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Jun 20

The Ultimate Cleaning Music Playlist

By azjunk | News

20 Songs to Make Cleaning House a Brezze Complete music playlist to take you through your house cleaning duties.  Music is one of the most vital art forms in our culture. It has the ability to makes us happy, sad, lonely or even energetic. So if you need a little help getting motivated to do […]

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Dec 03

Cleanout Tips for Minimal Living in 2018

By azjunk | DIY

A Basic Guide Ridding Yourself of Crap and Minimal Living The Mardi Gras of winter is just around the corner. New Year’s Eve is your free pass to party, shamelessly, all night long, until the dawn that is; when the nasty old hag of Resolutions rears her ugly guilt-spewing head. Then all of a sudden […]

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Sep 26

Time to Let Go with These Cleanout Tips

By azjunk | News

Clutter is sucking the life out of you… We are all just like the entertainment giant, Disney, but instead of making silly cartoon princesses, we are holding on to stuff we should be getting rid of. Just like Disney needs to trash those Star Wars prequels and try again, you need to get rid of […]

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