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Sep 26

Time to Let Go with These Cleanout Tips

By azjunk | News

Clutter is sucking the life out of you… We are all just like the entertainment giant, Disney, but instead of making silly cartoon princesses, we are holding on to stuff we should be getting rid of. Just like Disney needs to trash those Star Wars prequels and try again, you need to get rid of […]

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Aug 22

Haul It or Keep It?

By azjunk | DIY , News

Another Episode of Haul It or Keep It We’ve all faced the dilemma of whether to keep or get rid of items. It’s not easy, we know. Getting rid of stuff usually seems like a bad idea. Afterall, the second you rid yourself of a useless widget you’ll need it the next day. This is […]

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Dec 05

Remove Junk and Clutter to Be Free

By azjunk | News

Clutter and junk can bring you down. Understanding the negative effects of clutter and how to avoid it. We’ve talked about clutter before. How it makes your house feel too crowded and overwhelming, and how the atmosphere turns peaceful once you clear it all out. But, did you know that all that clutter has negative […]

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