Ridding Yourself of Rubbish: Is Less Really More?

By azjunk | News

Jan 12

We're so Obsessed with More, It Feels Like We Have Less

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Look around your house. See that bookshelf full of dusty old volumes you haven’t read since you moved in? Next, to them, there is probably a nick nack, or 50, whose origins confound you as much as the blueprint of the flux capacitor. Your kitchen counter has disappeared under the sea of juicers, espresso machines and storage jars making the idea of counter space a mere illusion. Your closets, so full, the clothes on hangers are getting wrinkled.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and It's All Small Stuff

Here is the secret, the meaning of life, the coup de grace … all of that stuff, every piece, from the books to the juicer is rubbish.

Just junk.

Sent to you by the evil empire in order to suck your life force away. And their secret operatives are winning the war while you shrivel away into an ever smaller version of yourself until one day you’ll become nothing more than an empty hollow shell whose entire energy is being sucked dry by the very rubbish you let into your home.

less stuff and more life

How can you save yourself? They may take your money but they will never take your freedom!! If you want it back you’ll have to paint your face blue and pick a fight with it. But instead of mooning it, try the more mature strategy of the minimalist.


Being a minimalist doesn’t mean throwing everything out until you have only one chair, one plate and one set of clothes.

It's about living with less. Here's a great definition of what it means to be a minimalist: 

It is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.

wrong way to live minimal
This is not minimal living.

In order to free up your time, your space, your life, you have to start getting rid of the rubbish.

It's hard to learn what is and what is not rubbish at first (HINT: it's all rubbish) but once you start you’ll feel so much better and deciding what to toss will become easier every day, until eventually you are left with only the things that truly matter.

Organize Less

You’ll learn many important lessons while you fight the good fight. The first of which is, organizing is a waste of time.

better to get rid of stuff

Your space is so cluttered you literally spend hours and hours of your life organizing and reorganizing it. The best way to organize is to throw it all away. Now you know it will always be in the right place. That leads me to another important lesson. Once you’ve thrown it out, you won't even remember what most of it was.

It might look nice once you are done reorganizing it for the 129th time, but once it is all cleared out you will understand just how overpowering it was to have so much rubbish lying around.

Stop Buying Stuff

For for Pete's sake, you can't have less if you keep buying. Buying  more is part of the lie. It will not satisfy you. Sure, that new thing will bring you joy at first, but like my dad always used to tell me, "Once the new wears off, you won't play with it anymore". 

This may be the single most important lesson.

After you’ve let go of the clutter in your life, you’ll realize just how consumer-driven your focus can be. But once you have control over your rubbish stash you also gain control over your shoppers habit too.

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