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Dec 05

Clutter and junk can bring you down.

Understanding the negative effects of clutter and how to avoid it.

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We’ve talked about clutter before. How it makes your house feel too crowded and overwhelming, and how the atmosphere turns peaceful once you clear it all out. But, did you know that all that clutter has negative effects on your brain? It’s not just a perception of stress it affects your mental and physical well-being.

Studies show holding onto junk and clutter effect our mental state. 

Recent studies by UCLA and Yale University show the connection between messy clutter and mental health.

Clutter can occur anywhere; at home, at work even on your electronic devices. Let’s take a day at the office: when your desk, computer and time is cluttered you may find yourself mentally exhausted by the end of the day; even worst, the feeling you didn’t accomplishing anything. That is because clutter affects how you process information and inhibits your ability to think creatively.

All that junk competes for your attention and you lose focus which also affects your productivity.

One UCLA study showed women’s stress levels spiked when it came to dealing with the stuff in their house. The clutter overwhelmed their senses making them feel stressed.  In addition, it's important to note that women are more likely to feel stressed out about clutter than men. So if your wife is a neat freak just let her go with it, and also help out. That’s right we said it, help clean up; happy wife, happy life and all that.

Clutter affects how you process information and inhibits your ability to think creatively.

Trailer for UCLA anthropologists launch a study into cluttered homes of dual income middle class families in America. To see the full episodes click here.

Collecting Junk is bad, so how do we fix it?

get rid of unwanted clutterSo how do we manage all that junk? One way to reduce clutter is to stop it before it happens. The more financial or emotional investment we make into new items the harder it is to get rid of it later. This is how the accumulation of junk starts.

We associate a value to all these items we really don’t need, and that association makes it hard to let go.

One study reviewed the emotional connection we feel when we touch objects at the store. If you pick up something you are more likely to buy it, and the longer you hold it the stronger your emotional attachment to it becomes.

Think about your purchases wisely before you start throwing your money down. Especially when it comes to kids toys. Although Americans only produce 3% of the world's children, we buy 40% of the world's toys. Once you get started with a few they take on a life of their own, they multiply by the hundreds and begin to infest every room of the house. Instead of a living room, kitchen and bedroom, you have three play rooms. Toys should come with a warning label “Danger, toys will reproduce.”

Most of us have had difficulty letting go items. Either we are too sentimentally attached or we think they have some hidden value. This is the root of the clutter problem. It's difficult to break sentimentality. Also, many items we purchased were most likely a mistake and we can’t deal with the possibility that they have no value, so we keep them.

One study of the brain showed that letting go of a valued possession has the same effect on your brain as burning your tongue. It's painful, literally, to let things go. But once you have broken free of this metal trap you’ll be less stressed, more energetic and feel more relaxed.

Life Is Better Without Junk

Face facts, if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it. Even if you can’t sell it, donate it or toss it out. Your brain will thank you. It might sting at first, but in the end it will be better for your overall well-being.

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