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If you've recently read our local news on Canyon Trails and many other updates within Maricopa County's Goodyear, you might have noticed an interesting connection. It's an expansion that is giving even more life to Citrus Park and a growing community to boot. Let's dive into some of the latest highlights that are making familiar waves that might raise some eyebrows.

Landsea Homes acquires new site for more suburban developments

Citrus Park aerial view

Stashed neatly between Goodyear and Buckeye, Citrus Park is actually (and quite technically) within the Glendale city limits. Now to give you an idea where Citrus Park is located, it's just a stone's throw from Luke Air Force Base. And before you start to say, Hey wait a minute... Let's not confuse the new property that Landsea Homes is developing.

Ironic as it sounds, Citrus Park also has a separate community planned just below the I-10 in Goodyear!

Located right at S. 183rd Avenue and Citrus Road (oh that's where they got the name citrus from...) and snuggled up against Shield RV and Boat Storage. But before you start to utter- Nice- Let's get that onto a tray, it's not quite ready just yet. And no matter how you slice this little property up, it's still the new property that will be called Citrus Park. And it's not the only big expansion that Landsea Homes has been busy with, over the last few years. More on that later in this article...

It's still an empty plot of land that measures just over 900 x 500 meters and will be the newest location for three new residential developments. The property company is further boasting that this empty plot that is reserved to become Citrus Park has 45 acres. One acre is 209 feet by 209 feet which is roughly 63 x 63 meters. Considering that residential properties commonly place 5 to 6 houses on a single acre, Landsea Homes will cleverly place about 8-9 homes on a single acre!

This is exactly what they did on their Centerra residential plan in Goodyear, which is still cozy enough to have a front and back yard for each home. And speaking of cozy, the new Citrus Park development will also feature three distinct neighborhoods to choose from. Additionally, it'll centerpiece a collective of 616 homes within three zones, complete with a 5-acre community park within the center. It'll further include an aquatic center, children's pool, and outdoor sports like basketball courts and other additions.

Residential Developments


This themed section called Mandarin will feature 4 different floorplans for homes that range in size from 3-5 bedrooms. All kitchens will be designed to include gourmet cooking setups and each home will have Smarthome technology. Each home in this section will include at least 2,300 square feet of living space.


This area is designed more for flexible living within the Valencia layout and offers homes that range from single to 2-story homes. This home layout is a bit different and allows new homeowners to customize rooms into home theaters or gym workout areas. These homes are slightly larger with living space ranging from 1,700 to 2,800 square feet of living space. Bedrooms will also include 3-5 rooms per home.


The largest offering at Citrus Park is the Harvest-themed homes with 3-5 bedrooms but with impressive living space up to 2,100 to 3,700 square feet per home. It's dedicated to bigger families and has 3-car garages and covered patios that will come in handy on those hot summer days.

Smart home designs in every home

Smart homes in Citrus Park in Goodyear AZ

It seems that Landsea Homes have adapted to a model for every home that combines technology to meet the latest level of technological needs. They have partnered with Apple to give home automation through interactive smartphone app control. This allows homeowners to control nearly every device in and around their home using smart controls. It also includes GEO Fencing that is activated anytime you enter or leave your home to preset levels.

Who Are These Homes Marketed To?

Citrus Park residents illustration

What we can tell you is that new residents will likely be newcomers to Arizona that are coming from all over the US. Many new residents will be drawn to Goodyear because of the new businesses and opportunities that Phoenix offers. More importantly, an expansion of current business that is centered within Goodyear, is a growing sign that small business is certainly booming! While we probably won't see many new residents that were recently fired from Twitter, ex-Californians will certainly be avid buyers.

Heck, with all of the new tech companies that are currently springing up around Maricopa County there could eventually be a chance that Twitter headquarters could move to Goodyear! It seems that Kari Lake has already sent the invite to Elon Musk which could be a huge tax incentive for Twitter and further broaden a diverse community that actually likes to work hard! Speaking of working hard, Landsea Homes is hard at work making new residential homes a reality.

With an impressive portfolio of homes that have already been created by Landsea Homes Corporation (LSEA), they are actually a California-based property development company. They have completed projects in Arizona, Texas, and Florida among other highly anticipated projects that are all labeled Live Your Element' of high-performance style homes. You'll find these homes located in Centerra in Goodyear, Bentridge in Buckeye, and North Copper Canyon in Surprise.

And while the homes are appealing to the younger generation that likes to live healthier and feature cost-effective sustainability features in each home, these homes come at an affordable cost. On average of $390K to $540K just in Goodyear alone! Try finding new Smarthomes for sale anywhere else that are appealing and affordable? Construction is set to start sometime soon at Citrus Park and already has the groundwork layout in place.

As long as typical accidents don't get in the way (like this recent one), that happened no more than a minute drive up the road. It is literally right at the corner of Citrus and Yuma, Citrus Park should be completed sometime in 2023 or early 2024. We'll certainly keep a close update for anything new that pops up as this addition to Goodyear. For more on us, AZ Junk Removal, and our services we've provided to the Citrus Park community and Goodyear, Arizona see our page here.

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