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Apr 26

Scrap Metal Recycling Pickup in Phoenix, AZ

By azjunk | Recycling

Recycling Scrap Metal in Phoenix As part of the Keeping Phoenix Beautiful campaign we offer a simple solution for recycling scrap metal in Phoenix. We’re not making our own soaps or anything, but we do believe in recycling.  And you should too. Keeping Arizona Beautiful is about going the extra mile when it comes to […]

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Jan 30

Treasure 4 Teachers: Donating in Tempe

By azjunk | News

PAYING IT FORWARD Donation Center in Tempe Dedicated to Education If you’re living up to this year’s Resolutions then hopefully you have already started to declutter. But if the beautiful weather has given your reason to put it off, then this is just the thing you need to get some fresh motivation. Problem We’ve all […]

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Sep 12

Hauling Away Appliances

By azjunk | Appliance Removal , DIY

4 Ways to Get an Appliance Picked Up and Hauled Away Old appliances make up the majority of junk that gets stored in the garage or backyard. These large items take up space, collect little critters, and are a complete eye sore. Now, the time has come to rid yourself of these burdens. We’ll cover […]

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