Get Going with Spring Cleaning to Enjoy April in Phoenix — 20% Off Promo

By azjunk | Junk Removal

Mar 28

Spring Cleaning is Here, and We're Here to Help with 20% off All Cleanouts

Spring Cleaning is just as annoying as New Year’s Resolutions. Who comes up with these annual mandatory chores disguised as holidays? Can't we just leave well enough alone? If you don't get to eat turkey or receive gifts it shouldn't be a holiday.

ways to approach spring cleaning

The worst part about Spring Cleaning is nobody wants to do it. We just want to wake up and see everything has been magically cleaned by the secret Spring Fairies. Just like we hope every morning when we step on that scale those extra 20 pounds might have disappeared, but since they didn't, might as well have a couple donuts for breakfast.

Although there isn't anything we can do about those extra pounds, except maybe eat those donuts for you, we can help you out with your spring cleaning obligations. If you don't want to clean out, organize, or otherwise deal with the junk pile in your garage, then skip it this year. Just don’t do it. There are no rules about who has to do the Spring Cleaning job, there is only the expectation that it will get done.

time for a garage cleaning

So to bring these two outcomes to fruition, all you need is AZ Junk. With us, you get to skip the work but bask in the glory of the results. You can still enjoy MLB Opening Day to its fullest while letting the secret spring fairies, aka AZ Junk studs, clean up for you.


Apply towards any full service cleanout in April

Unlike you, Spring Cleaning is like a holiday for us. A whole season dedicated to getting rid of crap is just what we love. We love it so much we have huge discounts running.  If you throw in a dozen donuts you might just get a little something extra too.

AZ Junk is offering 20% off all garage and backyard clean outs.

Now is the perfect time, not only will you save some money but the benefits of Spring Cleaning are tenfold.

First, cleanliness is next to Godliness or at least happiness. There is nothing to be sad about in a clean, organized house. In fact, research shows that having a clean home can help reduce depression because it boosts your mood.

Second, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Getting rid of your old stuff and donating it to a good cause, will lower your stress levels and increase your self-esteem.

Finally, when the work is done, you get to reward yourself for making it through another Spring Cleaning season. Maybe get those season tickets the Diamondbacks or take that golfing road trip you have been dreaming about. Either way, you get to reap all of the rewards.


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