of responsibility you feel in maintaining those relationships? Yeah, we think that’s voodoo nonsense too. Broken furniture in your dreams means it’s time for you to get rid of your broken La-Z-Boy, your duct-taped IKEA table, and your splintered bookshelf, which is currently being propped up with bricks.  Whether it’s time to start adulting by replacing your futon and your particle board bookshelf with a real bed and an all wood bookcase or it’s just one odd piece we can swoop in and take it all off your hands.



One of the most common things to get rid of is an old mattress. Many places won’t accept them as a donation anymore. Which leaves you with few options, you can throw it out for bulk trash pick up, but then you contribute to many our ever growing problems in our landfills.

A wiser man would call AZ Junk to have it hauled away. Why is AZ Junk a better option, you wonder? Because we know how to dispose of a mattress properly. We have connections to recycling centers all across the Valley, where over 90% of the mattress can be recycled. They will dismantle the mattress and recycle the individual parts…Once the mattress has been stripped down, the wood can be recycled into landscaping material, the foam can be used as padding or insulation, and the metal springs are easily recycled. Basically, everything but the mattress covering can be recycled. Speaking of stripping things down…



Your couch is your best friend. You eat there, nap there, bone there, veg out there, let your drunk friends passed out there. That means it’s covered in crumbs, drool, fart stains, and after all of those “Netflix and chill” sessions there’s probably some seaman left hanging out there too. Actually, it’s pretty damn gross. But don’t worry, we pass no judgment. Who of us hasn’t had a quicky during the commercial break of Big Bang Theory? Give us a call and we’ll haul that repulsive “love” seat off with no one the wiser.


Cities across the Valley are cutting back on bulk trash pickups in Phoenix. Some have limited its residents to just two pickups a year, making cleaning up a hassle. Not only are they few and far between, but the list of unacceptable items is also getting longer every day. Eventually, the only thing bulk trash will be able to pick up is your annual Christmas Tree -- pre-shredded of course.

With the lack of services, you might be second-guessing your decluttering project. But there are better alternatives to bulk trash. Unlike city-sponsored pickups, AZ Junk won’t make you haul everything out the curb on your own. You can if you really want the extra points on your Fitbit, but you can just tell us what needs to go and we’ll take it out for you. Also, there are no “Lists.” There isn’t a hidden list of no-no items in the fine print, if you don’t want it anymore we’ll take it off your hands. Even with our garbage disposal services, If we can donate or recycle it, we will. 


Avoid bait-and-switch tactics with upfront pricing. We know your time is valuable, so you'll find our pricing calculator right here on the front page. You can be confident that the affordable flat-rate price you see, is the price you'll pay – no hidden fees, no overage charges – just actual low prices.

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Recycle & Dontate

We are the environmentally friendly solution to getting junk removed.

While we’re not out hugging trees, we believe in recycling and donating. Because of this we are proactive in sorting your unwanted furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics, scrap metal, etc. from everyday bulk trash and items destined for the landfill – just like sorting garbage from recyclables for the Blue Bin – you can rest assured that when you call on AZ Junk Removal you’re making a choice to hire a junk pick up company that has ties with Phoenix scrap metal yards and donation centers. 

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While we offer same day pickup service throughout the entire Phoenix valley, we prioritize our schedule by cities in our closest proximity.  

Top Rated Trash Removal Experts in Waddell, Arizona

AZ Junk Removal is located in Waddell, Arizona. From Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport get on 1-10 W. Then head east on Sky Harbor Blvd, use the left lane to stay on E Sky Harbor Blvd.  Use the left lane to merge onto 1-10 W via ramp to Downtown/Phoenix/AZ-51/AZ-202 Loop. Continue on 1-10 W to W Northern Ave. Take exit 110A from AZ-303 Loop N/Arizona State Rte 303 N. After 23.3 mi. take exit 124A to merge onto AZ-303 Loop N/Arizona State Rte 303 N, after 6 mi. take exit 110A for Northern Ave. Continue on W Northern Ave.  for 1.3 mi. Then turn left onto N 177th Ave and destination will be on the right.

Were open Monday-Friday 7:00 – 18:00, and Saturday 8:00 – 15:00 See our reviews on Yelp!.

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