Best Eateries in Glendale, AZ

With so many choices, here's our favorite spots.

Nothing makes me hungrier than cleaning up junk, and as a hungry man who works on location, I am always trying new places. After making the rounds in West Valley I’ve found some favorites. Here are a few of the best places to eat in Glendale.


I’m in the junk removal business, so I know junk when I see it, and you won’t find better junk than at Doglicious Hotdogs. There you will find the best junk food you can get in Glendale. They offer over 25 different hotdog styles and they make their own buns. That's right they’ve got great buns. What goes best with great buns? Weiners, weiners covered with bacon and sauce. Stop in here for your next episode of WGW (Wieners Gone Wild).

5060 W. Bell Rd Suite A | Phoenix, AZ 85308 | https://www.doglicioushotdogs.com/


All that talk reminds me of Murphy, he always has his junk out. And it's huge too, people come to Glendale from all over the Valley just to get a load of it. There are lots to choose from including the Big Beef Brat and the Guinness Beef Brat. But Haus Murphy's is famous for their big sausages especially the Kilometer, which is science for less than a mile. If you're not into sausage that's ok, no judgment, Murphy's has authentic Schnitzel too.

5739 W. Glendale Ave Glendale, 85301 | 623.939.2480 | https://www.hausmurphys.com/


I don’t just eat junk. There are a lot of places where I won’t be taking my food “to go” if you know what I mean. Arrowhead Grill is the Hidden Gem of Glendale. They’ve got the best steaks in the Valley and it only gets better when you get the Surf and Turf. If you need to impress your woman this is the place to bring her. Let them know you're out to impress and they’ll dress up the dessert for you.

8280 W Union Hills Dr, Suite 110, Glendale, AZ 85308-8187 | 623.566.2224 | https://www.arrowheadgrill.com


Speaking of women and dessert, has your wife has ever made you watch that awful movie Chocolat? Yes? Then you know what we're talking about here. (Honey if you're reading this...of course I love that movie; Johnny Depp! Nuff said. Let's watch it again tonight!) But really, at Rayner’s Chocolate Shop you get the best part of Chocolat, the actual chocolate, and you didn’t have to endure 121 minutes of feelings and crap. To make it even better they serve coffee too, using beans from a local roaster which makes their coffee strong and fresh.  They’ve also got croissants, bon bons, biscotti, all that delicious goodness we act like we’re too macho for but secretly love. Set your machismo aside and stop by. It's a chocolate shop. Chocolate! Nuff said.

14021 N 51st Ave #106, Glendale, AZ 85306 | 602.374.4107 | https://raynerschocolate.com


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