Getting Rid of a Pool Table in Phoenix

The time has come to rid yourself of that old pool table.

When you bought that pool table a dozen years ago, you imagined it as the focal point of your man den, man cave, whatever man space you always wanted. But then you grew up and realized man caves are lame and juvenile. Now you’re left with a monstrosity that just doesn’t get the love and use it needs.

In short, the pool table needs to go

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6 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Pool Table
Having a pool table can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you look at it. When it comes time to use the extra space where it occupies, you’ll need to make a decision. That is whether to keep it or get rid of it. But if you’re dead-set on freeing-up some space, we’ve got some excellent ideas on how to maximize that process. But before you go searching Google for: How to get rid of pool table, here are some brighter ideas to think about.

And if you follow through with these ideas, you might find it easier to remove than you think. Plus you might have some extra money that you didn’t expect coming your way that you didn’t realize it was worth.

1. Sell

Let’s face it, we aren’t master salespeople and selling something takes a bit of experience and pizzazz. Most of us will think of Craigslist or Facebook to put an advertisement. But to get a better idea of what you’re selling is the most important point. You’ll also need to sell the idea that the buyer will need to pick it up. Since most pool tables aren’t the easiest things to move around, aside from a grand piano… Look at the overall condition and how much wear-n-tear it has. How old is it and was it custom-built are important factors too.

Once you start to learn about that table and the history behind it, this also helps tell its’ story. Once you build value to that item, the rest of the reasoning for the asking price is more concrete.

Get it appraised

If your pool table is older than you happen to be, or perhaps it was handed down by your grandparents, you might have something worth a lot of money. Classic pool tables will have cast iron company logos on the side of the table, while modern tables will have an etched brass plate. Getting a table appraised not only by one appraiser but two is advised. Their estimate can be the starting point for what will give your table more value because of the age and resell ability. You might find that the pool table you thought was worth 1000 bucks might actually be worth upwards of 100 grand!

You might also find that the appraisal will also come with an offer to buy the table. But you know better than this since everyone has seen the ‘Ninth Gate’ film. And anyway, most appraisers give free service and usually good advice if they’re from respected appraisers who deal with antique pool tables.

Talk to pool table collectors

Appraisers are well connected in their niche so very often they’ll know who you can contact in this case to sell it. Collectors pay large sums of money if they know a table is authentic and holds value for the materials that were used to make it. This will also tell you how much restoration work will make it worth more on the asking price. If you find that your table is worth a lot, then you won’t want to hesitate to make it even more attractive. Just like a classic car, the better condition its’ in when you sell it, the higher the asking price gets.

2. Refurbish

Depending on the condition of the table, you might want to consider giving the aesthetics a good once-over. Yes, kids, that means you’ll have to spend some money to make some money. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be spending a lot, but you’ll be glad you did. Here’s what to do with a pool table that you want to sell.

Cleaning and polishing wood surfaces

Any decent pool table will have rich wood that’s used all over the surface. Find out what kind of wood it is so you can fix it up yourself. Learn how to strip the varnish, do some fine sanding, and reseal the wood for a restored look. It’s not hard to do, but having a showroom shine on quality wood is always an eye-catcher.

Replacing the felt

This is most likely the hardest part of the process but not as hard as you think it might be. To get a better idea, we’ve added this video so you can get an idea of what’s involved. Learning how to renew/refurbish an old pool table yourself is also a labor of love.

The secret to buying any table felt that’s high quality and from online sources. New felt gives the table a professional look and also matters for how the billiards roll-around on the surface. You might even find that the surface underneath might be a quality slab of granite or marble instead of slate. Just knowing that will make a huge difference in the asking price.

Replacing the cushions

If the cushions are not looking so good, you might have to replace them too. It’s not just a matter of changing the felt on them since cushions also impact a player’s game ability. New cushions can be purchased that are meant for professional-level gaming. This also can be used as a selling point. Brand names like Iszy Billiards, BORNWINNER, and Ozone Billiards are top brand names that have the best cushions.

Replacing the pockets

Fine pockets add character to any pool table, changing the average game into a gentlemen’s sport. Yea, it’s all about the right look since you intend to sell your table for the best price possible. These will require minor research, so selecting the style that best fits the table will also need careful consideration.

4. Donate

OK, suppose you have the run-of-the-mill Sears brand pool table that’s not worth much at all. In that case, you might have to settle for donating it for a good cause. Youth centers, church recreation rooms, senior centers, and even the local college dorms will all be good places to contact. Be sure that they need to come and pick it up. This way you don’t have to waste much time with any kind of backbreaking lifting work. But for senior centers, they will most likely have to find people to move it for them.

5. Bulk trash

One more option is simply to dump it into one of those rented trash containers they drop off on your driveway. But let’s face it, taking apart a pool table can take a while to do. It has to be dismantled section by section and can be hard work. Not to mention the lifting and taking each section to the trash bin.

If you don’t have the right tools, it’s going to be more bother. Though there might be a silver lining to this since slate, marble, or granite can be recycled. It can be perfect for countertops or sinks, and other DIY projects you can apply them to.

6. Call AZ Junk

Lastly, you can choose an easier route if you want to get rid of your pool table. We’ve had plenty of experience removing hundreds of old tables over the years. And we guarantee that we’ll safely and quickly take it out of your home. So how does it work? You can take a quick look at our pricing guide that includes CTAs for pool table haul away. As well as scheduled pick up forms you can mark on your calendar, so you’ll know the exact day we’re coming. It’s as easy as that with just one phone call. This way we make the hard work look easy, and you’ve got some extra space left-over in return.

Call AZ Junk Removal

We are Phoenix’s pool table disposal professionals. Schedule a pickup today! Ask for me Brad Thomason, owner of AZ Junk.


What options do I have for getting rid of a pool table?

If you’re pool table is in decent shape, you can always sell it, trade it for something else or even just give it away to a loving new home. But if it’s in really bad shape, then breaking it down into smaller pieces so that it can be thrown away is your best option.

How much does it cost to have a pool table removed?

The cost to remove one isn’t all that much. You’d probably do well looking for someone looking to make spare money that has a pickup to come and take it for you. If you can find someone, it shouldn’t be more than $100. If not, most waste management companies will do it for a fee, but that can cost a few hundred if tit's a rather large table.

Can I donate a pool table?

Yes, you can always donate a pool table to a charity or non-profit organization that accepts used furniture and sporting equipment. Or check if there are any Youth Centers around your area. They will probably be grateful for the donation and arrange the transportation.

Can I sell a pool table?

Yes, you can sell a pool table that’s still usable, or perhaps one that isn’t but has usable spare parts. It’s always best to try and sell a pool table either privately or through an online marketplace or classifieds site.

What factors determine the value of a used pool table?

As always, the amount someone is willing to pay decides the value. Check for other pool tables selling in your area and compare them to yours to get a decent idea of how much you could get for it. Then price it ten or twenty percent lower than everyone else for a quick sale.

What should I look for in a company to remove a pool table?

When looking for a company to remove a pool table, look for one that is licensed, insured, and has a reputation for providing quality service and responsible disposal practices. Today it’s really easy to just look at the reviews online to see if other customers are happy with their services.

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