The Latest in Glendale's Plans to Convert Recyclables into Energy

By azjunk | Glendale

Oct 25

Our Recycling Habits in Glendale are Costing Us All

recycling in glendale trouble

Only five years later, Glendale's dream of being the first in the nation to convert garbage into energy have come crashing down.

Despite the weekly ritual of hauling our blue bins to the curb, as a whole, we suck at recycling. Phoenix and its suburbs have some of the worst numbers in the country when it comes to recycling. 

The worst part...even LA is better than us.


As a hauling and junk removal company in Glendale we offer to recycle items that we pickup; but even then, many people could care less (especially if it costs any extra to haul their recyclables to the plant instead of hauling everything to landfill). 

We need to step it up

You may be wondering how could those LA-oians beat us in anything, I mean, its LA, ugh. Well for starters a lot of people here just don't get it. They put things in their blue bin that belongs in the black, and vice versa, we'll never win the recycle game when some of our teammates don't even know the rules of the game.

Another reason we keep losing might be because we have too much landfill space. Therefore, we think we can wait to pass off this problem to someone else.

Glendale, AZ is leading the way, and not in a good way

Glendale is just as bad off as the rest of the state posting some of the lowest numbers in the country.

glendale recycling sucks

When Recycling Goes Bad

We had a real chance there for a little while ...

See in 2012 Vieste Energy and the City of Glendale signed a contract that would allow the City to deliver 120,00 tons of trash per year to Vieste Energy who would then transform it into electricity through a process called gasification.

But these two just couldn't get along. A program that should have benefited the City and residents of Glendale took an ugly turn when the two could not agree on the issue of yard waste.

The disagreement came to a head when Vieste filed a lawsuit against the City and receive a countersuit from the same.

recycling plant in glendale

Instead of finding a solution to help minimize the amount of waste in Glendale they fought like two petulant children and wasted a lot of time and money.

According to Vieste, yard waste was supposed to be presorted by the City because they lack the ability to sort it at their facility, the City refused. This disagreement led to over 300 trucks being turned away because they were caring yard waste.

The recycling facility has been shut down since May of 2015.  Instead of creating renewable energy we will continue to flood our landfills.

Wait, it gets worst

Glendale residents are about to get another slap this month when the City Council votes to increase the utility rate.

The City Council voted unanimously their intent to increase utility rates and scheduled a public hearing for October 24th.  The City had several public meetings to gather input throughout the summer.

Utility rates have stayed fixed since 2010 and now the City is looking at programs that could soon become insolvent, an increase is necessary to keep providing these services to residents.

The increase could range anywhere from $5.00-$7.00 per month. The council will approve a specific rate increase at the October hearing.

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