20 Yard Dumpster Rental

The final entry into dumpster rentals is the amazing 20-yard dumpster that is beneficial for big extensive projects. This size category is best suited for those projects that require the maximum amount of space needed for jobs requiring big overhauls and mass waste removal. When multiple projects are taking place, you'll want to know that 20-yarders are a professional choice for construction jobs and multi-room cleanouts.

What Fits in a 20-Yard Dumpster?

It’s good to know that a standard 20-yard container will be abler to handle 10-12 pickup truck loads of materials on average.

comparing 20-yard dumpster to full size truck

7 Full Size Truck Beds

comparing 15 yard dumpster to pickup trucks

15 Pickup Trucks

comparing trash bins to 15 yard dumpster bin

21 Trash Bins

The advantage is that a single container will remove all this material without ever needing to take that many personal truckload trips at your own expense. If you can imagine, this is worth a whopping 21 conventional garbage cans filled with stuff that goes into a single dumpster.

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Essentially, it has enough space to handle almost anything on your property including complete furniture remodels clear-outs, and entire landscaping makeovers. You'll want to review some best practice tips for loading to get the most out of your rental.  With outstanding interior dimensions that handle a lot, you also need to know that this container will need plenty of space where it’s dropped off. Additionally, any 20-yard container also needs driveway protection to reduce the risk of driveway cracks caused by so much added weight.

This is why it makes it suitable for property drop-off and pick-up where flat soil is present. Construction projects, or other commercial cleanups are ideal for this larger dumpster size. See more on our commercial services here

Types of projects best for a 20-yard dumpster


Home Renovations

When making complete home renovations, new constructions, or teardowns, a 20-yard container is the perfect answer for waste and excess dumped material. You can remove entire floors, walls, old furniture and junk, and numerous fixtures in the same container for easy disposal. There is never much need to worry about this amount of space when big remodel projects need dumpster service.


Tree Removals

If you’re having trouble trying to find a solution to several trees or oversize trees on your property that need removing, a 20-yard container will fit the bill. With plenty of space for trunk sections, branches and roots, and assorted shrubs or bushes, this container can fit more than small or medium containers can handle.


Landscaping Projects

Laying down new lawns and replacing old soil or removing rocks can be a landscaping dream but a nightmare for finding the right size dumpster. Thanks to the oversize ability of 20-yarders, grading and reshaping landscape features will handle a lot of removed material that you want gone from your front or back yard.


Construction Projects

Building big dreams also comes with tearing down something that is already standing. If you have extensive demolition or renovation needs for a house or structure, using a 20-yard container will allow you to dispose of the excess that you don't need anymore, such as concrete blocks, fences, roofing, windows, and all things construction related.


Gutting-Out Homes

Perhaps it will be necessary to upgrade or remodel several rooms on a property or house that needs conversions or alterations. This can be tons of material that are removed and will need a 20-yard dumpster to take on this amount of stuff. It can also be considered a valued tool for an entire barn or storage clear-outs too where rubbish needs to be tossed.


Roof Repairs/Replacements

You'll notice a lot in Phoenix that tile roofs are more commonly made from heavy tile. This puts a lot of weight on a roof and isn't always so effective for keeping out the heat. So when roof replacements can improve your home's insulation, a 20-yard dumpster can solve your dumping needs. Big houses with big roofs need a big container to handle a lot of tile and rubbish that goes with replacing large rooftops.


Property Cleanup

Taking on entire cleanup projects around your property is a major task if you have lots to clear away. Everything from overgrown shrubs to removing storage items from garages or barns is solved with a 20-yard dumpster. It makes it easier to remove unwanted items that can all go into this container for major cleanup projects.


Building Demolitions

When you have old structures that are practically falling down or need to be demolished, choosing a 20-yarder is a sound answer for dumping them. This will be especially helpful if you have bricks or concrete blocks that are broken up and need to be tossed. 20-yard containers can handle heavier loads and allow more than enough space for trashing structures that are broken apart.


Storage Shed Removals

With old storage sheds and storage structures that need to be torn down, it makes sense to rent 20-yard containers because of their size. These can be placed directly onto a property near these structures for easy access while they get demolished for fast removal. It doesn't matter if there are loads of metal siding or wooden beams, it will all fit conveniently into this big container.


Post-Construction Cleanup

Any big construction job will always have lots of leftover debris and construction materials that need tossing. Due to the oversize capacity of 20-yard containers, there is a generous amount of room that is excellent for tossing away into this dumpster. This way, you're not pressed for needing more space that won't accommodate easily with smaller dumpsters including 10-yard and 15-yard dumpsters.

Advantages of 20-Yard Dumpsters Over 10 & 15 Yarders

comparing dumpster sizes image

The biggest advantage that a 20-yard dumpster has over a small or medium-sized container is more volume and capacity. You get so much more for the amount that is paid in a dumpster rental of this size since you aren't spending nearly as much if you decided to use a pickup truck to haul it yourself in several trips. It's also a big plus with a weekly rental where major projects can fill up a container with daily usage and is removed entirely by the end of the week.

It's considerably cheaper with the amount of stuff that is thrown away since several rooms can further be cleaned out making more room on your property or home. Even for larger projects, it will save you time and money to have everything tossed out into a single container that's ready for pickup as you need. 

Deciding Between 10-Yard vs 15-yard vs 20-Yard Dumpsters

With three different sizes that are all meant for different scale projects, it’s good to know that there is a choice on what needs to be trashed out. Many folks worry about how much a 20-yard dumpster can handle until they see the size of what can fit inside. If you’re planning a big project, you cannot go wrong with a 20-yarder for the simplicity of a single-storage dumping solution.

Then again, when it comes to tons of stuff that needs to go, having the maximum amount of weight is an advantage for large-scale jobs where heavy stuff is involved. You'll be glad that a 20-yard container comes to the rescue for clean-up and construction jobs that need bigger dumpster space that takes in everything you want gone. 

Cost of renting a 20-Yard Dumpster

If you compare the overall cost of rental dumpsters, there's not much difference between the sizes that are so penny-pinching. There will be a bigger jump from small to large containers which is pretty obvious until you see the difference in volume and capacity involved. At this point, this is where a 20-yarder is maximizing the cost of its size and what it can handle for dumping more debris.

The average cost of a 20-yard dumpster throughout Phoenix will range from $400-500 depending on select factors. For better price comparison see our full writeup on cost of renting a dumpster here. These containers are quite large and there can be transportation fees included that adjust the rental price. There may also be an issue with specific weight limits of what can go into a filled dumpster too. But if you're looking for a deal, it always pays to find a dumpster company that will offer a rental price that isn't out of town.

You should also keep in mind that dumpster rentals for 20-yarders do need more space to be dropped off and picked up. It’s not so easy for residential neighborhoods where space is limited but highly attractive for construction projects where leveled property is perfect for pacing this larger-sized container. Either way, when it does come time for renting a 20-yard dumpster, consider your property space and dumping capacity for the smartest choice.

Read more if you're still considering which size of dumpster is best.

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