Time to Let Go, Let Us Pick Up that Old Sofa

5 Ways to Get Rid of a Couch

Sofas are one of those awkward pieces of junk that you can't just toss out. So, how do you get rid of them? Can you get rid of them for free? And, what does a couch removal service cost?

There are several options when it comes to getting rid of a couch free. Additionally, there are some other options like selling it, donating it, or hiring a professional company to come out and remove it for you. Below we'll present all these options so you can select the best method to kiss that old couch goodbye. 

1. Sell It

selling on facebook

Selling an old couch is a great option, getting cash for something you were going to throw out anyway is the American Dream. Now, if it's an old broken down couch, it may be a better idea to skip this option and look at some at the others below.

Selling on Social Channels

These days the possibilities of online sells are endless. You can use any of a dozen different sites to sell your couch online, sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and LetGo. All of these websites are pretty similar. Basically, all you need to do is take a few photos and post them with a description and a price.

You can also check out some of the apps on your smartphone. Poshmark, Trove Market, and Chairish are both designed to specifically sell furniture. VarageSale is another popular app that can get you in touch with dozens of potential buyers.

Finally, you can use your own social media prowess. If you have a million followers, just post a pic and a price on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and see if you get lucky.

If you really want to catch a buyer consider the following things when creating your post.

Tips for Selling a Couch Online

  • Look Professional: Let buyers know you’ve done this before and you're good at it.
  • Use Good Keywords: A good post is like a good pick up line, you need to know the right words for the audience, or else you're going to get a drink thrown in your face. The terms you choose will determine if your item pops up in someone's search, so choose them carefully. Pick out a handful of important keywords that describe your sofa to create your title. Then you can expand by providing a full description.
  • Use Good Images: While your words will determine if your post shows up on a search, your images will determine if someone clicks on your listing. You need good clear photos of your couch. Don’t use blurry pics, if you're having trouble with the blurs then turn your flash on, even if it's daylight. Make sure you have a neutral background, if you post up a picture of your couch surrounded by piles of dirty laundry you're not going to make a good impression. All of the clutter in the image will distract buyers and make them judge you. so find a neutral backdrop. Hang up a white sheet and use it as a backdrop, the only thing for people to see is the couch itself. Finally, take pictures from multiple angles, it lets people get a feel for what it might look like in their own home.quality photography tip
  • Describe your item completely and honestly. If there is wear and tear on your things tell the buyers and be specific, but be just as clear about the positive aspects.
  • If it was rarely used, say so, if you have a smoke free, pet free home, say so; this is a huge selling point for many buyers.
  • Your description should include the size and age of the item and as well as a reasonable price.
Pricing to Sell

When you think pricing, remember this is your old stuff. It has lost a lot of value and is not worth what you paid for it. If you really want to make a sell, set your price at approximately ⅓ of the original price. If it is a timeless piece you might get as much as ½ the original price. Items priced any higher than that, usually don’t sell at all.

Concluding the Sale

After making the sale, you need to make arrangements for the buyer to get the stuff, if it's small enough, you can mail it, but generally a pick up is arranged. Safety must be a priority.

Unless it's necessary, don’t arrange pick ups at your home. Instead, use stores like Costco and Sams that are in your neighborhood. Try listing the pickup location in your item description, then your buyers will know exactly what to expect. Never include your address or any personal information in the item description.

Now that you’ve created a stunning professional listing, just sit back and watch buyers come rolling in.

guy laying on couch

On a similar but less profitable note, if your sofa is really old and dingy, or if your only goal is to just get rid of it, try posting it as free. You might get a dozen responses right away. If not, take down your ad and repost it in a day or two, again, label it as free, you’d be surprised how many old sofas find new homes this way.

2. City Bulk Trash Pickup

There is a reason each city in the valley offers free bulk trash pick ups, it's because they don’t want a bunch of old couch rotting on their neighborhood streets. It's better for them to end up in landfills than in the empty lot by your house. It's the lazy route, but it certainly is easy. Just double check that your city will actually pick up furniture, most of them do. If so, then all you have to do is haul the old sofa out to the curb and await pick up day. While bulk trash is an easy route is not the best option. Tons of furniture ends up in the landfill annually and they can take decades to decompose. If it's leather then you can have the joy of knowing your old sofa will still be sitting in the landfill when your grandchildren and great-grandchildren are born.

If you live in Maricopa County, check here to see if your city will pick up furniture.If your city does not accept furniture as bulk trash, you can play Godzilla and smash the couch into tiny pieces that will fit in your trash bin. It's a good excuse to get out your chainsaw, on second thought chainsaws and nails don't make good friends. But you can at least pull out the reciprocating saw.

cutting up couch

A lot of the work can be done with just a hammer and a well-placed kick. If you're feeling stressed about whatever that politician did now, then tearing apart your sofa with your bare hands might be pretty therapeutic for you. Destroying a couch like Cruel the Warrior King is not as difficult or time-consuming as you might think. Plus you have the added benefit of being able to but most of the rubble into your recycle bin.

Cost to Haul a Couch to the Dump

Now, as a paid alternative, you can haul the couch to the dump yourself. In Phoenix, the average cost to haul a couch to the dump is $11. Now, if you're going to make the trip to the dump, it's best to declutter your house by filling up the truck with stuff you no longer need. The average cost to dump a full truck load at the transfer station in Phoenix is about $35.00.

3. Give it Away

giving away a sofa

If it's in good shape and you think you can make a buck or two off it, then go ahead and price it out, but if you just want it gone, try giving it away.

Another route you can try is donation. There are dozens of places that will accept old sofas and we’re not just talking about Goodwill and the Salvation Army, though both are good options. You can try looking for a homeless shelter or domestic abuse shelter. Both of which help people start a new life and your old sofa can make a huge difference.

Other non-profits collect furniture to help those who have suffered loss through fire or other natural disasters. You might even check with a local theater or high school drama team, they might be willing to pick up the sofa to use as a prop in an upcoming production.

Finally, something really outside the box, animal shelters. Some animal shelters have hang out rooms for their tenants where they can meet potential owners, and they may want your old sofa.

4. Recycling

recycling a sofa

Another free way to get rid of an old couch is to recycle the whole of it, really recycle it. If it is taken apart over 90% of it can be recycled. Look carefully in your neighborhood and online for a recycling center. These places will dismantle the couch and recycle the individual parts. Once it has been stripped down, the wood can be recycled into landscaping material, the foam can be used as padding or insulation, and the metal frames are sent to scrap yards. Basically, everything but the cover can be recycled.

5. Hire a Company Like AZ Junk

Using a paid service (like our sofa pickup service) is likely the easiest method to get rid yourself of unwanted furniture.

So, how much does it cost to hire a junk removal company in Phoenix?

If you have a single item like a couch, sofa, loveseat, armchair etc., most removal companies will charge you a flat rate of $60 - $100. However, if you have more than just one or two items, most hauling companies charge a flat rate based on the size of the load. On average, you can expect to pay $125.00 for an 1/8th of a load and about $200.00 for 1/4 of a load. 

As a result, you''ll get the best bang for your buck if you roundup enough unwanted items to fill up at least 1/4 or 1/8th of a truck.

az junk truck load

With our removal service, you don’t even need to move your items to the curb; just leave it where it is and we’ll do all the work. Once we pick it up that old couch, we’ll either deliver it to a donation center or take it to a recycling plant. You don’t have to worry that it will slowly waste away in the landfill.

Phoenix Sofa Removal

AZ Junk Removal is a full service hauling company. From single items, furniture, appliances, hot tubs to entire property clean-outs. Family owned and operated, we've been serving Arizona since 2005 with professional and affordable junk pick up services.


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