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Some active adult living communities use word of mouth to spread the news about how impressive their amenities happen to be. At the Robson Resort Community in Pebble Creek, you might just this is practically a chapter of Club Med that's rooted itself in Goodyear, Arizona. Let's see how Robson Resort Community measures up in terms of what they can offer to those in the 55+ retirement category.

Robson Resort Community Overview

Robinson Resort Community

If you haven't ventured out to Pebble Creek in Goodyear lately, it seems that this outcrop of suburb life is only a short stone's throw from Sky Harbor Airport near downtown Phoenix right off the I-10. After taking a look at this sprawling community that takes up a significant chunk of land that's sandwiched in between West Indian School Road and West McDowell Road, it's certainly a lot to take in.

On one hand, you can most certainly call this a modern golfing community with every neighborhood offering tee-off time. They aren't pulling any punches when it comes to promoting the active living lifestyle, but that's where it begins. You might otherwise mistake this exclusive Pebble Creek location for a fancy 5-star luxury living resort. At least that's what all the Hub-Bub tells you right for the get-go.

A Tale Of Two Diversities

Aerial view of Pebble Creek

The folks over at Robson Resort also share a healthy chunk of property that is right next to another new development that many retired residents might feel uneasy about. So far, we haven't heard anything that contradicts this, but for those living in Pebble Creek, this isn't your average blueprint for how resort communities are designed. The community developers of Robson Resort might have felt this concept wouldn't present any cause for worry.

It wasn't too long ago in early January 2019 that another project in the neighborhood broke new ground in Pebble Creek. Initially called the Village at Pebble Creek, this new construction sat at the southwest corner of Pebble Creek Parkway and West Virginia Ave. The emphasis focused heavily on targeting millennials and others within this age category that is interested in renting rather than owning.

Swimming pool in Pebble Creek

Additionally, this community would thus feature at least 184 intended rental homes spread over 15-acres within a gated community. Gone are the days when there is any kind of HOA to give control of things that would allow renters to enjoy a residential clubhouse with free WiFi, a pet park, swimming pool, hot tub, and a fire pit area complete with barbecues. They would also have access to a fitness center and automated package delivery lockers.

To top this off, all homes will have high-speed internet that's complete with fiber optic cable access. These rental homes are complete top-of-the-line amenities that most people don't receive with their rental. These extras include a washer and dryer, fridge, and microwave but uncommon bonus extras like keyless entry, doorbell cameras, and digital thermostats. This was later renamed The Village at Harvard Crossing.

Well, this tiny rental community that is largely a luxury living-style rental neighborhood just so happens to sit at the brim of the Robson Resort Community. It's a gated community too but is open to families and couples that have the financial means to live in luxury apartments. And it's not cheap by any means as a typical 2-3 bedroom apartment will cost $2100 to $2300 per month.

Keep in mind this is Goodyear and not Phoenix, where apartments are typical of being $100-200 cheaper per month for a 2 bedroom per month rental. And though, it's not common that you find any kind of apartment rental right next to retirement communities, this exclusive neighborhood might be the model that changes this opinion. Some might say that it's a bold step toward trusting the neighbors that you live next to...

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What Can You Find At Robson Resort?

Robinson Resort

Just driving into this resort community you'll forget this is all about retirement living. This gated community has an entranceway that is awe-inspiring, to say the least. It resembles a country club dedicated to golfing, relaxation, and obviously active living. Even the multi-million-dollar country club is designed to provide the residents with a total sense of friendly living with plenty of friends and neighbors who share the same attitude.

Although there are plenty of activities and things that are within minutes of driving outside the gates of Robson Resort, they have built a totally self-contained city within a city. They have a total of 4 independently operated cafes and restaurants that are operated under the community guidelines. Make no mistake, as they have carefully planned these eateries to make dining more convenient for their residents.

Golf Course at Robinson Resort

Golf Course

Since this is (of course) a golfing community, these courses were designed by Dick Baily. Dick was a renowned golf course architect who had designed many other golfing resorts throughout Arizona and many other states all over the US. This resort also features two distinct fitness, sports, and aquatic buildings that are central to Robson Resort. They also feature the Eagle Nest Golf Clubhouse complete with a pro shop for golfing equipment.

Lounge in Robinson Resort


When it comes to fitness, they cover all their bases with many types of sports including indoor and outdoor sports, pool fitness, yoga, aerobics, and spin classes. Within their Tuscany clubhouse, for example, you'll find a complete theater, dining hall, ballroom, library, and lounge. They further have a total of two complete libraries set within the Robson resort community.

Their active living programs are incredible and include creative arts, performing arts, and lifelong learning classes. The sheer list of clubs is mind-boggling and also features a separate program dedicated to helping local charities among Goodyear and Pebble Creek. If that wasn't enough, they have their own dedicated television channels.

The homes aren't too shabby either starting at an affordable price tag of $300,000 up to luxury level homes for $850,000. All of their homes are situated on winding gold course greens that traverse the entire community. Many residents simply take a golf cart to get to each respected course they wish to play. That doesn't mean there are some exclusive courses in this community likewise since they have a program for club membership golf.

One of the more fascinating aspects of this resort community is their keen sense to market this concept to new members moving in. They actively advertise to potential buyers with weekend trips that are more like package rentals. Enjoy a weekend or a few days and even the restaurants will proved free meals for their guests who are curious about living at Pebble Creek.

As you might expect, they also have an HOA (Home Owners Association) that is keen to keep the community active with new buyers coming in every so often. This open and friendly attitude to help keep an upbeat concept of active living could not be understated. Many of those who purchase properties at Pebble Creek might also be planning ahead for their children's future.

This is why older folks decide to pass on their home to children who are close to retiring. This isn't such a bad idea with all of these amenities this community is offering.


What is the history of Pebble Creek in Goodyear, AZ?

Most people do not know that Pebble Creek was a small town that was developed by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. They used the land in Pebble Creek to cultivate cotton for the fibrous cords that were used in making tires way back in 1917. By 1946, Goodyear became an official town, after that- a large part of that development came from the Robinson’s Resort Community in Pebble Creek in the 1990s.

By 1994, the business in Goodyear was booming so rapidly, it put them on the map for the fastest-growing community in the nation.

How many people live in Pebble Creek?

According to the US Census Bureau, the population of Pebble Creek is 36,531 residents.

What is the median income?

The latest average for median income within Pebble Creek is $99,377 per year per individual. The average household income is $123,838 per year based on married couples living together.

What types of homes are in Pebble Creek?

Many of the homes that are located within Pebble Creek include single-family residences or townhouse-style apartments. The selling prices for these dwellings will range between $200K -$500K depending on the number of bedrooms and square footage. There are also select custom homes and luxury villas that are available too.

What schools are in the community?

There are two elementary schools including Scott L. Libby Elementary and Western Sky Elementary. This is followed by Verrado and Millennium High schools for older students. Though there are no private schools in Pebble Creek, these can be found easily within the city of Goodyear.   

Are there any amenities?

There are two impressive golf courses found within Pebble Creek that are the Eagles Nest Golf Course and Tuscany Falls Golf Course. You will find that Pebble Creek also features smart home amenities that feature keyless entries, doorbell cameras, and digital thermometers. There are restaurants, fitness clubs, specialty stores, and gated communities. It would be sufficient to say that life in Pebble Creek is all about 4-5 Star luxury resort-style living.

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