Junk Removal Cost 2024

How much does it cost to haul away junk?

At first glance, hauling pricing can seem fairly straightforward, but advertised pricing doesn't always include additional items, weight surcharges, disposal fees, etc. Unfortunately, in this industry it is common to pay more in additional charges and disposal fees than initially quoted. Or worst, you're charged a disposal fee, only to have your unwanted junk dumped illegally in the back of some alley. This is our complete pricing guide to explain everything you need to know about how hauling companies, how they charge, and what to look out for. 

So, What Exactly Does a Junk Removal Company Do?

Hauling and clean up removal companies can be found with a simple Google search, like "hauling services near me".  Craigslist, YellowPages, Yelp! and Angieslist are also popular networks for discovering affordable junk removal services in Phoenix.

If you are a junk virgin then we envy you. You’ll need to teach us how you have resisted the pressures of society to engage in a consumerist lifestyle. But alas, no matter how careful you are, those protections are only 99% effective. Which means we all end up with a little extra junk every now and then.

owner az junk removal

"I must say, I clean up well"
-- Brad T. of AZ Junk Removal 

Well, we’re a lot like superheroes, say Batman or Mr. Incredible. We perform rescues. We go boldly where no one has gone before.  And as a side note, I have been known to be mistaken for the dashingly handsome Bruce Wayne every now and then.

Like our favorite superheroes, we hear the cry of the troubled, the frightened and the distraught and we rush to the rescue. When a tenant leaves your rental property waist deep in trash, clothes, and rats we are there to save the day.  When you receive a notice of fine from the HOA, because the bulk trash service didn’t take your broken refrigerator, we’ll be there. Wherever there is injustice, you will find us. Wherever there is suffering, we'll be there. Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find ...  AZ Junk.

"I got 99 problems, but fear ain't one"
-- Brad T. of AZ Junk Removal 

Just like our favorite heroes, we can do it all; well expect defeat sharks without our shark repellent bat spray. Wait. No, that's not true; reminds me of that time when I dove into shark infested waters to clean up debris from the depths of the sea – okay, off topic – I don't like to brag, but should you care to see more of yours truly I'll include the video for your viewing pleasure.

Back to junk removal....

Need a garage cleared out? Backyard? Office? Retail location? Construction debris? Landscaping rubble? Maybe an old couch? Or dryer? It doesn’t matter the job, if you need it hauled off, we are your guys.


So Really, What Do You Actually Do?

We haul off appliances, furniture, boxes of crap, clothes, copiers, lawn mowers, bricks, dirt, anything; we'll clean out cluttered storage spaces, like garages, or sheds; even haul off anything your previous tenants left behind, the junk left over at the old office once your business has moved, or we can clear out the retail space you just sold.

If you have junk, trash, clutter, equipment or anything else and you want it gone, removed from your life then we will remove it for you.

And while we are loading all of your junk, we’ll sort it to make sure anything that can be recycled, reused or donated gets to the proper facility. We don’t haul it off to the landfill unless that's where it truly belongs. Now that you have an understanding of removal services and companies, let's get on to junk removal prices. Contrary to what some people may think, we don't haul away junk for free. Not that we have anything against that sort of thing, but the IRS requires we have a "viable" business model; whatever that means.  But as a side note, when it comes to getting rid of junk for free sometimes your city will have free bulk trash pickup services available so it's worth checking your local city page for more about scheduled pick up days and regulations. If you're looking for a bulk trash pickup without all the limitations of the city's program see our service page to learn more and schedule a pickup today.

Cost of Hiring a Junk Removal Company

National average pricing for hauling is $242.

The average cost of hauling services in Phoenix varies drastically based on the size of the load, or the types of items being hauled. With that being said, the average cost for hauling away junk in Phoenix is around $300. Most junk removal companies provide you with the option of paying by size of the load, per item or by the square foot.


Below, we will cover the average costs of hauling services based on the load size and also single item (a la carte) pricing.

Pricing based on load size

When it comes pricing based on the load size, you can expect to pay $200, on average, for a load hauled from a single family home (add about an extra $50 for an apartment). Below is a breakdown of pricing, by the load, from several junk removal companies.


2024 Pricing Chart Based on Load Size: A Comparison Table
ComparisonTruck SizeMinimum Charge1/41/23/4Full Load
1-800-Got-Junk15 Cubic Yards$124$285$400$510$600
College Hunks'16 Cubic Yards$125$180$370$500$590
Junk King12 Cubic Yards$150$225$388$510$595
JDog Junk Removal16 Cubic Yards$150$285$410$590$760
Average14.75 Cubic Yards$137.25$243.50$392$527.50$636.25
Understanding how major junk services like Got Junk charge for a full truck.

Pricing based on single items (furniture, appliances, etc.)

If you don't have enough to fill up a 1/4 load, you will want to consider single item pricing. Not all junk removal companies offer single item pricing, but most do. This pricing is considered an "al la carte" option.  As pricing varies on a per-item basis, I did not collaborate an average price chart for single item removal; see our single item pricing in our table below.  

Our Trash Removal Price List

Our prices are easy to understand and there are no mysterious fees. Prices for removal are based on size load. How much do you have to be hauled away and how much space will that take up in a truckload? 

A small load, 70 cubic feet, will cost $89 to $279, while a full truckload, 560 cubic feet, is $449 to $649.

Cost to dump at a landfill and other disposal fees are already included in our pricing, there are no extra fees.

Our Pricing Calculator by Load Size

We don’t like to brag, and we’re not saying we’ve pulled it out and measured or anything but ... at AZ Junk we have BIG trucks. Our trucks are 14’ X 8’ which means they carry a big load. Our competitors have cosa pequeño trucks which are about 10’ X 8’; whoever said it’s not the size that counts never felt the joy of filling up a 560 cubic foot dump truck.small load

I know you hate math as much as I do so let's break it down into simpler terms. Instead of cubic feet, let's use something more familiar, washing machines, for example. One washing machine is about one cubic yard or 27 cubic feet. To completely fill up one of our trucks you would need to get rid of 21 washing machines. To fill up our competitor's trucks you only need 14 washing machines.


Pricing calculator shows approximate pricing. Construction and remodel cleanups are priced differently. Call 602.799.4181 for a free flat rate quote.
Pricing calculator shows approximate pricing. Construction and remodel cleanups are priced differently. Call 602.799.4181 for a free flat rate quote.


When we talk about load size pricing, we're talking about how many washing machines you are getting rid of; how much does your junk fill our trunk.

If you only have a little bit, say five washing machines to haul off, we’ll call that a small load.

Ten washing machines are medium or grande.

And 16 machines are a vente (that's Starbucks lingo for large).

But in the event you have that beautiful, large, girthy pile of junk that all junk removers pine for, then you get the full load, 21 washing machines.

Our competitors have similar price structures, small, medium and large loads, but since their trucks are smaller they end up charging you more for less. But when you mix your pile with our large trucks, you get real bang for your buck, 30 percent more bang.

Hiring a hauling company can be intimidating for consumers, as many junk removal companies don't provide a transparent pricing structure – it's difficult to hire someone when you're unsure what the bill will look like. 

Our pricing calculator (above) is designed to provide an easy way to visually understand how our pricing is calculated.  


Our Single Item Appliance and Furniture Cost Chart

Appliance PricingFurniture Removal CostElectronics Pickup CostOther Items
$115 Refrigerator or Upright Freezer$115 Couch, Sofa or Loveseat$115 Old Style Wood Console Television - 36" screen or smaller$call Engine Block
$115 Chest Freezer$115 Sleeper/Recliner Sofa or Couch$150 Big Screen Television - 37" to 65" Screen$115 Lawn Mower
$150 Sub Zero Refrigerator$call Sectional Couch or Sofa - 2 Piece Unit$115 Television - 35" Screen or Smaller$150 Riding Lawn Mower
$115 Washing Machine$call Sectional Couch or Sofa - 3 Piece Unit$115 Computer Monitor$150 Treadmill
$115 Dryer$call Sectional Couch or Sofa - 4 piece Unit$115 CPU or Desk Top Printer/Copier$150 Exercise/Stationary Bike
$150 Stackable Washer and Dryer$call Entertainment Center$115 Keyboard$150 Nautilus/Bow Flex/Weight Set
$115 Range/Stove/Oven$115 Coffee Table$235 Floor Copier$115 Interior or Exterior Door
$150 Top & Bottom Oven$115 Dining Room Table and Chairs - 48" or Smaller Table Size$115 Stereo Receiver$150 Sliding Glass Door
$115 Microwave$call Dinning Room Table and Chairs - 49" or Larger Table Size$115 Bicycle
$115 Air Conditioner - Small Removable unit$115 China Cabinet/Hutch$call Upright Organ/Piano
$150 Air Conditioner - Larger Household unit$115 Bookcase - Wood$270 Pool Table
$115 Swamp Cooler$115 Bookcase - Metal
$115 BBQ Grill$115 File Cabinet - Wood
$115 Dishwasher$115 File Cabinet - Metal
$115 Trash Compactor$115 Mattress Set - Twin or Double
$115 Furnace$115 Mattress Set - Queen or King
$115 Hot Water Heater$115 Desk, Work Table or Work Bench up to 42" x 72" in Size
$115 Night Stand
$115 Dresser
$115 Dresser with Hutch

Why AZ Junk is the trusted choice for fair, honest, pricing:

There are a lot of reasons to choose AZ Junk:

  • We're hot, hulky, reliable, and professional
  • We're locally owned and operated
  • We're affordable. We don’t spend a ton of money on goofy gimmicks and marketing ploys.
  • We rely on the loyalty of our customers and word of mouth to grow as a business.
  • With minimal overhead we can afford to have the best prices in town.
  • Not only do we have great deals, no matter your needs, but we don’t bait and switch our customer in an attempt pry more money from their hands. The price you get up front is the price you pay.
  • All disposal fees and costs are already included in our prices.
  • You won’t find any surprises or hidden fees when you hire AZ Junk.

What you see is what you get. Period.

Why AZ Junk is the cool choice:

Choosing AZ Junk for removing trash doesn't just prove you're frugal, intelligent and financially responsible, it also makes you one of the cool kids.

It means you did your research and found the best option out there instead of falling for some stupidly annoying gimmick you saw on the inside of a bathroom stall. If you have been the victim of trick ploys in the past don’t feel too bad, everyone gets suckered in, set up and pushed around sometimes. Just learn from your mistakes and make the smart choice this time around. Then you can feel proud you landed in the elite crowd of junk removal customers who have chosen the right path.


Questions about pricing?

Ask for Brad, Owner of AZ Junk Removal, for any questions
regarding the cost of hauling or junk removal services.

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