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Palm Valley Arizona golf club

We all know that the most common thing everyone hears about Palm Valley in Goodyear, Arizona is their premium golf club lifestyle. It’s also no secret that the Eagle’s Nest Golf Club is right smack dab at the center of Palm Valley. With that in mind, how has this community embraced the expansion of new businesses that help support local employment and commerce? To answer that question, we’re taking a slightly different approach to telling you about this news story in Goodyear. 

Not that we're against golfing, in fact- it's one of the more civilized sports that inspire commerce and creates businesses through relaxed conversations that take place on the putting green. But also keep in mind that Pebble Creek, which adjoins Eagle's Nest, is also home to another golf course- Tuscany Falls. And with Pebble Creek being one of the few upscale retirement communities in Palm Valley, why would new business be a bad thing to scoff about?

Residential Concerns Over McDonald’s

New McDonald’s in Palm Valley Arizona

No more than a stone’s throw from Eagle Nest Golf Club at the corner of Indian School Road and Sarival Avenue, there is one plot of property that is finally getting a makeover. In a move that was approved by the Goodyear city council, this 10-acre empty plot will be the new home of a self-storage facility and a new McDonald’s drive-thru. Despite the approval, residents who will be no more than 500 feet from the iconic fast-food chain were obviously upset.

Citing everything from noise and light pollution to traffic congestion, angry residents of Pebble Creek voiced their concerns. They aren’t very happy with the prospect that the smell of French fry grease and burgers will fill the air either. As this argument was mainly voiced as a “Quality of Life” infringement, residents further argued that it could lead to an uptick in crime that is drawn to the retirement community.

However, there is no immediate cause for alarm as the McDonald’s franchisee “Darian Mellon” presented his commitment to the community- that it would not be a concern. The drive-thru itself would only operate from 5am to midnight. Additional scrubbers for exhaust ventilation would reduce odors and exterior lights would be dimmed after 10pm. Only time will tell if there are future issues that come from the grand opening sometime this year.

 New Businesses in Palm Valley

W. McDowell Road

One of the busier strips in Goodyear that runs nearly parallel to the Papago freeway is W. McDowell Road. This road also borders the southern edge of Palm Valley and is home to many eateries and stores between N. Bullard Avenue and Litchfield Road.

Among the newest approved eateries and shops that will open along this road include McAlister’s Deli and Jamba, Ocho Rios Jerk Spot, Roll-Em-Up Taquitos, Bikini Beans Coffee, and Potato Barn.

New healthcare facilities including Ironwood Cancer & Research will also open in late 2023 to serve oncology, chemotherapy, and diagnostic imaging for retired folks living in Palm Valley. Yet one of the more ambitious projects that are helping Palm Valley residents even further will help reclaim and supply valuable water.

Palm Water Recycling Facility

Practically right across the street from Barnes and Noble on McDowell Road is a project that is entering its second phase in none other than the Palm Water Recycling Facility. This high-tech water reclamation is capable of scrubbing and reclaiming local wastewater with an output of 5.8 million gallons per day. This facility also serves more than 30,000 homes in the immediate area. While this facility isn’t new, it underwent a new contract change recently.

The company Consolidated Water was awarded a contract in 2022, to create a new WRF (water reclamation facility) for the city of Goodyear exclusively for Liberty Utilities. Not only will this assist in the recycling and reclamation of precious water in this region, but it's also helping to expand commercial and residential growth. We're happy that technology and innovation are making it possible to keep the West Valley a little bit more livable - which we're all for, just call us the Goodyear cleanup crew.

What’s next for Palm Valley?

Palm Valley business area development

Many more new businesses are now under construction in Goodyear and Palm Valley and are adding a diverse range of services and eateries. We’ll be keeping a close eye on what’s hot and what’s not in the next update. You can get a great sneak peek of these new businesses and the services they’ll offer here. Until then, we’ll do our best to cover (and uncover) some of the more interesting news and growth that’s been happening recently.

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