Hiring a Phoenix Junk Removal Company for Property Cleanups

By azjunk | Trash-Out Service

Jun 22

Realtors and property management companies can profit from hiring a junk removal company.

Selling a home quickly is the goal of any real estate agent. When obtaining a new listing, sometimes, the property is far from ready to show to prospective buyers.  Clutter, such as, furniture, trash and a backyard full of junk can quickly become overwhelming. A junk removal company can take a large load off your shoulders by restoring the property to its glory.


Shy of cleaning the floors and walls, a good junk removal company can turn a complete disaster into a success; in less than 24 hours. We offer an REO trash-out service that is designed for real estate agents and property managers.

Most realtors who have worked with junk removal companies know the value of having a trusted removal company in their pocket like an ace-in-the-hole. On average in the U.S., a homeowner will sell their home after six years; during this time it’s easy to end up with a garage or backyard full of clutter. I know. I have experienced this first hand, when I had to move recently after only two years; I had an entire garage full of unpacked boxes and other random clutter, most of which I really didn’t need.

It’s no mystery, when selling a home the condition of the property is a factor in maximizing profits.  Even a garage containing boxes or trash can negatively affect the final closing price by thousands of dollars.

I’m a Real Estate Professional, I Can Remove the Junk Myself


I provide cleanup services for a realtor professional who works for Century 21 here in Phoenix. He calls me from time to time to handle his real estate property cleanups. Before he began contracting my company he would clean out the properties himself. I asked him, "What would you do when you obtained a listing that required more than just the removal of a few items?".  He said, he would contact friends or get family to help. Well, that was until this cleanup came knocking at his door:


From then on, he uses our REO trash-out services for all his cleanup needs. The thing he likes most about hiring us is that we can clean up the property without needing him to show up to the property. Additionally, we are able to recycle or donate most of the junk left behind.

Property Management Companies Need Junk Removal Companies Too

Just like realtors, property managers and management companies see their share of trash filled homes. Instead of hiring someone off craigslist, or someone how comes “highly-recommended”, a professional hauling and trash removal company can save you a world of heartache. When we provide our services for a property management company or realtor we will complete the removal of all trash, junk, furniture and appliances then send photos of the cleaned property via text message. This is what many property managers like about using us for all their property trash-outs.

We look forward to becoming your personal contact for all your Arizona properties' REO junk removal needs.
Our Realtor & Property Management REO Trash-Out Services Include:
  • Home Interior Trash Outs
  • Yard Trash Clean Ups
  • Old Appliance Removal
  • Furniture & Mattresses
  • Garage, Basement & Attic
  • Carpet Removal & Hauling
  • Remodel Clean Ups
  • Estate Clean Outs
  • Random Trash Bags
  • Lot Clean Ups and Clearing
  • Yard Debris and Rubbish Removal
  • Concrete & Brick Pieces
  • Scrap Metal and Scrap Wood
  • Old Computers, Monitors & Office Items
  • Old Paint, Cleaners, Garage Items
  • Old Tires, Batteries and Car Parts
  • Hot Tubs, Spas and Jacuzzi’s
  • and Much More!
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