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Getting rid of an old sofa can be a huge pain. 

It's one of those awkward pieces of junk that you can't just toss out. So how do you get rid of it? We have a few ideas. 


Ways to Rid Yourself of that Old Couch

There are a couple of easy things you can try, to start with, and if they don’t work you won’t have wasted much time or energy.

Sell It

You may get lucky on sites like Craigslist. If your sofa is really old and dingy, or if your only goal is to just get rid of it, try posting it as free. You might get a dozen responses right away. If not, take down your ad and repost it in a day or two, again, label it as free, you’d be surprised how many old sofas find new homes this way.

Give it Away

If it's in good shape and you think you can make a buck or two off it, then go ahead and price it out, but if you just want it gone, try giving it away.

Another route you can try is donation. There are dozens of places that will accept old sofas and we’re not just talking about Goodwill and the Salvation Army, though both are good options. You can try looking for a homeless shelter or domestic abuse shelter. Both of which help people start a new life and your old sofa can make a huge difference.

Other non-profits collect furniture to help those who have suffered loss through fire or other natural disasters. You might even check with a local theater or high school drama team, they might be willing to pick up the sofa to use as a prop in an upcoming production.

Finally, something really outside the box, animal shelters. Some animal shelters have hang out rooms for their tenants where they can meet potential owners, and they may want your old sofa.

City Trash Pick Up

You can always put it out with your bulk trash but that is really the worst option. Tons of furniture ends up in the landfill annually and can take decades to decompose. If it's leather then you can have the joy of knowing your old sofa will still be sitting in the landfill when your grandchildren and great grandchildren are born.

A time consuming and difficult route is to chop the sofa up yourself and trash the pieces. There are a lot of parts you can recycle but most of it will end up in your trash can.

Instead of adding to the problem that is our landfills, you can try locating a recycling facility. These centers will accept your old sofa and then tear it to pieces to be sold for recycling.

AZ Junk Couch Pick Up Service

Finally, the easiest thing you can do is use our sofa pickup service. You don’t even need to move it to the curb, just leave it where it is and we’ll do all the work. Once we pick it up, we’ll either deliver it to a donation center or take it to a recycling plant. You don’t have to worry that it will slowly waste away in the landfill.

Phoenix Sofa Removal

AZ Junk Removal is a full service hauling company. From single items, furniture, appliances, hot tubs to entire property clean-outs. Family owned and operated, we've been serving Arizona since 2005 with professional and affordable junk pick up services.

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