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One of the easiest forms of travel that allows you to move your house nearly anywhere typically includes RVs, mobile homes, and trailer attachment models. These mobile living spaces aren't constantly on the road aside from RVs, but they do wear out much faster than traditional houses because of the lightweight materials. Sadly, this leaves many mobile homes and trailers falling apart and becoming unlivable in a very short amount of time. Here's how to demolish and remove that ugly trailer or mobile home.

How To Get Rid Of A Mobile Home

mobile home

If you have a mobile home that isn't useful anymore and isn't the kind of place you can live comfortably anymore, then perhaps it's time to have it retired and removed. But that's where the story gets a bit more interesting because mobile homes aren't like RVs, fifth wheels, or trailer campers as they don't have wheels of their own. To move it around can often cost a lot of money to be transported to a junk yard.

The cost of permits for transporting mobile homes can also include other issues such as unpaid taxes on the mobile home, special rigs to support the weight of a mobile home, and will need to be moved as slowly as a snail to its next location. For some people, this is a scenario that just isn't going to work, so this leaves a handful of options for those who have an unusable and broken mobile home.

The best advice is to break these structures so they can be salvaged for spare copper electrical wire, plumbing, and pipes. However, this is still not very feasible for most people who don't have the right tools or know how to demo mobile home structures - a professional demolition company can complete a demo in a matter of hours. This is why calling for professionals to break it down is a much better deal since the demolition and removal costs are very low and it doesn't take much time to get rid of a mobile home.

Removing RVs And Trailers

mobile home demolition with excavator

The ability to move RVs, fifth wheels, trailer campers, and utility trailers is easier since they are smaller and portable. The downside is when an RV isn't running. Or perhaps the tires are too damaged to be safe on the road for any length of time. It's also required that RVs and trailer hookups need to have DMV registration which will also restrict them from getting on the road if registration is expired.

There are many more reasons that it's not a good idea to transport these kinds of wheeled campers if they are old and present more of a danger for other drivers if parts of them are at risk of falling off as well. This is why demolishing these campers is the best choice you can make when an RV or camper is taking up space on your property.

Tearing Down RVs And Mobile Homes

Man tearing down RV

All campers, RVs, and 5th wheels are made from materials that are meant to be very lightweight. When it comes to tearing these apart is almost like tearing away layers of an onion. Obviously, the first step is to remove as much of the interior contents that are easy to remove. Cabinets and furniture are just as simple to remove by taking out the screws that hold them on, but a crowbar will do the trick just as easily.

The process is actually very easy when the right tools are used. Commonly, a Sawzall can cut through thin metal and wood easily enough, while thick camper frames will use a handy angle grinder. All of the steps involved are meant to section a camper into smaller pieces for hauling away. Some owners will take on this task with very simple tools until they get down to the bigger frame which will take some more skill to break down unless you call professionals.

Hiring a demolition Company

Man tearing down mobile home

It's not always an easy job to demolish a mobile home and some owners don't want to take on this task for very good reasons. It can be from a camper that is too rustic and rotted and is simply more of a hazard getting inside and trying to break it apart. There is also a risk of cuts and scrapes that could be from rusty exteriors, screws, and metal frames that are sticking out. This is all the more reason to call for a professional demolition crew like AZ Junk.

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What you can expect from any demolition service is very basic when you're calling them to demolish a mobile home or some type of travel trailer. You'll be asked what kind of recreation vehicle or mobile home it is and how large it is. It's also important that a demolishing service will want to see pictures to get a better idea of what kinds of tools and equipment will be needed for the job.

After this, you get a quote and set a date when the demolition will happen for your demo mobile home. You'll want to have a service that includes the teardown, clean up, and haul away. Usually, it only takes less than a few hours to remove and haul away.

Haul Away Old 5th Wheel trailer

Old Hook-Up RV Trailer

Another type of RV camper is actually the type that hooks up to a hitch. These were very common more than half a century ago, but there are still many of these campers that are still sold very often for camping enthusiasts. The biggest problem with many of these hitch campers is being left out in the elements for too long without being taken care of. The materials tend to rust more often and aren't built as nicely as RVs.

Aside from that, these campers also will have problems with the wheels being left outside for several years which will make it nearly impossible to haul away when attached to a truck. This is why demolition is the best way to get rid of an old hook-up trailer camper. These are very simple tear-downs and will not take long to remove from your property.

What Kinds Of Mobile Homes Can Be Torn Down?

Fallen apart mobile home

There isn't a recreation vehicle or mobile home that isn't a candidate for being demolished if it's fallen into disrepair or isn't good for being used anymore. It's even more important that these mobile living structures can be an eyesore when they start to fall apart and rust. Another reason why these should be torn down is that it was parked on a part of a property that has taken over much of the inside with weeds and growth that destroyed a camper.

If you have a mobile home, camper, or hookup that is considered junk that can't be moved by any other means, then demo mobile home services are the perfect way to remove this off your property. You can call many demolition services that can do the job but calling AZ Junk for all-in-one services will be the most comprehensive and easy way to remove them effectively and safely.

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What are my options for disposing of an old mobile home?

Some options for disposing of an old mobile home include selling it, donating it, recycling it, or having it demolished. Each one has it’s pros and cons depending on the condition of the home. If you simply no longer want it, and you’re willing to give it away, try listing it on the internet. Chances are someone will take it.

Can I sell my old mobile home?

Sure, you can sell an old mobile home, especially if it’s still in decent shape. You may need to make repairs or upgrades to improve its value. But even if it can’t be used to live in, chances are someone can use it as storage or a shed.

How do I find a buyer for my old mobile home?

The easiest way to find a buyer for anything these days is to use the power of the internet. Places like Ebay and Craigslist allow you to see almost anything. And then there are places like local Facebook groups for even more eyeballs to your listings. You can also reach out to mobile home dealers or park operators for potential buyers.

Can I donate my old mobile home?

Yes, you can always donate your old mobile home if it's in good condition. There are always people looking for somewhere to live. Some organizations accept donations of mobile homes to be used for affordable housing or as offices or community centers. Or list your home on the various internet resources.

How do I recycle my old mobile home?

Your best bet when it comes to recycling a mobile home is to contact the nearest scrap yard. Mobile homes are typically made with aluminum and a lot of the piping, electrical and sheathing can all be recycled. The will also often come and take the home from your property for free in exchange for them scraping the materials. However, at AZ Junk Removal, we recycle metal as part of our demolition services.

Who is responsible for removing an old mobile home from my property?

The property owner is typically responsible for removing an old mobile home from their property. But sometimes people lease land in order to place their home on the land. If this is the case it’s usually the mobile home owner, not the landlord, that’s responsible for its removal.

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