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In this review, we're going to focus on everything you need to know about Waste Management's (WM) dumpster rental service. We aim to give you the low-down on what you can expect, from regulations to pricing, and everything in between.

When it comes to disposing of unwanted clutter and junk, there are endless removal options, from Bagster, junk removal services, bulk trash pickups, to renting dumpsters. Navigating through all the options can be confusing to find the best option for your needs without overpaying or ending up getting hit with a bunch of additional fees due to overloading or violation of various terms set by various options. 

Let's jump in and lift the lid on WM dumpster rental to uncover what you need to know.

About Waste Management's Dumpster Rentals

WM call-and-haul service

Waste Management's service essentially operates as a call-and-haul service.

 After contacting them, they deliver a dumpster to your location, where it can be filled with your junk. Once the dumpster is full or your rental period is up, Waste Management comes out to pickup the dumpster and dispose of your stuff.

The convenience of having someone drop off a dumpster at your home and pick it up when you're done is great, but it does come with a hefty price tag, possible additional fees, and limitations.

But, let's take a detailed look at all the aspects of renting a roll off dumpster from Waste Management in Phoenix and how it compares to renting a dumpster from a private company like ours.

WM Dumpster Bin Sizes

WM dumpster truck

When it comes to renting a dumpster, size really does matter. The most common dumpster rental size is a 15-yard dumpster.

WM offers a variety of sizes, depending on where you live, the smallest dumpster you can rent from WM will be a 3-yard, 10-yard or 12-yard dumpster. For Phoenix, AZ the smallest size usually available is a 12-yard dumpster.

WM's largest dumpster for rent is a 40-yard dumpster. A 40-yard dumpster however is usually reserved for commercial cleanup projects as it is around 22' Long by 8' Wide by 8' High.

Now, while Waste Management provides renters with a broad range of options, it can often lead to confusion and, worse, renters paying for space they don't use.

Say goodbye to hidden fees and unexpected charges. Embrace a straightforward, cost-effective approach to waste management. With AZ Junk Removal, you only pay for what you need. Ready to schedule your dumpster rental drop-off? Click below to book your dumpster today and experience the AZ Junk difference.

Here, at AZ Junk Removal Dumpsters, we simplify this process by offering three of the most popular sizes for residential rentals: 10-yard, 15-yard, and 20-yard dumpsters. These bin sizes are designed to meet the majority of needs, from small home cleanouts to larger renovation projects.

Our 10-yard roll off dumpster is comparable to 4 pickup truck loads, the 15-yard to 6 pickup truck loads, and the 20-yard to 8 pickup truck loads.

This straightforward approach allows renters to choose more confidently and avoid paying for unnecessary space.

WM Customer Service

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, larger corporations like WM often lack a level of personal touch. Communication can be a hassle when it comes to dealing with automated machines instead of a real person, long wait times, and transfers between departments for simple inquiries.

WM Dumpster Rental Regulations & Limitations

WM-Dumpster unacceptable Items

WM has several regulations about what can and cannot be disposed of in their dumpsters. There list of unacceptable Items are things like; batteries, appliances, some electronics, dirt, etc. It's essential to check their full list of prohibited items to avoid unexpected fines or penalties.

As for the rental duration, WM’s standard rental period is usually ten days, and any extension beyond this period incurs additional daily charges. This can be particularly inconvenient for projects that take longer than expected.

Another detail to be aware of is the weight restriction. WM dumpsters come with a specified maximum weight limit, and exceeding this limit can result in hefty overage charges. These weight limits are not always explicitly communicated, resulting in unexpected additional costs.

The service provided by Waste Management (WM) includes pickup, but hidden within the fine print are additional charges that renters must be wary of. For instance, if the dumpster is not easily accessible at the time of pickup, renters may face an extra fee. Similarly, if the dumpster is overloaded or contains prohibited items, the pickup and disposal process becomes more challenging, and WM is likely to charge additional fees for these reasons.

In contrast, AZ Junk Removal has a transparent pricing structure with no hidden charges, any additional fees for overloaded dumpsters is upfront and transparent. Our pickup service is included in the rental price, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our users. We aim to keep our services straightforward and our pricing fair, plus, we're totally flexible to provide a custom solution to meet any unique situations - just give us a call and we'll discuss a plan that works best for you and your cleanup project.

WM Pricing

citizen throwing junk in WM dumpster

Now, let's get down to the brass tacks.

Pricing is usually the deal breaker for homeowners considering a short term dumpster rental from Waste Management. WM charges around $700 for only two days on a 12-yard dumpster, which is significantly higher than most other dumpster rental companies charge.

screenshot of checkout page for dumpster rental on wm's website

Screenshot of checkout page on WM's website for a four day rental of a 12-yard roll-off dumpster bin.

But wait, there's more.

This price tag does not include certain fees that can pop up later, such as fuel charges, environmental fees, and of course, any potential overage charges.

If you're in need of a dumpster for only a few days, Waste Management may not be the most cost-effective choice. Despite their reputable name, their charging model is structured in such a way that you're required to pay for a standard rental period of 10 days, even if you only need the dumpster for two or three days. This means that you could be paying for a week's worth of rental time that you simply do not need, making it a less than ideal option for short-term rentals.

In the end, WM's dumpster rental services are best for long term, large bin rentals - usually geared towards commercial property cleanups.

AZ Junk Removal's Dumpster Rental Pricing

AZ-Junk-Removals-Dumpster truck

AZ Junk Removal offers the same dumpster sizes at a fraction of the cost. Let's dive into specifics.

  • A 10-yard dumpster from AZ Junk Removal, which can hold up to 4 pickup truck loads of waste, is priced at just $349 for 4 days.

  • Moving up the size ladder, the 15-yard dumpster, capable of holding about 6 pickup truck loads is a mere $399 for 4 days.

  • The 20-yard dumpster, which can accommodate approximately 8 pickup truck loads, costs only $449 for 4 days.

Additional weight is only $0.04 per lb, meaning if you do exceed the weight limit for your dumpster size you don't need to sweat getting hit with a huge addon when it comes to paying the tab.

Our dumpster bin rental pricing is straight forward and transparent -- it's clear who the winner is when it comes to offering value for money. At AZ Junk Removal we don't just deliver a dumpster; we deliver a service – friendly, professional, and dedicated to customer satisfaction. With over 600 customer Google Reviews, we're not just tooting our own horn.

Our pricing is transparent and all-inclusive. For instance, renting a 10 yard dumpster for four days only costs $349. That's almost half of what you'd pay for a two-day rental from WM.

As previously discussed, we can accommodate for your unique cleanup needs by offering a flexible approach to pricing when you need something outside of our standard rental options. And hey, if you need help loading, we can do that too as part of our standard junk removal services.

Our dumpster rentals default options are available for as little as 24 hours, up to 7 days with the option to add additional days for just $25 per day. If you desire a custom rental period, just contact us and we'll provide you a flat rate for a temporary roll off dumpster rental. With our rentals you only pay for the time you need, instead of being locked into a lengthy rental period when you may only need them for a day or two.

At AZ Junk Removal we offer more flexibility when it comes to rental periods, and our dumpsters are designed to handle a wide range of waste materials, making them a more user-friendly and cost-effective option.

Rent a Dumpster from AZ Junk Removal for Hassel Free Dropoff & Pickup in Phoenix, AZ...


When it comes to waste management dumpster rentals, AZ Junk Removal offers a more affordable, flexible, and transparent service compared to WM. So, if you're on the hunt for a dumpster rental, consider ditching the corporate giants and choosing a service that puts the customer first.

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