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About Our Phoenix Estate Cleanouts

We've heard of estate cleanouts, but many times this is confused with property cleanouts. The fact is that these are the same action that occurs after the recent passing of someone who owns a property or home. It's also the action by the owners of a property who wants to downsize or clear out space that is being taken up with excessive amounts of clutter or junk. When we hear the word estate, it doesn't always mean that a property is large by any means.

Aside from the portion of items from that property, that need to be removed for various reasons, estate clean outs can also take place in storage rentals and locations where items of an estate are being stored. After years and years of accumulated junk and clutter, this can cause a lot of stress when it comes as a result of a recent death in the family. This makes it hard to focus on the task to organize an estate cleanout, yet, we do like to offer our best advice.


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Why AZ Junk is A Good option for dealing with estate cleanouts

We understand this can be a traumatic time if other issues have recently developed. It can also be a daunting task to start to go through these items to search for relative items that are important or items that you wish to hold onto. Yet, let's face it, some elements that have been collected for years or perhaps decades can be simply- junk. In a practical sense, much of this junk is easy to spot and easy to clean out.

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What makes the process more involved are the infinite layers of junk stacked with boxes that contain documents or paperwork. Thankfully, AZ Junk has many years of experience handling various types of estate cleanouts in Scottsdale and throughout Phoenix as well as helping seniors downsize their estates to move into smaller living spaces.

We are creative at moving all sorts of odd-shaped items and loading them into our trucks; space is maximized to ensure that everything that you need is removed right away. 

Even if you can't sort everything that couldn't be accessed because it was blocked or stored inside cabinets trapped behind piles of junk, we can remove these items at your request so you can go through them. These items can perhaps be a second scheduled pickup to give you enough time to determine what to keep and what to toss. If you'd like, we'll donate items that can be donated and recycle just the same. We have relationships with several donation centers and recycling plants throughout the greater Phoenix area.

How Much Does Estate Cleanout Cost in Phoenix?

AZ Junk Removal offers home estate cleanout services in Phoenix for flat rates based on load size. This provides a prefect upfront pricing structure to estimate the cost of having an estate property cleaned up for you. See our current pricing below.

SMALL Truck Load

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What's included

We'll take a small load of junk from your residence or commercial space and dispose of properly. Price range is $149-$294 for this service depending on weight and location of the items to be removed. Volume is equivalent to 1-2 full-size pickup truck loads or 2-6 cubic yards. Includes transportation, disposal fees and up to 1/2hr labor loading.

We will try to donate & recycle as much as possible.

Even if you thought that the junk that you do want to remove right away is going to need a lot of truck space, think again. We have years of working to conserve truck storage space and will pack items away using practical experience in stacking and packing these items. In the end, you don't pay more than you need to as the price for the space used for estate cleanouts is according to how much of the truck is physically filled.

Looking for a DIY solution to cleaning out your loved ones estate?
See our dumpster rentals for estate cleanouts here.

How it works

Long before you need to call for a scheduled pickup, it's important to know that an estate cleanout does need some organizing. This is always better handled by asking friends and family to start some basic organizing. This is so you can locate items that will need to be sorted and set aside if they have a special meaning to you. This always includes antiques and heirlooms that stay in the family. Once you've decided what items you'll be keeping we'll come out and haul away all furniture, appliances, including providing a complete cleanout of garage, attic spaces, and the backyard.

How Estate Cleanouts Works in Phoenix

AZ Junk Removal's Tips For Estate Cleanouts

We haven't forgotten that sudden tragedy or death in the family is sad and can often bring out harsh emotions in family members. During the planning of your Phoenix estate cleanup, it's never an easy task to plan this with others when many different voices are all speaking at once. If there was a great tip list that can make estate cleanup go easier, we would like to think that we have the best approach to helpful advice that you might like to hear.

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Important papers

The loss of a loved one or the passing of a parent that still lives in a family home will likely have many important documents and papers that are needed for insurance or banking reasons. These aren't limited to photo books and collections of pictures that are part of family history. Anything that is used as a record of something, whether or not it's used for finances or insurance, should be saved as soon as possible. There can be vital documents that include hand-written 'Last Will' drafts or letters of intent.

Be careful selecting items to sell

Some families will decide to sell off certain items if they feel they have some value to them when sold for immediate financial needs. This means that some items are sold online through Craigslist or on personal selling hubs like eBay. But there is a big secret that most people don't realize that relates directly to what these items are currently worth. This is why it's always a good idea to make some research beforehand to see what an item is worth so you can set an attractive price on immediate sales.

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Separate everything beforehand

It can be a pain to go through every last piece of paper and old item that is stored inside file cabinets and boxes. Many of these items might not have been easy to get to if they were stored in a basement, attic, or storage unit for several years. This can also make it hard to locate these items if they're stored inside old cabinets and wooden drawers that are usually filled to the brim and are more than often packed into spaces that aren't easy to get to. Should you be dealing with a property that has been neglected and is overrun with clutter we are experienced with providing help for properties like this.

Keep a level head

There are indeed plenty of ambulance chasers in this world, so chances are there are going to be many unscrupulous estate scavengers that will come to your door if they hear about an estate sale. They'll be looking for rare books and antiques that you might not want to sell. Worse yet, there can be any number of people looking to sort through your junk under the guise of helping. During this time, you want to keep your senses and plan carefully how you decide to have access to junk or family memories.

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