Getting Rid of a Pool Table in Phoenix

By azjunk | Junk Removal

May 22
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The Time has Come to Rid Yourself of that Old Pool Table

When you bought that pool table a dozen years ago, you imagined it as the focal point of your man den, man cave, whatever man space you always wanted. But then you grew up and realized man caves are lame and juvenile. Now you're left with a monstrosity that just doesn't get the love and use it needs.

In short, the pool table needs to go.



Best Ways to Get Rid of your Old Pool Table

Getting rid of a pool table is no easy task. They are extremely heavy and their size alone makes them impossible to move without taking them apart. But if you play your cards right you might be able to get rid of that foolish purchase with the minimum amount of ease.  Soon you’ll be able to enjoy the den as it was meant to be.


First and always, if it's in decent shape try to sell it. The internet holds the keys to numerous potential buyers. Just add a little note about how moving the table is the buyer's responsibility and you might get rid of the table with just the minimum amount of effort. Make sure you do some research before advertising it, you need to know how much it is worth. Most used tables can sell for around 30% of its original value. The better shape the table is in the more money you can ask for.


If your pool table is a little beat up, it might be worth refurbishing before you sell it. If its an easy fix go ahead and try to sell it anyway, many people are happy to buy a cheaper table that needs a little TLC.

Improvements such as replacing the felt or cushions can make all the difference.  Unfortunately, these tasks are not entry level DIY fixes. Felting a pool table is more of an art, than it is step-by-step process. However, if you're feeling crafty  here's a quick video to show you what you can expect.

Ultimately, if your pool table is just in need of some new felt, it may be worth it to purchase the felt and hire someone off Craigslist to install it. 

The most important thing, before sinking any money into your table, is to find out is exactly how damaged it is. If you can’t roll the cue ball in a straight line from one end to the other then you have some real problems which a lot of people won’t be willing to overlook.


If that's the case then consider donating the table. There are a lot of places that don’t need pristine tables; try community centers, senior centers, church youth programs or even college rec centers. These are just a few ideas,  have a look around your community, and you’ll easily find someone who can make great use of your raggedy table.

Bulk Trash

Next, you can add the table to the next bulk trash run. But you won’t be able to take it out in one piece. You’ll need to dismantle it first. This is a huge undertaking. You have to remove the pockets, felt, rails, and slate slabs. Then you’ll need to disassemble the wooden frame. You need a lot of tools and a lot of muscle to tackle this project alone.

If you're going to all the trouble to dismantle it, consider recycling the parts instead of throwing them out. The slate slabs can be used for countertops, sinks or a dozen other remodeling projects.

Call AZ Junk

Or you can go the easy route and call AZ Junk. We have dealt with hundreds of old pool tables, we can safely and quickly remove it from your home. See our single item pricing table for pool table removal cost. One call and your work is done.

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