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As Arizona's premier sports destination, Glendale is one of the most visited places in the valley. Team up with AZ Junk Removal to keep garbage out of sight! 

Bulk Trash Pickup 

We are a full service residential and commercial bulk trash removal company. See more about our junk removal services in Glendale here. Common items we pick up are furniture, appliances to hot tubs and other backyard clutter. When it comes to getting rid of bulk garbage we're the ideal alternative to the limitations and delays involved with the City of Glendale's Republic Services. 

Minimizing clutter around your home is simple with our complete haul away cleanout services for your home or business property cleanout. cleanout services. For commercial retail store owners, building owners, realtors, or property managers, we offer complete property trashout services. This allows us to completely renew your space without the need for you to be present.

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Junk Removal in Glendale, AZ

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No project is too big (or small) for our bulk trash service pickups

When clutter builds up or home projects get messy, it's nice to know that we have an easy way to get rid of all your unwanted clutter or construction debris all at once. Since we are a full service junk removal company we are not limited to removing trash from your curb. We can cleanout your entire property including backyard, garage, storage units, even demolish structures you're not longer in need of.


DIY or Full Service

When it comes to getting rid of junk from your home or commercial property we can provide you with a DIY solution to getting rid of stuff. Our dumpster bin rental service allows you to control what items get loaded and you can save money by putting in the elbow grease yourself. Click below to schedule a junk pickup or dumpster rental now.

Hire AZ Junk for a bulk trash pick up

Getting a quote and booking service has never been easier...

Glendale, Arizona bulky item pickup

Appliance Pickup

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Old appliances don't need to go to waste

Avoid the endless hassle of trying to find space in your cabinets and storage spaces. Make the big step toward cleaning out your living space with an appliance pickup today.

Even old appliances have a good use if you don't use them anymore

If you've ever heard of renewable energy, old appliances can be fixed up and used for many other purposes that you would never imagine. They can be recycled to work like new for others who have a love for old and used junk.

Take the time to see how fast our pickup service is

In just 1-2-3 steps, we can make an appliance pickup service happen from your home or property. There are no hidden fees, and we do all the heavy lifting included in one easy no-strings-attached quote.

Spring cleaning jobs can happen any day of the year with AZ Junk

Bagster Pickup

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What a great way to bag your old junk with a no-frills Bagster service pickup

Bagster is simple and easy to order when you have small amounts of junk and debris to remove from nearly anywhere.

Don't sweat the details, Bagster is great for almost any disposal project

If it fits in one or two bags, you can easily schedule a quick pickup anytime you're home or not. The best part is there is absolutely no weight limit involved for junk removal for Glendale what you need to be removed.

We're fast and easy to schedule pick-up times than other options

You can quickly get Bagster bags from your local waste management for free but why wait for them to respond on days when they're closed. We offer a single flat fee for pickup and can provide an online invoice if you aren't at home.

Make it simple to stash everything you need into these nifty debris bags

Furniture Pickup

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Big and bulky stuff like furniture is a cinch for us to remove 

Most people don't like moving old furniture, which is why we offer services to take away items that are a hassle to remove from their homes and property. If it's still in decent condition, we will help others by taking these items to donation centers for free. See more on our furniture removal services for Glendale, AZ.

Fast and courteous 1-2-3 schedule services in minutes

Allow us to make more space in your home for new furniture additions by calling us for a scheduled pickup. We can remove unwanted furniture often faster than furniture delivery services take to arrive!

Any furniture you want to be removed will always have a second chance for being recycled locally, see more on our furniture donation pickups here.

Hot Tub Pickup

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Make a big job easier on yourself with our removal services

We have loads of experience removing plenty of hot tubs and spas in junk removal for Glendale that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Let us make it faster and stress-free to take away old hot tubs in a jiffy.

Safety and dedication are only part of our job

While not the biggest demolition or removal jobs in the world, we are insured with a special bond just for this kind of removal so your home and residents are always covered while we work.

We offer uplifting services for special spa removals

Sometimes, it's just a better idea to use a crane to move a hot tub onto a truck or moving vehicle. Not every hot tub is trashed and you might need a used tub to be delivered to a friend down the street.

Tear down services for trashed tubs

We feature services to cut up and remove old hot tubs and spas that are too damaged or too big to remove conventionally. We'll reduce old spas to sizeable pieces and dump them the same day at your request.

Dumpster Rentals

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When there's trash to take away, we have options you can rely on

Dumpsters can pack a lot of debris and junk that fits every size job. If you have no idea how large a dumpster you need, we'll help you estimate the right size with no extra fees involved. 

Is service really as easy as 1-2-3?

Even if you're just looking for a quick quote, call us at (602) 799-4181 to fill us in on the details of your next trash-out project. This can be completed online or over the phone for faster quotes. We serve Glendale residents with fast and easy drop-off and pick-up services of all kinds.

No limits on dumpster rental service needs

When is ordering a dumpster the best option for you? If you haven't heard, we specialize in all types of container service that fits nearly everything imaginable. Here's just a sample:

  • Rental property management clean-out
  • Storage or warehouse junk-outs
  • Backyard clean-up
  • HOA clean-up projects
  • Residential construction debris

When one option is more suited to your needs

Obviously, dumpsters might not be the right choice for some clean-up services, which is why we can assist with truck service dumping for items that can be recycled and refurbished. Our primary roll-off dumpsters can be delivered wherever you like and include drop-off and pick-up times that meet your schedule. The best part is that our dumpsters are one simple set price. See more about how dumpster rental pricing for Glendale dumpster bins.

When push comes to shove, we'll step in to help trash out bigger and heavier items you can't move.

Debris Removal

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Let us dig in for deeper and dirtier clean-up jobs

Let's make your next dirty job easier on your back and allow us to get our hands dirty. We offer the best debris removal services for projects that are hard to handle.

Waste management is all about packing correctly

It has taken years to find the best workflow for stashing debris in ways you wouldn't imagine would fit in smaller containers. Let us remove trashy junk and debris at your convenience.

Find out how affordable scheduled services can be in 1-2-3 steps!

We offer a clear-cut option for debris removal with no hidden fees involved. It's a phone call away to get a flat-rate price that is more affordable than you might have imagined.

Let us turn a mountain into a molehill with professional debris removal! 

Demolition Service

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We're simply the best at demolishing old junk in a hurry

It's a job that some demo companies charge a lot for manual and machine labor, but is the best reason to call AZ Junk demolition services today. We have specialized equipment that does the job right for junk removal for Glendale -so you don't have to.

What do you consider to be big junk?

You might have an old barn or structure that needs to be torn down, which is why we make it possible to make teardowns reliable with our demo services. If it's no bigger than an RV or trailer, but bigger than you care to demolish yourself- we can take on these jobs. We'll break down everything that's non-commercial in very little time.

Pricing that's a bargain for demolition!

Indeed, we don't need to be an industrial company to break it down into pieces that are easily taken away. Schedule a demolition order when you have unsightly junk on your property, home, or business as easily as 1-2-3.

When it's time to bust a move, Let AZ Junk and demo service be your next move... 

Estate Cleanout

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Let that old stash go away with estate cleanout services

Estate cleanout projects are not always planned and can be a difficult cleanup job that takes up a lot of your time and energy. Our cleanup team is family owned and operated, so we understand why this is so important. Allow us to help with your estate cleanout with professional consideration.

Sort what you need and we'll toss out the rest

If you're spending too much time sifting and sorting through papers and documents, we can place aside items that need your attention. This way we can minimize the amount of time it takes to remove unwanted junk that you don't need anymore.

Entire estate junk removed with a single budget-friendly quote

It all starts with a single phone call to get things rolling. We'll estimate what size trucks or containers are needed for everything you want to toss away. We can provide a cleanup crew to remove debris and waste while the job is being done so every cleanout is completed faster than you would have expected.

Don't let an entire estate hold you down, let us lighten the load for you!


 Brad Thomason 

AZ Junk Removal is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are family owned and operated and take pride in our community as well as our customer base. No need to worry about a crew of hourly paid employees showing up at your home or office as our team is comprised of a tight-knit group of family and friends. No runarounds here; only a hard working company with upfront and transparent pricing. Our goal is to be your go-to company for all your hauling, property clean out, and dumpster rental needs.

Dumpster Trash Bin Rentals in Glendale, AZ

Our dumpster rental services let you clean-up a property at your own pace. 

For all your DIY cleanups we drop off and pick up a dumpster at your property. Since we are based in the west valley we can usually drop-off a bin the same day you book one. We provide flat-rate bin rental pricing for all types of properties including commercial, retail, or residential.  We have 10, 15, and 20 yard dumpsters available. For more information, or to schedule a drop-off visit our Glendale dumpster rental page here

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City of Glendale Bulk Pickup Service

Did You Know Your City Has A Free Bulk Trash Pickup?

The City of Glendale offers one of the best bulk trash pickup services in Maricopa County with pickup days happing 12 times a year. But before you schedule, here's the limitations and regulations to know; 

  1. Place all bulk trash within four feet of the sidewalk edge toward your home. 
  2. Try to stack items as neatly as possible and separate piles by category—appliances, tree limbs, and green waste.
  3. Limit the length of any object to a maximum of four feet except for bulk items like a couch, and remember that tree limbs and other objects must be less than twelve inches in diameter. If you're disposing of glass or cacti, pack them in small, sturdy boxes labeled accordingly.

Read More

Be sure you don't place your bulk trash on or within two feet of city-owned containers, bins, water meters, cable boxes, fire hydrants, block walls, or other fixed objects. The city website also mentions not to piling your trash more than six feet high and they also ask that you don't park vehicles within ten feet of the piles. Hazardous materials like oil, paint, car batteries, etc., and tires are not accepted, but you can take these types of materials to the Glendale Municipal Landfill. One last thing, if you're disposing of a refrigerator, there's a $20 fee added to your water bill due to Freon, so do call 623-930-2660 to schedule a separate pick-up. Here is the link to schedule the standard bulk garbage pickup.

Why Rent a Dumpster?


Backyard Cleanups in Glendale

Long overgrown backyard debris is the perfect reason to schedule a container drop off. Pile anything that's not needed on your property or backyard and we'll pick it up when it's full. We also can help with heavier debris if you need assistance.


Garage Cleanouts in Glendale

We love garage and storage cleanouts, but you'll love how much space you can have returned to your living and storage spaces. It's also better to reduce clutter since this can easily become a fire or safety hazard if it's been sitting too long.


Remodeling Debris Removal

Simple jobs like roof replacement or home improvement will surely benefit from dumpster service. We also have professional equipment that can be scheduled to lift and dump heavier waste and debris into a dumpster in just a couple of hours.


Moving Cleanouts in Glendale

When you're running out of time to clear any kind of storage or overly cluttered space because of a deadline, we can help you finish it faster. There are options you can choose for selecting what will stay and what will go away while we dump out everything you want to go- right away.

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Our small dumpster bin rentals make it easy to get rid of bulk trash in Glendale, AZ

Glendale, AZ Loves Us

but don't take our word for it...

Service: Trash removal & disposal

AZ Junk was super easy to work with. These guys had my trash hauled away and the area left clean in less than 24 hours from my call. They made this process very easy and simple. I highly recommend using them!! - Google Review

Ross Kloeber - Glendale, AZ


This is my third time using AZ Junk Removal and each time has exceeded my expectations. The pricing is fair and they guys are on time, courteous and fast. They even swept my porch after the pickup! Would highly recommend! - Google Review

Sabrina Vella  - Glendale, AZ

About Glendale, Arizona

Glendale proudly goes by "Arizona's Antique Capital" with support from both Sunset magazine and USA Today. With one of the most renowned downtown shopping areas in America, Glendale is home to the popular Arrowhead Towne Center mall in the northwest part of the city.

Population 249,630   |   Median Income for Household $60,499   |  Median Age 31

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Scheduling a bulk trash pickup in Glendale, AZ has never been easier...

Since we are based nearby the city of Glendale, we can offer trash pickups without the limitations of the city's bulk trash pickups. Additionally, we can enter your property to remove any unwanted items, or even a backyard or garage full of appliances, furniture, and whatever else you need to get rid of. The time has come to kick that clutter to the curb because, Life is Better Without Junk. Get a bid and schedule service.

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