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How Junk Removal Companies Bid Cleanups


Considering hiring a professional junk removal service but afraid of hidden fees?

updated: 2/8/18
Hauling and removal companies can be found with a Google search "hauling company near me".  Craigslist, YellowPages, Yelp! and Angieslist are also popular networks for discovering affordable junk removal companies. At first glance, pricing can seem fairly straightforward and reasonable, but advertised pricing don't always include disposal fees, additional weight surcharges, etc. Meaning you will see additional charges before they are through. Or worst, you're charged disposal fees, only to have your unwanted junk dumped illegally in the back of some alley.

Cost of Hiring a Junk Removal Company

National average pricing for hauling is $242. The average cost of hauling services in Phoenix varies drastically based on the size of the load, or the types of items being hauled. With that being said, the average cost for hauling away junk in Phoenix is around $300.

average cost of junk removal
cost of junk removal as reported by HomeAdvisor study in 2018

Most junk removal companies provide you with the option of paying by size of the load, per item or by the square foot. For this post, I will discuss the average costs of hauling services based on:

  • load size and
  • single item (a la carte) pricing

Pricing is based on load size

When it comes pricing based on the load size, you can expect to pay $200, on average, for a load hauled from a single family home (add about an extra $50 for an apartment). Below is a breakdown of pricing, by the load, from several junk removal companies.

2018 National Junk Removal Load Pricing Comparison Table.
Comparison Truck Size Minimum Charge 1/4 1/2 3/4 Full Load
1-800-JunkUSA N/A $129 $239 $369 $469 $597
1-800-GotJunk 15 Cubic Yards $124 $244 $358 $464 $558
Busby Junk Removal 18 Cubic Yards $87.50 $180 $300 $360 $480 Curbside 18 Cubic Yards $125 $149 $249 $349 $395
Ace Hauling 20 Cubic Yards N/A $175 $225 $295 $395
Average 17.2 Cubic Yards $116 $197 $300 $387.40 $485

Pricing based on single items (al la carte)

If you don't have enough to fill up a 1/4 load, you will want to consider single item pricing. Not all junk removal companies offer single item pricing, but most do. This pricing is considered an "al la carte" option.  As pricing varies on a per-item basis, I did not collaborate an average price for single item removal; see our single item pricing in our table below.  

About Our Flat Rate Pricing

Our prices are easy to understand and there are no mysterious fees. Prices for removal are based on size load. How much do you have to be hauled away and how much space will that take up in a truckload? 

A small load, 70 cubic feet, will cost $95, while a full truckload, 560 cubic feet, is $495.

Dump fees and other disposal fees are already included in our pricing, there are no extra fees.

hauling logo

AZ Junk lists our prices right on our website. No bait and switch fees, no hidden or extra charges.



Our Pricing Calculator by Load Size

AZ Junk also has one thing our competitors don’t, bigger trucks. Our 14’ X 8’ (20 cubic yards) trucks carry more than our competitors 10’ X 8’ trucks; when you receive a half load size you are actually getting 30% more space for free, meaning you pay less for more space.


Pricing calculator shows approximate pricing. Construction and remodel cleanups are priced differently. Call 602.799.4181 for a free flat rate quote.

Pricing calculator shows approximate pricing. Construction and remodel cleanups are priced differently. Call 602.799.4181 for a free flat rate quote.


Hiring a hauling company can be intimidating for consumers, as many junk removal companies don't provide a transparent pricing structure – it's difficult to hire someone when you're unsure what the bill will look like. 

Our pricing calculator (above) was designed to provide an easy way to visually understand how our pricing is calculated.  

Our Flat Rate Single Item Pricing

Phoenix Single Item Junk Removal Pricing

Appliances Furniture Electronics Other Items
$95 Refrigerator or Upright Freezer $95 Couch, Sofa or Loveseat $95 Old Style Wood Console Television - 36" screen or smaller $call Engine Block
$95 Chest Freezer $95 Sleeper/Recliner Sofa or Couch $125 Big Screen Television - 37" to 65" Screen $95 Lawn Mower
$125 Sub Zero Refrigerator $call Sectional Couch or Sofa - 2 Piece Unit $95 Television - 35" Screen or Smaller $125 Riding Lawn Mower
$95 Washing Machine $call Sectional Couch or Sofa - 3 Piece Unit $95 Computer Monitor $125 Treadmill
$95 Dryer $call Sectional Couch or Sofa - 4 piece Unit $95 CPU or Desk Top Printer/Copier $125 Exercise/Stationary Bike
$125 Stackable Washer and Dryer $call Entertainment Center $95 Keyboard $125 Nautilus/Bow Flex/Weight Set
$95 Range/Stove/Oven $95 Coffee Table $195 Floor Copier $95 Interior or Exterior Door
$125 Top & Bottom Oven $65 Dining Room Table and Chairs - 48" or Smaller Table Size $95 Stereo Receiver $125 Sliding Glass Door
$95 Microwave $call Dinning Room Table and Chairs - 49" or Larger Table Size   $95 Bicycle
$95 Air Conditioner - Small Removable unit $95 China Cabinet/Hutch   $call Upright Organ/Piano
$125 Air Conditioner - Larger Household unit $95 Bookcase - Wood   $225 Pool Table
$95 Swamp Cooler $95 Bookcase - Metal    
$95 BBQ Grill $95 File Cabinet - Wood    
$95 Dishwasher $95 File Cabinet - Metal    
$95 Trash Compactor $95 Mattress Set - Twin or Double    
$95 Furnace $95 Mattress Set - Queen or King    
$95 Hot Water Heater $95 Desk, Work Table or Work Bench up to 42" x 72" in Size    
  $95 Night Stand    
  $95 Dresser    
  $95 Dresser with Hutch    
Questions about pricing?

Ask for Brad, Owner of AZ Junk Removal, for any questions regarding the cost of hauling or junk removal services.

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