Getting Your Property Cleaned Out and Rental Ready

By azjunk | Trash-Out Service

May 02

Restoring a property for the next renter isn't always unicorns and rainbows.


Getting a space rent ready can be a chore, but the work must be done. There is no way around it, it's part of the rental biz. But if done right you can reduce your workload and your vacancy loss factor, the key is to be ready and to move quickly.


Before they move out

So get started right away. As soon as you receive notice of the old tenant moving out start making plans. Ask the old tenant to make you a list of things that need attention, but don’t forget to remind them of the repairs they need to take care of before they move out.


Find some time to inspect the property and take good notes. Like really good notes, pretend you are about to take finals and you need to know everything.

Start with smells, is there mildew or signs of smoking indoors? Check for water damage, make sure water faucets work and don’t leak. Does the carpet need to be cleaned? The walls repainted? How are the appliances?

You might need to think about rekeying the locks, and recoding garage doors.

Look at all of it, look at everything and figure out what needs to be done so you can get to work as soon as the tenants leave. 

Property Trash Out

There is a lot to do but you don’t have to do it all by yourself. If there is a bunch of junk in the house, expect to have to do a clean out before you can get to work on the cleanup. Hire a junk removal service now and schedule the work for the day after the tenants move out.

rental property cleanout

Property Repairs

If major repairs are needed hire contractors now and schedule the work for right after the tenant moves out. If you just need to get a few supplies to fix up small issues, get them now don’t wait until you get ready to work.

Property Clean Up

Hire a cleaning service and schedule them to come in and clean the place from top to bottom. You probably need to hire a yard company to spruce of the yard and get a pest control company out to spray. If you play your cards right you can get these things done in 3-5 days and be ready to show the property to new potentials right away.

Property Maintenance

Other things you can’t forget to take care of include changing air filters, checking smoke detectors, replacing burnt out light bulbs, and repairing window screens.

It’s no mystery that the appearance of the property is its major selling point. Get your plans made in advance of the move-out and you can maximize your profits and make your life easier.

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