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Storage sheds are great for storing all sorts of items that are kept in a backyard or on a property that doesn't need to be stored in your garage or inside your home. Most folks will likely store gardening tools and equipment in a shed while some sheds are converted into outdoor storage for nearly anything that doesn't need to be inside your home. All too often, outdoor sheds aren't built the same as your home and will start to fall apart, rust, and rot from the elements.

How To Get Rid Of A Shed

aluminum shed

Old sheds are not always made from wood and can be made from cheaper materials including aluminum siding and cheap metal frames. Sometimes they come in kit form and aren't meant to be anything more than a place to store garden equipment and lawn care supplies. After a while, an outdoor shed starts showing its age and becomes rotted and beyond repair, signaling that it's time to get rid of this damaged storage structure.

To get started, it's best to remove everything that's inside the shed to a spot where it has some protection temporarily. For most folks this is usually in the garage or stored in a pile where it can be covered with a tarp for a short time until a new shed replaces the old one. If you can dismantle the shed by yourself, sometimes it's as easy as loosening some screws and knocking down what you have that can be picked up by AZ Junk using our debris removal service, read more on it here.

Yet, as easy as that sounds, this isn't as easy as it might be since storage sheds aren't always some dinky little cubicle that is less than a couple meters wide. There are some sheds that are built as large as a barn but not any bigger than a guest bungalow. These structures will definitely need to have professional help which calls for demolition services; see more on our Phoenix demo services here. Since many custom built shed are much bigger than conventional store-bought sheds.

Demolishing A Shed

Removing shed using machines

No matter what size shed you have on your property, sometimes the only solution is to demolish this structure so it doesn't pose any danger of falling apart on its own. Demolition services and shed removal are the most effective way to knock down your old shed and have it removed in pieces. You want to have everything cleared from any shed that's intended to be torn down since a typical demolition crew will be bringing some unique mobilized machines for this kind of job.

It doesn't take much effort for an excavator to destroy any kind of shed, even if the materials used include wood, metal, concrete bricks and blocks, or any combination in between. There are many reasons that you might want to remove a shed using demolition that aren't from fire damage or because they pose a threat. Perhaps the shed is simply too small or is too old and needs to be removed to build a modern shed that meets your current needs.

Tearing Down A Shed

safety gear for tearing down a shed

There is a golden rule when it comes to the safety considerations that go with tearing down a shed and that includes wearing safety equipment when working around any kind of built structure. Always wear thick construction gloves or leather work gloves used to protect your hands. The second tip is to use safety glasses or goggles so reduce the chances of getting debris and dust in your eyes.

If there is anything that can be removed easily like doors or windows, these can also be taken off the shed so they aren't in the way anymore. The next logical item is the roof if this can be removed in sections. After this, only the walls of a shed are easier to knock over and break apart. This is much easier to do when your shed is made from wood. When woodscrews are used, each section can be taken apart as needed for recycling.

If there are sections that aren't practical to take apart by hand, salvage what you can and let the remaining structure get demolished using a steer skid or excavator. The rest can be broken apart further with various tools and demolition equipment from your shed removal demolition crew.

why AZ junk for shed demos?

dumpster for shed demolition

Where there is absolutely nothing that can be salvaged from a broken down shed, then demolishing services must be set up. You can call many demolition service companies that will offer all sorts of machines that will certainly knock down a shed or even a weathered and rotted deck, walkdeck, or pergola, see more here. But how many of these services will include dumpster rentals and additional services that ensure your shed is properly broken apart and placed in to a dumpster to be taken away the same day? Additionally, we handle all types of backyard disasters, for more see our yard cleanup page here.

about us

AZ Junk has a real knack for arranging all of the above and for a price that's a lot lower than most of the local AZ demolition companies can offer.

Actually, demolition is a lot more than just smashing a machine onto an old or damaged shed. There is careful calculation that is done prior and during the break down process to make sure the maximum effect is reached. This also helps ensure that smaller parts and pieces aren't going to become split and go flying off somewhere.

We take these issues into consideration, because we've seen enough unexpected stuff occur just from junk hauls and junk removal. And though we don't take any chances with demolition, we want to ensure our safety of our crew in addition to your safety while the work is being done.

Haul Away Old Shed

large old shed

The first thing that is important is finding out how large the shed that will be demolished is in size. This will require a large enough container or garbage bin to contain all of the demolished pieces. Perhaps if there is no need to have a container present, the remaining pieces can be transported on a special hauling truck. One of the most important aspects to remember is that with a demolition crew, all of the clean-up is part of a removal job.

The clean-up crew is responsible for taking all of the broken parts of a shed and carefully arranging this debris into a container or truck where it will be hauled away on the same day. You can also take advantage of the junk that was stored inside a shed that was also junk- intended to be removed. If you want it hauled away, consider it part of the shed removal and haul away that you need to be completed as soon as possible.

What Kinds Of Sheds Can Be Torn Down?

types of sheds

There is no rule what kind of shed can be knocked down and can be constructed from all sorts of building materials. This can include fiberglass, wood, metal, aluminum, aluminum siding, and insulation materials for some select sheds. Since many sheds are often custom built and are more than 30 to 40 years old, these materials will be weak and dry under the heat of the Arizona sun.

Most certainly, outdoor sheds will have a certain level of weather damage if these materials were constructed from wood. Not only does this make an old shed more of a fire hazard if the shed is abandoned, but dangerous for others if it's becoming unstable due to its age. You'll certainly want to contact us at AZ Junk for an instant quote for how much a complete demolition and removal will cost.

Hire AZ Junk For Shed Demolition and Pick Up.


Who is responsible for demolishing an old shed?

Whom ever owns the property is normally responsible for removing any old structure on their property. If you’re renting though, check your lease for any special clauses that might make you responible. Otherwise it’s up to the property owner to get rid of it.

Can I demolish the shed myself or do I need to hire a professional?

If you have the time, energy and are willing to do the job, you should be able to demolish a shed by yourself. They’re normally small structures made of wood, so you won’t need much more than a hammer and possible a sledge hammer. If it’s a large shed you may want to consider hiring a professional for safety reasons.

What is the cost for demolishing a shed?

The cost for demolishing a shed will vary depending on the size and condition of the shed, as well as the location and the services of the demolition company. Companies or handymen that come and rip it down will also base their prices on whether or not they’ll need to dispose of all the debris. It's best to get a quote from several companies to compare prices and be sure to get quote with and without garbage removal.

How long does it take to demolish a shed?

The amount of time it takes to demolish a shed will vary depending on its size and complexity, as well as the number of people working on the project. On average, it can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to demolish a shed.

What do I need to do to prepare for shed demolition?

Make sure you clean out the shed as best as you can. Remove any items from the shed, such as furniture or tools. Disconnect electricity if you shed has it, and water. If there is water, you’ll also need to cap the pipes or turn off the main water to the shed.

What happens to the materials from the demolished shed?

If the shed is a total loss, then most of it will end up in a garbage heap somewhere. But if parts can be recycled like wood, windows and doors, or anything else that can have some value, thee items will be recycled or repurposed.

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