Best Scrap Metal Locations in Phoenix, Arizona

6 Best Scrap Metal Yards in Arizona [Complete AZ Junk Style Review] While building your Spring declutter pile, think about where all of that junk is […]

Why We Should All Be Recycling Appliances

Recycling is always a good idea but when it comes to appliances, it's a must. Recycling is not just for tree-hugging hippies, it's for all of […]

The Latest in Glendale’s Plans to Convert Recyclables into Energy

Our Recycling Habits in Glendale are Costing Us All Only five years later, Glendale's dream of being the first in the nation to convert garbage into […]

Recycling in Phoenix is in Need of Your Help

If you live in Phoenix, it's likely that recycling near you needs to be improved. Sadly, Phoenix has a poor showing when it comes to recycling. […]
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