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Recycling Scrap Metal in Phoenix

As part of the Keeping Phoenix Beautiful campaign we offer a simple solution to recycling  scrap metal

phoenix recycling scrap metal

We’re not making our own soaps or anything, but we do believe in recycling.  And you should too.

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Keeping Arizona Beautiful is about going the extra mile when it comes to keeping our city clean.

We’re not just talking about filling up your blue bin, that thing you load up with junk mail and water bottles. We’re talking about your real junk, that clutter that you have been wanting to get rid of for years. The lamp your grandma gave you when you went to college, the bookcase you pick up at Goodwill or the broken lawn mower you have been saving for parts.

What Happens When You Recycle

Metal is one of the few products that can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its quality. The skillet you used this morning could have once been part of a patio chair and may one day be a piece on a new Ford Mustang.

Most of the stuff you're ready to trash has some metal components. And recycling metal can make a big difference to our environment.

Why Recycle?

Recycling metal means less mining, and less mining means protecting our environment, protecting our environment means using our natural resources wisely, being wise means your able to give unsolicited advice, giving unsolicited advice means you're annoying, being annoying means you have no friends. But even annoying lonely people need to recycle.

Metal is too valuable to just throw away, so consider what you plan to do with those old appliances, lawn mowers, even bullet casing. All of which can be sold for a pretty penny to a local scrap metal recycler.

Your old junk can be a new car or plane, maybe new pipes for a house or even new appliances. Maybe even a new soda can. Think about that the next time you pop a top, that can might be your old bicycle.

It not just good for the environment, its good for the economy: it keeps the price of metal products down. Producing metal from virgin ore takes more energy, and money than recycled metal. Plus it produces massive greenhouse gasses. So not recycling metal will make your virgin gassy.

Recycle and scrap metal centers will pay you top dollar for anything you bring in, from a bag full of soda cans to your old water heater, you can expect to get some dough for your old junk.

How AZ Junk Helps

You don't have to throw out your old air conditioner to think about the recyclability of your junk.  Items like pots and pans, silverware, electronics, patio furniture all have recyclable metals.

In line with our eco-friendly attitude, we have become experts at removing and hauling metal. We have relationships and connections with facilities across the valley where we can drop off metals for recycling after we extract it from the rest of the junk.

Don't worry we’ll recycle the other crap too if we can.

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