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Some junk is simply time-consuming and heavy to scrape up or dump into a wheel barrel or dump cart. This is why the advantage of having a skid-steer will help speed up that clean-up process with less time wasted. Here is what a steer skid can do for your demo hauling and clean-up services.

What is a skid steer?

using a skid steer to load a dumpster

What if it were possible to get all the power of a bulldozer shrunken down to the size of a conventional golf cart? In this case, you would have a skid steer, which is essentially a miniature version of a bulldozer meant for smaller cleanup jobs that can haul away large amounts of material and dump it into a container. It also has many other names including skid loader and wheel loader.

It gets the name skid steer because this is exactly how the wheels are working. Rather than having wheels that turn left or right, the function of making this construction vehicle rotate is pretty innovative. One side of the front and back wheels on just one side is allowed to move, while the outer wheels are essentially skidding in the opposite direction to complete the turn.

This allows a skid steer to complete a turn in very cramped and limited spaces. In a backyard or location that's cornered by walls, a skid steer can navigate very easily. Almost as if it's a grown-up version of a Tonka trunk, these mighty/mini bulldozers do the work of dozens of workers. It features a front scoop that has elevating hydraulic arms to scoop-up debris and bring it to a dumping container.

In many cases it's also used to level uneven soil since the front scoop can be lowered down to the ground, making it simple to level soil, gravel, and uneven ground. But there is much more that skid steers can do when it comes to getting rid of unwanted junk.

Skid-steer S740

What can a skid steer do to remove debris?

As far as junk removal goes, a skid steer will clear areas and remove nearly any kind of debris that's in a big or small yard. It's perfect for ranches and properties that are littered with junk, especially after natural disasters such as flooding have deposited large amounts of sediment and debris where they aren't wanted. It's also handy for jobs where there are piles of remodeling debris or roofing shingles next to a home or property that haven't been placed into a dumpster just yet.

Skid loaders are marvelous for landscaping and can help clear and level areas that would take loads of physical manpower to remove or level by hand. Backyards and front yards can be graded with angles and slopes very easily with our skip steer too. Even when there is something that is seemingly unmovable, a skip steer has the power to push or pull objects out of the way in minutes.

It can easily scoop up broken driveway concrete that needs removing and will be perfect for adding gravel driveways of all kinds. Perhaps you just need large rocks that can't be easily removed by one person if your property is particularly rocky. Stubborn tree stumps are no match for a skid steer either which can uproot old stumps using leverage from the front scoop.

Even if you've recently had a roof retiled and there's a mountain of leftover shingles (that need to be removed), this is where a skip loader is perfect. This material can be transferred to a dumpster for faster removal. For some projects where brick and concrete chunks have been removed from within a home during big or small renovations, these can also be scooped up just as easily by our skip loader.

That doesn't just end with structures that are too old to use anymore, this excavator can break down mobile homes, old trailers, boats, hot tubs, RVs, old water tanks, and anything oversized that needs breaking into smaller pieces for hauling away. It also has enough power for removing stubborn tree stumps, old septic tanks, and nearly anything that would take forever to destroy by hand.

Even if you have cylinder block walls or brick and mortar that need to be destroyed, an excavator can handle breaking these apart. You would be surprised what an excavator can't break down in very little time...

Ask us how we can help remove your junk easier

No job is too big or too small for AZ Junk Removal using our newest skid steer or excavator. In addition to providing the best dumpster services, we can transfer junk and debris into a dumpster a lot faster than doing it yourself. Give us a call to arrange for our newest skip steer services and see how fast we can clean up your latest project.

We specialize in commercial and residential junk removal services, so there isn't much that we can't handle when it comes to safely and effectively haul away unwanted junk of all kinds.

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