How to Dispose of an Old Refrigerator

Quit Holding Onto that Old Broken Down Fridge in Your Garage Storing an old refrigerator represents a conundrum. It's too big to toss out, too heavy […]

Scrap Metal Recycling Pickup in Phoenix, AZ

Recycling Scrap Metal in Phoenix As part of the Keeping Phoenix Beautiful campaign we offer a simple solution to recycling  scrap metal We’re not making our […]

Why We Should All Be Recycling Appliances

Recycling is always a good idea but when it comes to appliances, it's a must. Recycling is not just for tree-hugging hippies, it's for all of […]

Tips for Hauling Your Appliances to Your New Home

4 items that will make moving appliances a breeze Moving sucks. But it's got to be done, and if you are a hard-headed tight wad then […]
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