5 Things to Know About Illegal Dumping & Bulk Trash in Phoenix


Breaking Down the Laws of the Land

Whether you’re a AZ newbie, or have lived here your whole life, it’s important to understand Phoenix’s laws for trash collection, garbage pickup, and illegal dumping, as there can be serious penalties for any misconduct.

Here at AZ Junk we like to keep our reading entertaining, however,  sometimes we need to cover topics that are less than interesting but necessary nonetheless.  With that being said...

According to the Phoenix Public Works Department, “bulk trash” refers to objects that are too large to discard in a normal garbage or recycling container, such as furniture and large appliances. Bulk trash collection only occurs four times a year, as opposed to the regular garbage and recycling collection days, which occur once a week. However, since large and bulky objects are disposed of on these days, some people take this opportunity to illegally dump items that are not allowed.

Here is a more specific breakdown of Phoenix’s regulations and procedures surrounding all things garbage!


5 Key Takeaways from Phoenix Laws & Sautes

  1. Citizens of Phoenix are encouraged to report any and all suspicious activity during this time of year.
    In order to nip bad behavior in the bud, Phoenix encourages its residence to support any suspicious activity they may see to Crime Stop at 602-262-6151 or to the Public Works office at 602-262-7251 (you can, of course, always call 911 for emergencies). Rest assured that all information you give will be held confidential, and you can always ask to remain anonymous if you feel uncomfortable revealing your identity.
  2. When you call to report any illegal dumping, it is best to include the following information.
    If you are able to, the Phoenix Public Works Department encourages anyone who witnesses illegal dumping to call with the following details:- directions to the location of the site of the crime- a description of the size, shape, and other visual aspects of the dumped object- the date at which the dumping is thought to have occurred-descriptions of any vehicles or individuals that could be related to the dumping incident- the name and contact information of the owner of the property at which the object was dumped.
  3. Bulk trash can be placed out for collection nine days prior to the collection date, no earlier.
    This is an effort to cut down on illegal dumping as well as to keep sidewalks and streets as clear and healthy as possible. Excessive garbage can attract rodents, insects, and other vermin, as well as allowing for the growth of bacteria and mold.The city sends out notices when it’s time to start placing your bulk trash out, so be sure to keep your eyes open.
  4. Illegal dumping – also sometimes called wildcat dumping, open dumping, or midnight dumping – is defined by the Phoenix Public Works Department of disposing trash at a location where that trash was not generated without permission.
    When bulk trash collection season starts, some people see it as opportunities to surreptitiously place their own garbage bags filled with illegal paraphernalia (or even legal objects like appliances or yard waste) with an unsuspecting resident’s collection of bulk trash.Illegal dumping can also occur throughout the year via disposal of such garbage in alleyways, vacant lots, or dumpsters.Unfortunately,  some people take advantage of bulk trash collection time to increase illegal dumping activity. Approved bulk trash disposal locations across Arizona include landfills and waste transfer stations and, of course, waiting for bulk trash cleanup season to come around.
  5. You might not realize it, but illegal dumping is a crime that is taken very seriously by authorities.
    Not only is it unsightly and inconsiderate, but it is in fact a class two misdemeanor, according to the A.R.S. Section 49-791.Depending on the size and contents of the dump, fines can be as high as $15,000 or more for a single illegal dumping violation – not counting other possible penalties if the contents of the illegal dump include any illegally obtained or disallowed objects.

If you have any questions or concerns about the above policies, or if you’re looking to get clarification about any point, feel free to contact your local law enforcement agency or the Phoenix Public Works Department directly. Phoenix strives to keep its neighborhoods both healthy and clean, so having everyone’s support and cooperation is crucial to the success of the bulk trash collection procedure. If you see anything that looks suspicious, don’t forget to report it right away!

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