DIY: Constructing a Wood Fired Hot Tub

By azjunk | DIY

Dec 30


Building a Heated Jacuzzi for Your Enjoyment Pleasure


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Just because you don’t happen to have an in-bath Jacuzzi tub in your master bathroom doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy all the benefits of the good life.

It’s simple to build a heated hot tub fueled by a simple wood-fire by yourself.  Keep on reading to learn how you can build one of your very own DIY heated hot tubs – for (hopefully) less than $1,000 – a fraction of what you would spend trying to install one of those fancy Jacuzzi tubs in your home.

Stuff You'll Need

  • 1 100-gallon tub or large stock tank


  • A ton of water


  • 30% hydrogen peroxide solution


  • Fast-setting concrete mix, gravel


  • About 20 feet of copper tubing – diameter between ½ inch and 2 inches


  • 1 x ¼ steel bars


  • A power drill


  • Push-to-connect fittings


  • Silicone-based or other waterproof caulk


  • A large tarp, preferably with fastenings like stakes and cords

Step 1

Place your tub and set the foundation. This will entail placing your tub or stock tank on the ground where you want it. Trace the outside of it with a stick or chalk, then dig within that area about 6-10 inches into the ground. Pack down a couple of inches of gravel, then pour the concrete so your hot tub sits just above the surface of the ground.

Depending on how quickly you want the job done, use slabs or forms to support the tub and poor the concrete around them. Alternatively, you can make a thick concrete foundation for your tub to sit on.

The most important thing is to make sure the tub doesn’t sink into the dirt or get punctured. 

Step 2

Bend your copper tubing into a coil between 16 and 24 inches tall.

Leave about four feet of uncoiled tubing on either end of the coil.

heating hot tub

Bolt steel bars around the coils to act as supports. Drill holes in the bars – a word from captain obvious here: don’t drill holes into the the coil .

The coil will act as your firepit. As a result, leave about a foot in diameter for you to place coal in and stand firewood up against the coils.

heating coil

Step 3

Drill two holes reasonably close together in the side of the tub, put the fittings through the holes, and seal with a sturdy waterproof caulk.

hot tub with connections

Now you can insert both free ends of the copper tubing into those fittings.

Step 4

Using a garden hose or whatever water source you have, fill up the tub and give it some time to heat to your desired temperature.

Step 5

Enjoy! Isn’t physics amazing?


Once you’re all done, cover up your homemade hot tub with a heavy-duty tarp to prevent leaves and insects from getting in. Keep it closely tucked down the sides of the tub. You can weigh it down with extra bricks or large stones if you don’t have stakes and cord to tie it down with.

In order to prevent the water from getting funky, add about a third a cup of hydrogen peroxide (available in diluted concentrations at most grocery stores, drugstores, and supermarkets) about once a week. This will prevent bacteria growth.

If you use it every single day, you’ll want to change the water about once a week.  

Warning: remember that any kind of hot tub can cause injury due to overheating. Make sure small children don’t spend more than 15 minutes in the tub. You also need to make sure that you keep a careful eye on all the components of your projects to prevent injury!

We hope you enjoyed this simple, hands-on guide to building your very own DIY heated hot tub! Do any of your friends own a homemade wood fire heated tub? It’s doubtful. Have fun and be safe!

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