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It's no Surprise... we LOVE to get rid of junk!

Arizona Junk Removal is proud to have served the Phoenix Metro area including Surprise for 10 years! We haul, and dispose of unwanted trash, junk, bulky appliances, old furniture, and so much more! AZ Junk Removal also takes care of debris from remodels, storms, etc! Is your Surprise home or business in need of a revamp? That eyesore is just a phone call away from being removed, hassle free!

People near you are saying...
  • A Quick Thank You

James H. - Surprize, AZ

They picked up a mattress and box springs that I needed to dispose of. They arrived on time, were very courteous, and completed the task quickly. I would certainly utilize their services again. As noted above, I was very pleased with the service provided and would recommend this company to others without hesitation. The price was comparable to similar services that I have used in the past.

What Items Will You Remove?

  • Garage Clean-outs
  • Remodeling Debris
  • Storm Debris
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Carpeting
  • Rental Clean-outs
  • Vehicle Removal
  • Demolition Debris
  • Household Junk
  • Old Clothes
  • Scrap Wood
  • Storage Clean-outs
  • Hot Tub & Spa Removal
  • & Much More

Quick Cleanup Services

Our main office is located in Litchfield, AZ, which means our crew is never more than 15 minutes away for all your clean up and hauling needs. Whether you're relocating, need to get rid of that old couch, or need help to cleanout your entire garage we're here to provide you with the best solution for riding yourself of clutter! We also specialize in handling estate cleanouts, commercial, retail, and office furniture clean ups. We are family owned and operated with over 20 years of experience in hauling away your worries – Because Life Is Better Without Junk!
A Text Message from Beverly
I had a scheduled appointment today. I don't remember their names, but the two young men who hauled away my junk are awsome. They were polite, friendly, and did a fantastic job. It was such a relief. Thank you,
Beverly H. of Surprise, AZ

AZ Junk Removal proudly serves Surprise and surrounding areas.

Arizona Junk Removal is 100% committed to going the extra mile to ensure your junk is taken safely from Surprise and disposed of properly or better yet donated if possible! Our goals are to get your trash or junk out of your home or business with little to no hassle on your part. Contact us today for trash and junk removal anywhere in the valley.

The City of Surprise's Bulk Pickup Service

A Breakdown of What You Need to Know

The tabs below summarize the key details of the City's bulk trash service. AZ Junk is not affiliated with the City of Surprise. The following breakdown has been developed by us to offer alternative resources to our visitors looking to get rid of unwanted junk – Because Life's Better Without Junk.

Surprise had been justifiably praised for being a beautiful, friendly community. Part of its great appeal is its clean and pristine reputation. Surprise is trying to ensure that praise continues by developing a rather progressive bulk trash system. Most cities have pre-scheduled pick-up days, that require residents to set out large piles of garbage to be picked up at the city's convenience, meaning the junk could be there for days or weeks before being cleared out. Surprise realizes this is an antiquated policy. They don’t have pre-scheduled pick-up days, rather, each resident makes an appointment with the City when they need a collection.
Bulk trash collections days at your convenience sounds too good to be true, but what's more is, each collection is free of charge. AND you can make as many appointments as you like each year. The catch is, they will only collect a certain amount of bulk junk, once you’ve reached the threshold amount then you'll have to find another solution.
Each pickup must be less than 10 cubic yards, but the annual limit is only 20 cubic yards. So although you can schedule as many collections as you like, for free, you're probably going to max yourself out at two anyway due to sheer volume.
When you're ready, simply call the Public Works Department and schedule a collection. Make sure your bulk trash is ready by 6 a.m. on your collection day. Pile it all up very neatly in the street gutter in front of your property. This is important because crews will not collect material left on the sidewalk or on your property. On the street only. You’ll also need to make sure they crews have enough clearance to work, 10 feet of clearance to be exact. That means making sure your junk is very far away from cable boxes, cars, and fire hydrants. Although hydrants are pretty study suckers, you might come home to a nasty ticket for blocking a hydrant if you don’t pay attention.
When setting out your trash make sure you stack it up nice and neat, bag anything that is small and chop all tree branches into small manageable sizes. If they are longer than 4 feet, they will get left behind. Also don’t bother setting out automotive parts, landscaping debris, like rocks or bricks or any hazardous material. If the crew finds this stuff lurking in your bulk trash they’ll leave the whole pile behind.

On the surface, Surprise's bulk trash plan seems like a great idea, but in practice, you're going to find that it's just not enough for your needs. Lucky for you, AZ Junk is happy to serve the City of Surprise, we can come as often as you like, we can clear out as much trash as you can make and we don't discriminate when it comes to junk. We take it all.

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