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There's that old expression a 'storm in a teacup' and if there ever was something that may come as a surprise, Marley Park in Surprise is making serious waves in that respect. If it's not the fastest-growing community that brings back tree-lined streets and community parks, Marley Park has something to offer for traditional and modern families. But there is one thing that Marley Park keeps a well-guarded secret, and that's what you're going to find out about this amazing community within Surprise, Arizona.

What's Marley Park all about?

Marley park

Marley Park is all about family, community, and bridging the gap everywhere. Yet, for most of us who are only wishing to live the American Dream, Marley Park is counting on its community to bring back a sense of normality in this crazy mixed-up world. Just as Walt Disney envisioned a city of the future, most people don't realize that EPCOT wasn't originally intended to be just a theme park. In fact, the option to make a dynamic family-oriented city looks very familiar to the design of Marley Park.

And instead of a sprawling city work center, Marley Park puts family first with their main park nearly at the center of town. Not to try to oversell this little-known gem of Surprise, that line from the original Poltergeist movie: 'the grass is greener on every side' seems to be a fitting message of what Marley Park is all about. But you won't find any ancient Indian burial grounds here, and obviously, no houses built on abandoned graveyards...

A short history of Marley Park

Marley Park is (just under) 950 acres but what they have packed into this space would have made Uncle Walt mighty proud. There are 1,820 residential homes with 20 parks scattered around the various themed and tree-lined communities. Back when the first initial homes were completed in 2006, an average 4-bedroom home was selling for just $493K. But since then, the community has quickly filled up with very few homes that are still up for grabs.

It's a vision of the future that has plenty of appeal for those who want to raise a family and have schools nearby. Perhaps the most impressive part about Marley Park is how it's designed to be self-contained. As the community itself cannot grow any larger than the initial 950 acres that it currently occupies, many features around Marley Park are making this community even more appealing.

What makes Marley Park so different?

Homes infrastructure in Marley park

Some might happen to think that Marley Park is a gated community that is similar to other private neighborhoods in Suprise, but this is far from the truth. It's often compared to a young and thriving community that has an average resident age of 36. There are amazingly homeowner ratios of 83% that own their house with only 17% who rent. With more than 5000 residents, Marley Park has something for everyone that is refreshingly hip!


Many of the homes that you'll find in Marley Park are diverse as they get and include condo, townhouse, loft, and single-family style layout designs. Homes in particular offer 2-6 bedrooms with an average of 2 to 5 bathrooms. Each section of Marley Park is themed to fit a select design for each model home and dwelling model that is found there. The average price range will depend on the houses that are still available and start at $325K to $580K.


One of the highlights that are for every resident of this amazing community is its signature clubhouse. And who wouldn't be thrilled to have a central meeting place where parents and neighbors can gather for any event from birthdays to anniversaries. Aptly titled the Heritage Club, it offers a 6,000-square-foot facility that covers nearly 3 acres at the center of town. Inside there is a large catering kitchen, conference room, meeting spaces, and a wide open lawn for outdoor events!

Three separate pool areas include the Heritage pool house with 2 pools and the Willow Swim Park. There is also a mobile Block Party Trailer that has everything neighbors need to provide a big party for each other. This is one amenity that has a strong focus on bringing neighbors together


Within the community, you'll also find an Elementary school that covers K-8 levels of students. There is also Legacy Traditional School that's also found in Marley Park which covers K-8 students as well. Outside of Marley Park, additional school locations that are close by include Rancho Gabriela Elementary, Dysart High School, and Communiversity. These various institutions have previously won awards for their dedication to higher levels of learning and rich learning development.


It's hard to imagine that a community would offer so many neighborhood parks but Marley Park actually has 20 different parks all through town. When neighbors aren't using the Heritage Club or the Block Party trailer, there are further bonuses that are just a stone's throw away by car. Surprise obviously features great family-centered amenities including playing fields, sports centers, and shopping outlets. All throughout Surprise, it won't be very hard to find extended activities for all ages.

What's new at Marley Park for 2023?

Marley Park shopping hub

One of the hotspots that have been a favorite for Marley Park locals is right down the road a few blocks from Waddell Road. Although it's rather small, Marley Park Plaza is a close-by shopping hub for all things that are important for daily living. There are restaurants, shopping outlets, Chase bank and ATM, and even a Starbucks! What more could you ask for when it comes to shopping convenience? But that's all about to change since you can't just have only one choice of where to shop.

More on the horizon

A newly completed shopping Mecca that is now serving residents of Marley Park is the highly anticipated Marley Park Square which is located over on N. Litchfield Road. It's less than a block away from Marley Park Plaza and features 12,000 square feet of retail shopping space. Among the popular tenants found there include Freddy's Steak Burgers, Dunkin' Donuts, and many beauty fitness centers... Across the street are Safeway, Fry's, and Café Rio.

It won't take too long before more exciting retailers are moving in to make it more convenient to shop and enjoy life outside Marley Park. But perhaps the biggest secret we haven't shared just yet about this rising star of Surprise is what we'll be covering in the next update. Stay tuned or visit our page dedicated to our latest news and services we provide to the communities in Surprise, Arizona


 What is Marley Park?

Marley Park is a new master-planned community that can be found in Surprise, Arizona. There are approximately 1,820 residential homes, schools, and 20 various parks located within this community including its signature clubhouse for residents to use.

What is the history?

The very first homes in Marley Park were completed in 2005 with the last homes being built in 2020 by DMB Associates Inc. It was further given the title "Community of the Year" by the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Central Arizona in 2017.

What are the demographics of Marley Park?

There are a total of 5000 residents currently living in Marley Park with a younger demographic of homeowners with an average age of 36. The typical household income per homeowner is around $90K per year.

What are the schools in Marley Park?

Within walking distance, is the heart of Marley Park, and includes two elementary schools -Marley Park Elementary School and the Legacy Traditional School. Just outside the community, there is Rancho Gabriela Elementary School, Dysart High School, and Communiversity.

What are the amenities?

With 20 small parks that are scattered all around Marley Park, residents can also celebrate parties and anniversaries at the Heritage Club which offers 6000 square feet of indoor rooms and kitchen prep area, and two outdoor swimming pools. There is also a mobile Block Party Trailer that is set up for residents to reserve for big celebrations.

What is the HOA fee?

The current HOA fee for residents in Marley Park is $98 per month. This fee will cover general landscaping, maintenance, and management. There are additional fees outside of the HOA that residents pay extra for using the clubhouse. There are additional services that residents can pay extra for that including pest control and irrigation management.  

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