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When it comes to demolishing a structure due to fire damage, we're the ideal choice for demolishing small to medium size structures. With low overhead, and the machinery needed, we can usually beat the price of larger demolition companies in Phoenix, AZ.

Fire is one of the most destructive forces of nature that can cause a lot of damage even after the fire is put out. It can easily make a standing structure physically weaker due to the amount of heat that was created likewise. Structure fires can also release harmful toxins from burning plastics, treated wood, and various materials that stick to every surface due to smoke damage, which is even harder to remove. So what else is there left to do?

The best step is demolition

home fire insurance

If you own a structure that is damaged by fire and is largely residential, it can be too costly to repair fire damage because of the problems that come from fire and smoke damage. Sure, there is less work involved with small fires such as frying pan grease fires or electrical plug shorts, but once a fire goes beyond the walls and into the attic, there is no telling how much damage has been done. Luckily for most homeowners, fire insurance will cover the costs of rebuilding.

What is not covered by this kind of insurance is the cost of hiring a professional demolition company. Well, in a matter of speaking, commercial demolition companies aren't coming out to tear down your residential home unless it's very large. So what you'll find are smaller demolition services which will depend completely on the size of the structure that needs to be torn down due to extensive fire damage.

How Much Does a Fire Demo Cost?

But this is where there can be complications such as asbestos removal, demolition permits, and landfill fees. Just as an example, it generally will cost around $200 anywhere in AZ for a demolition permit. This cost can be higher depending on where you are living within AZ as well. Some permits can even cost higher in bigger cities like Phoenix. But that's nothing like the problems you'll encounter if the structure or home was built before the 1980s.

Before this period, many homes contained insulation and materials that used asbestos. When asbestos is found, there are very strict rules that have been determined by the (EPA) for how it should be removed safely. The actual process though can cost as much as $2 or $3 for each square foot before any actual demolition can start. And these are some of the basic problems you have likely are starting to learn about.

How fire demolition in Phoenix, AZ done

home demolition using machines

Once a structure is cleared of furniture or anything that wasn't damaged by smoke or fire, this is when it's time to evaluate what materials are hazardous or not. Asbestos removal might happen before anything is knocked down, and that also takes time. Once the house or structure is ready for demolition, a permit must be arranged for the day (or days) when demolition is happening. Most of the smaller structures can be knocked down and torn away.

This is accomplished using modern machines such as our skid steer and excavator that can break through walls and support beams a lot easier than it would take using hired muscle. It doesn't take very long for a structure to be broken into smaller and manageable pieces that can be scooped up by a skid steer and dumped into a readied dumpster. Assorted power tools are also used to section large pieces into smaller bits to fit better in a rental dumpster.

What separates AZ Junk from other Fire Demolition services?

Other companies throughout AZ offer demolition and fire demolition services, so it never hurts to get a quote from them. In fact, that's the one difference that you'll find with our services that always provide you with a full range that is always priced better than other service providers you've seen before. For this reason, we are pleased to offer the addition of fire demolitions for any structure that is fire damaged up to semi-commercial size levels.

We can give you a quote the same day when you call and let you know upfront how much everything will cost before our team is sent to start demolition. We also arrange with local recyclers and dumps that demolished material is transported to, so this service is all-in-one that is done quickly and professionally. We can also help assist you with the best methods for arranging for your demolition permit so a demolition day is always on time.

Give us a call for a direct quote and more information on what we can do to remove your fire-damaged structures, buildings, or houses.


What should I do if my property has been damaged by fire?

If your property has been damaged by fire, it's important to contact your insurance company as soon as possible to start the claims process. Once that’s done, survey the remains and see what can be salvaged or see if there are any liabilities to be remedied like sharp protruding objects and broken glass. You should also take steps to secure the property and prevent further damage, such as covering broken windows or holes in the roof.

How do I clean up after a fire?

Cleaning up after a fire can be a complex and hazardous process depending on how bad the fire was. It's best to work with a professional fire cleanup and restoration company to ensure that the property is safely and thoroughly cleaned up.

Can I live in my property if it has been damaged by fire?

If your property has been severely damaged by fire, it may not be safe to live in it until repairs have been made. Even just smoke can do a lot of damage, even after a fire. Breathing the remnants in can still be harmful. And important aspect of the building could have been compromised, like beams or the roof which can make your home seriously dangerous to live in. It's important to have a professional assess the damage and determine if it's safe to occupy.

How long does it take to repair fire damage to a property?

This totally depends on how bad the fire was. If it was small and it’s mostly just smoke damage, then your home could be cleaned and live in ready in a few days. But if there’s major damage and Sheetrock, beams and other structural components need to be replaced, you could be talking months. On average, it can take several weeks to several months to complete repairs after a fire.

Who is responsible for paying for repairs after a fire?

The property owner's insurance company is typically responsible for paying for repairs after a fire, up to the limit of the policy. If the damages exceed the policy limit, the property owner may be responsible for paying the difference. And if you’re renting and you were responsible for the fire, you or your renter’s insurance will need to pick up the bill.

What happens if my property is a total loss after a fire?

If your property is a total loss after a fire, meaning that the damages cannot be repaired, your insurance company may pay out the policy limit for the property. In this case you’ll need to have everything demolished and all debris removed from the property and a completely new home would need to be built. And of course you’ll need to find somewhere to live until the new construction is completed.



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