Caring for a Hot Tub in Arizona During Summertime

Hot Tub Maintenance Tips To Survive AZ Summers.

We've hauled away 100s of unwanted hot tubs as the result of poor maintenance.

The sweltering season is just around the corner so you need to brush up on your summertime hot tub maintenance skills. Don’t let these important conservation tasks slide by or else your spa might be "swimming with the fishes." At the very least you’ll end up with bacteria growth, broken filters, and a horrible hard to kill stench that will forever alter your spa experience. If the spa goes so far as to die on you, let us know and AZ Junk will take care of it. But with a little TLC, your spa should make it through the scorching fires of hell on earth that is our summer months.


Drain and Refill the Tub

It seems ridiculous to fill the spa with fresh water just before you aren’t going to use it again for several months, but this step will extend the longevity of your hot tub. Obviously, once it's refilled you'll need to balance the pH and  do all that other chemical shenanigans hot tub owners are experts at.


Turning Down the Temperature

Turn the water temperature down to the minimum setting. With our hot summers, the water temperature of your spa will still rise. You'll need to be on the lookout for algae and bacteria during these months. To avoid the growth of both, you can keep the spa pump running. Your circulation pump should run on low, every day, for 3-6 hours.

To prevent overheating run the pump early in the morning or late at night, avoid using it during the hottest hours of the day. You can also open or prop the cover at night to help cool off the water.


Check the Levels

Check the pH, alkaline and calcium levels once a month, even if no one is using it.


Repair or Replace the Cover

Make sure your spa cover is a good one. It should not just rest on top, it should clamp or clip down to the unit. The scorching sun and windy days will tear that cheap cover to shreds. Clamp it down or use spa wind straps.


Clean out any residual water scale or stains

If you decide to drain your hot tub for any length of time, it's always a good idea to clean the interior of your hot tub for any build-up of all kinds. It's not always easy to spot calcium build-up or stains when there's water circulating. After your hot tub is drained, you can see where these deposits are leftover. Be sure to use a soft sponge and mild detergents to remove any stains or calcium build-up.

Don't try using a scrubber sponge since this can scratch fiberglass finishes and leave these spots looking dull and unattractive. A simple mixture of 2 cups of white vinegar and cup of lemon juice will work great for breaking down deposits that are hard to remove. A soft sponge or rag will be best to keep your interior finish from getting scratched.


Clean the filters

Be sure to turn off your hot tub before cleaning the filters. The best method for cleaning a filter is to give it a good rinse before starting to get off anything loose that doesn't require much effort. Use a spray nozzle that can spray all sides of your filter as much as you can before the next big step. Now you can give your filter a generous soak in a hot tub filter cleaning solution.

You can make your own if you don't like harsh cleaning solutions, so be sure to include white vinegar as an alternative. This can be soaked overnight in a large container big enough for your filter. If you haven't cleaned your filter in a while, you can also try bleach which will kill bacteria and scum that has built up. Ordinary dishwasher detergent is a good solution too but you do need to rinse out your filter really well to ensure any detergent isn't leftover.


Treat or refresh the cabinet cover

The outside cover is one decorative aspect that will be exposed to the elements all through the year. As you know, the weather here in AZ is pretty dry and will make wood dry out faster than you think. Protect your wood by treating it or refinishing the outside covers so they're properly sealed from moisture and possible UV damage from the sun. Remove loose varnish chips with a paint scraper or sandpaper before adding anything new to the surface.

If there is UV damage from one section that's been sitting in the sun, your wood will likely start to split from the heat because it's drying out. Select a wood sealer that provides plenty of UV protection and also helps to seal the wood so water won't cause your wood to expand if it does get wet.


Have it checked by a professional

If you haven't used your hot tub in a while and are starting to have problems getting the pumps to work, don't push your luck. It doesn't hurt to call your local hot tub representative or dealer to try to troubleshoot the problem. They can walk you through all the steps that might solve a common problem or create a bigger one if you aren't checking the pumps and heater. It might be as simple as pushing a reset button on the heater...

But if you're still unsure about the reason why your hot tub isn't working correctly, call a trained professional to have it checked out. Especially if you haven't had it running in a while or made some recent cleaning.

A better way to give your spa some TLC this summer is to simply use it. As we have already discussed it's pretty simple to convert your hot tub into a cool tub that you can enjoy all summer long. Add an umbrella nearby and the soak will be refreshingly perfect.

Following these basic tips, during the Arizona summer months, should avoid a premature internet search for hot tub removal. Hopefully, you won't need to reach out to us about your spa, but if you need us, we'll be there. We know how to remove and haul dead hot tubs from any location and we have done it hundreds of times. So you know you can rely on us to do it right.

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