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Refrigerators should be recycled instead of thrown out.

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New energy efficient fridges are coming on the market daily, making our old refrigerators sad and lonely. They are outdated and inefficient. Once we replaced them with the newest state of the art Energy Star model, they sit in our garages or on our back porch wasting away. When we finally feel powerful enough to let them go, we want them gone, quickly and with no hassle.


Sadly, that means most of the old hunkers get thrown out. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that more than 9 million refrigerators get thrown out, in the U.S., every year. Because of the number of refrigerators being tossed out of their homes, it is important that these old beasts get recycled properly. Depending on how old the fridges are they will contain ozone depleting chemicals and other products that produce tons of greenhouse gasses.

Making sure they are recycled properly means a reduction in emissions, the safe disposal of oil, mercury and other contaminants, and will free up landfill space. Can you imagine how much room our landfills will need to house 9 million old refrigerators? Not to mention the damage 9 million refrigerators full of mercy, oil and refrigerant will do to our atmosphere. And that is just this year alone, another 9 million will be thrown out next year too. To put this in preservative, every 1,000 refrigerators can cause as much environmental damage as 1,500 cars driving for a whole year. For 9 million fridges that's 13.5 million cars.

The point is, recycling refrigerators, instead of just hauling them to the landfill, is important now more than ever.




With all of the crap in refrigerators, of course, the government has made restrictions and regulations on how to properly get rid of one. Federal law requires all refrigerants and chemicals be removed and disposed of properly before the shell and metal can be disposed of or recycled. Luckily, recycling an old fridge is not the hassle it used to be.


A lot of nonprofits have popped up to help out. They dismantle the fridge, accord to the law, and then recycle the pieces. In addition, some cities, including the City of Phoenix, will collect and recycle them.

Although these programs require a little bit more work from you, some even require you to drop them off at a recycling facility.

Also don’t forget you can always try Craigslist, Facebook Yard Sales or similar sites to help you make a little bit of money by selling your unwanted fridge.

Call AZ Junk Removal

AZ Junk LogoYou can do a little research to find the right option for you or you can go the easy route and call AZ Junk. Unlike some of the other programs, we will pick up and haul off the refrigerator ourselves, leaving you absolutely zero work to do. We do not take them to the dump, but instead, we see to it that every refrigerator is recycled according to state and federal law. You can rest assured we are doing our part for the environment.

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